Monday, May 5, 2008

Isla Holbox Quickie

Well, as my last two posts indicated, we spent a couple of days on the incredible Isla Holbox. Aside from a dreadful fire, it was a great first visit. This was a last minute trip on a very busy weekend, so we had a tough time getting a hotel reservation, but perseverance paid off and we were rewarded with a cancellation booking at Villas Delfines. We traveled with our favourite family friends, the BritFamily and got a very early start on Saturday morning for our journey. The drive to Chiquila was a real breeze, smooth fast highways for the whole trip, took just about two hours from Cancun.

Once in Chiquila we managed to get on the 10 am ferry. The ferry ride was about 45 pesos and took about 20 minutes. Once on Isla Holbox we grabbed a golf cart taxi and had him give us a quick lift to a golf cart place that actually had any carts left (BUSY weekend). We rounded up two carts and off we went to check into our respective hotels. BritFamily were staying at the Xaloc Hotel which was just a couple hundred meters away from Delfines on the most gorgeous stretch of white sandy beach you could imagine! Both hotels were very similar, round palapa cabanas, no air conditioning, mosquito netting on the beds, pools. The main difference was that the Xaloc rooms were a bit more "finished", with slightly nicer fixtures and floors while Delfines had much nicer garden areas and wide open spaces. We couldn't check in until three o'clock but they held our luggage and allowed us to use the bathrooms (clean and eco-friendly with composting toilets but no eco-friendly stink!) to get in our swimming gear.

We were trying to hook up with BritFamily but had some cel phone difficulties. We ended up going to town and having a quick breakfast at La Playa then finally meeting up with our friends for some fun in the sun and then a quick nap. Around five o'clock we headed towards the west end of the island to catch the sunset. We met up with some friends of the Brits who own a lovely home on the island and they treated us to barbecue and beers while we watched the sun go down. Once dark fell and the mosquitoes came out, we went back to town to try the famous lobster pizza at Edelin's. Oh my dear goddess, was that pizza divine! I think it's a must try restaurant on Isla Holbox. Thin crust, one of the best I have had in Mexico topped with a lot of fresh lobster for 330 pesos. After dinner the munchkins were getting tired so we returned to the hotel for some shut eye.

The next day started off chillaxingly enough, hanging on the beach, collecting shells, sharing massages, then the excitement began. The Great Palapa Fire Adventure. Trust me, it's not something you want to experience while on Isla Holbox, but it is a great reminder to be VERY careful while smoking in a palapa!

And that is the long and short of it. I think the pics tell the tale of the beauty of this island. We were very sad to only have a little more than 24 hours there, we plan to return for a longer stretch and indulge in all the relaxation we can get on this tranquil island paradise.

Golf Cart Taxi Service

Garden Area at Villas Delfines

Our Cabana at Villas Delfines
Our Terrace, Villas Delfines
The Coolest Shower Head Ever
(with SUPER hot solar heated water!)

The Palapa Roof of Our Cabana
Traffic Jam on the Beach

Deserted Beach
I Made a New Friend
She Came for a Swim with Me

Ice Cream Man!
(Far Superior to Dickie Dee)

Coppertone Tan
(This is Max's new favourite game)

East End of the Island
Isla Pajaros (Bird Island) is just across the water

Sunset on the West Side
(I think I was blathering on to Britfriend
and missed the actual sunset, oops

So, there you have it, Isla Holbox rocks. We shall return, hopefully during whale shark season so we can swim with the giants of the sea. I would recommend this destination to anyone coming down this way, it's my new "happy place".


Scott Bulger Photography said...

Just beautiful.

Beautifully written and beautiful photographs.

Gotta love that Max.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous photos! I'd love to visit Isla Holbox. Just curious - how much was the golf cart rental? Was wondering if it was the same price as on Isla Mujeres. Thanks!

Susan Lechuga said...

Wow, you have beautiful pictures. I am so glad you had a great time. You are a beautiful person and you deserve it. I miss you but feel as though I am with you whenever I read your posts. Its crazy we never met but I feel as though I know you. Thanks for everything Canuck.


Anonymous said...

Beautiful, beautiful pictures!!! :) Looks like a beautiful destination!!

Anonymous said...

I love this post! Gorgeous, gorgeous pics! It sounds & looks absolutely dreamy. And what little boy doesn't love exposing his mom's butt when given the chance? They all do it at that age.

My Way said...

Looks like a nice quiet time. :)

You must swim with the whale really is an experience!

Heather said...

Girl quite showin your arse, lol!! jk! great pixs!


Anonymous said...

Nice pics Canuck, I have wanted to go to Holbox to look at the birds. Did you see anything of interest bird wise?? I just had surgery and that would be an excellent place to recover!!


Tricia said...

Looks wonderful!! Coppertone tan pic was cute : )

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