Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Googlicious Searches

I dig checking out how you all arrived here at A Canuck in Cancun so I peruse the search and referrals stats now and again on analytics and sitemeter. Today I've got a new favourite Google search term that brought someone to my Cancun blog. Are you ready for it?

"Why are women's bums so fascinating?"

And there you have it, the essence of "A Canuck in Cancun".

Runners up for recent search words include:

"fuck me boots"
"my magic fingers"
"he fell off his chair taken aback"
"always wrap your willy"
"got pregnant cancun"
"is juan a cuss word in spanish?"
"syndrome act like a jerk"
"spanking pirate"
"blind from eating cheese"

And really, if you read all my posts, that's what it's all about isn't it? Fuck me boots and cheese.


Anonymous said...

LoL, I'm always fascinated with my stats! My most interesting google searchs all pertain to the sueno americano. :) Someday, maybe I'll achieve the greatness of "fuck me boots"! =D


JoAnne in CT said...

ROFLMAO!!! If I ever get the courage to blog outside of Bob's Board, I'm going to have to check on my stats too!! Lord knows what I'll see!

Anonymous said...

I've been saving my search terms for quite awhile for a blog post...will have to wait for a bit now so it doesn't look like you're my idol and I'm copying you.

Except that you're my idol and I'm copying you.

Brice said...

Fuck Me Boots and Spanking Pirate were both me. And associated with each other...

Anonymous said...

Fuck me boots and cheese- in that order!- pretty much covers why I read your blog.

Other than the fact that I worship and copy Heather in Paradise.


CancunCanuck said...

elsueno- Oh, you can dream about the days of being so highly regarded, LMAO! :)

Joanne- Some of the searches crack me up, too bad you can't check your stats!

Heather- I think what really happened is my psychic brainwaves tuned into your vibe and I just knew you were going to do it and since I worship you, I did it first, teehee. Go ahead and do it, we can "meme" it (is that a verb?) Everyone should share their google search terms!

Brice- See, I KNEW it was you, my psychic vibes were working overtime.

Lisa- I guess we all worship Heather. All Hail Queen Heather! (And here I thought people were reading for my charming wit and insights, hahahahahaha).

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