Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Mexican Citizenship Quiz

I know that the majority of my readers are not living in Mexico, but you might still be interested in the questions that make up the Mexican citizenship test. For those of you who are living here (and are not Mexican), this is THE list of questions, recently released by the SRE as a study guide for becoming a Mexican citizen. According to a very kind and well informed poster on CancunCare, the SRE (Secretary of Exterior Relations) had to deal with many complaints, specifically about the Cancun office, of officials making up questions that really had little or nothing to do with Mexican history or geography and therefore had to come up with a standardized list. For those of us with our eyes on becoming naturalized, this list is indispensable. Five questions will be given, you must get four correct to pass but I've been told you can take the test as many times as it takes to pass.

So, let's play "Yo quiero ser mexicano/a!" or "I Wanna Be a Mexican!". How many of these ten questions can you answer? I'll post answers tomorrow. No cheating if you know where the answers are!

1. Name ten Mexican states and their capitals
2. Who or what was Quetzalcoatl?
3. Name 3 ex-presidents of Mexico
4. What is the official name of Mexico?
5. Who was Francisco Villa?
6. Name 3 heroes of the Independence of Mexico
7. Name 2 Aztec emperors
8. Name the place where Hidalgo made his famous "El Grito" speech on September 16, 1810
9. State the names of the writers of the lyrics and music of the Mexican national anthem.
10. How many peninsulas are there in Mexico?

Ok smarty pants, show me what you've got. No asking Mexican partners, no Googling, no research, just give'er a go and see how you do.


Scott Bulger Photography said...

Do they ask you in English?

I know, I'm a wise guy.

Anonymous said...

Well, I sucked at that. Better brush up. Answered 8 of the questions, not complete, not sure if they're right, either. Yikes. Fortunately I have a few more years before they'll even let me CONSIDER becoming Mexican.

Jonna said...

Hey! I can do that!

1. Yucatan(Merida), Quintana Roo (Chetumal), Campeche (Campeche), Chiapas (Tuxla Gutierrez), Veracruz (Xalapa), Puebla (Puebla), Estado de Mexico (Toluca), Oaxaca (Oaxaca), Jalisco (Guadalajara), Colima (Colima).

2. Quetzalcoatl was an Aztec God.

3. Vicente Fox, Porfiro Diaz, umm... somebody Salinas, not Raul that was his brother... uh oh, Carlos? Carlos Salinas? Argh!

4. Estados Unidos de Mexico
5. Pancho Villa, hero and liberator of northern Mexico (at least I think that is the official version, he was a lot of other stuff too, not so complimentary)
6. Hidalgo, Morelos, Iturbide (?)
7. Moctezuma and Cuatemoc (hope spelling doesn't count)
8. the church in Dolores Hidalgo, Gto.
9. no bloody clue at all **flunk**
10. 2 peninsulas, Baja and Yucatan

I didn't ask anyone or look anything up and clearly, I haven't studied! Is this from the list of 100 questions? I think I missed 3 of the 10.

Anonymous said...

Surely that can't be all of it? Not that I can pass this small quiz but I heard it was much longer!!

Anonymous said...

Guess I should have let the links come up first...pinche internet connection. Pinche citizenship test. Aaarg.

CancunCanuck said...

Scott- You joker, lol! Nope, the questions are asked in Spanish, I was just being nice to my monolingual readers. :)

Heather- I think it's great that you could even attempt eight and now you've got a study guide, in a few years you will ace this puppy.

Jonna- I'm not giving away any answers yet, but you my lady are my new hero!

Michele- LMAO, pinche internet indeed. At least it's an even playing field now and all the questions are out there. Just a matter of some memorization now.

Gary Denness said...

The real answer to the first question, of course, is "Si, senor, I have your mordida right here...." :)

I would have got 8 or 9 of them. Probably the 10 states and capitals, but I saw the other answers so I feel a cheat now! But the writer of the National Anthem? Not a bloody clue! I can hum it real good though! After years of hearing it blare through the metro loudspeakers every morning at 6....

Kathy said...

1. Name ten Mexican states and their capitals
Starting at the top; Coahuila - Saltillo, Tamulipas - yikes - Monterrey?, Durango - Durango or is it Torreon?, Sonora - ummm, pass, Sinaloa - Culiacan?, Nayarit - must be Mazatlan, Jalisco - Guad (it couldn't be Tepic, could it?), ok, easy ones; Yucatan - Merida, QRoo - Chetumal, Campeche - Campeche, SLP - SLP, Guanajuato - Leon, Queretaro - Queretaro?, Morelos - Cuernavaca, Oaxaca - Oaxaca, Guerrero - Acapulco, BCN - Mexicali? Guerrero Negro? or is it Ensenada?, BCS - La Paz, Veracruz - Xalapa, Puebla - Puebla, Estado de Mexico - no clue, DF is its own entity unless it is also the capital of EdM, Chiapas - no idea. Well, at least I think I can name all the states. Does that count? I think I got ten captials right there. Maybe.

2. Who or what was Quetzalcoatl?
Feather Serpent God

3. Name 3 ex-presidents of Mexico
Fox, Benito Juarez, oh, this is embarrasing. I know who issued the Grito. Does that count? I know the 4 heads at the Alhondiga in Guanajuato.

4. What is the official name of Mexico?
Estados Unidos de Mexico?

5. Who was Francisco Villa?
I hate to admit I do not know.

6. Name 3 heroes of the Independence of Mexico
(the insurgents) Morelos, Hidalgo, Allende and I can't remember the last one...

7. Name 2 Aztec emperors
Cualto-something and Moctezuma (butchered spelling)

8. Name the place where Hidalgo made his famous "El Grito" speech on September 16, 1810
Everyone knows that! The parroquia in Dolores Hidalgo!

9. State the names of the writers of the lyrics and music of the Mexican national anthem.
no clue.

10. How many peninsulas are there in Mexico?
Yucatan, Baja, and the isthmus but it isn't a peninsula, so just 2.

Now let me crib off Jonna. I bet she did MUCH better than I did.

Brice said...

10: 2?
That's my only guess... No voy a ser Mexicano. Just a drunk with a tan.

Nicole said...

1. ?????
2. a mystic god
3. ?????
4. still blank
5. the guy that started the revolution
6. blank again
7. no se
8. ????
9. hmmmmm, blank
10. 2????

CancunCanuck said...

Gary- Hi and welcome! I quite honestly don't know if I could identify the national anthem, I think I have heard it only once or twice. I suspect once my son is a bit older, I will have to learn it with him. I'm glad to not have to hear it blaring every morning though!

Harvestmoon- Thanks for playing, I'll post answers later today. And I think we should all sit next to Jonna for the exam, I'm sure she would be happy to let us cheat, teeehee.

Brice- Drunk with a tan? You're practically Mexican already. (Just a joke folks, just a joke!)

CultureQueen- Excellent attempt, lol! Love your answers. :) Nice to see you BTW, hope all is well with you and the princess.

Beth said...

I might be able to name the states, but not the capitals!

And for everything else... no se! I'd have to look it up!

1st Mate said...

1. Sonora, Hermosillo
2. A feathered Aztec god
3. Juarez, Portillo and Fox
4. Estados Unidos de Mexico
5. Pancho Villa
6. Father Hidalgo...
7. Montezuma and Cuatamoc (sp?)
8. Dolores
9. Does ANYBODY know this?
10.Baja and Yucatan

Well, hey, I've only been here two years.

Thanks for linking the full list of questions, now I can translate/study it and start tracking down the answers. I might be ready for the test sometime in this lifetime...

3LittleFlowers said...

OMG!! I only know question 4!! Shame on me!!!

Fned said...

#9: Francisco Glz Bocanegra and Jaime Nunó Roca.

I only know this because I went to an elementary school named after Nunó.

Fned. ;)

CancunCanuck said...

Thanks to all for playing, the bonus round goes to fned for coming up with the writers of the anthem! I'll post the answers in a new post in a few minutes.

Everyone gets a participation ribbon and a star on your forehead.

Manolo said...

oh my... I missed my chance to play "who wants to be Mexican", where are the questions about tequila and corona? Oh, and I would think the national anthem should have been written by Jose Alfredo Jiménez... otra ronda para la mesa de la esquina!

Heather said...

Oh lord I am going to fail, but here I go
1- baja north, baja south, chihuahua, jalisoc, nuevo leon, yucatan, hidalgo, puebla and michoacan and no idea of capitals, lol!
2- aztec god
3- wow, um Fox, Zedillo and camacho ( i always here my grandpa talk of him)
4- huh? lol
5-my grandpa's riding partna, pancho
ok my head hurts and i am just going to make a fool of myself for the rest, lol! Glad that isnt my test girl, gl!

Anonymous said...

Please note the test has changed. It's much harder.

CancunCanuck said...

Hi Kevin,
Yes, the test changed, I noted that in this post.....

It's going to change again, apparently every six months.

Anonymous said...

When i took the test they were nice to me they gave me questions with one word answers. I took the test 5 days ago.Out of the 101 questions they picked 5.I got 80% or 4 out of 5 correct.

CancunCanuck said...

Kevin- Congrats (please ignore my question on the other post, haha). Those were some killer questions, there has been a lot of discussion on forums etc on just how hard it is. Kudos to you, felicidades!

Anonymous said...

Yes the test was very They don't take this test lightly. Anyone know how long it takes to get the citizen paper work back after you pass the test? I know the president has to sighn it.

Unknown said...

What if I won't past the test? Will they allow me to take the test again and again...? :(

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