Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Playa Tortugas Pics

I feel sacrilegious, I can't believe that I have anything negative to say about a beach, my favourite thing in the world! But alas, I must admit that I did not really enjoy Playa Tortugas much at all. Crowded and full of drunks, it just didn't offer any of the relaxation that I look for in my beach days. I felt like I needed to sit with my purse all day and guard our stuff and my son, I couldn't let loose at all. You've already heard about the baby drama, that sure didn't help with the chillaxing. So, in the end, sorry ocean goddess, but I won't be visiting you from this particular beach shrine again, I just can't stand the thought of so many souls defiling your beauty with their crap and their Coronas.

The Long View of Playa Tortugas

These guys were playing HORRIBLY over top of the
techno music blaring from the restaurant speakers

View looking west-ish towards Punta CancunThe long abandoned Fat Tuesdays

Crowded crowded crowded

Every kid dreams of a giant lobster floatie
More crowds

The lovely dock buildings
(Another hurricane should take care of those)

The only nice thing of the day, a lovely abuelita
sitting beside us. She had no teeth, but we had a nice chat


Anonymous said...

the last pic and comment made me laugh out loud. on isla mujeres two years ago i had a lady next to me with no top. ok now that's not a problem it was her tattoos that covered every inch of her breasts. and might i mention that they hung down to her knees. we had a nice conversation but it was really hard not to stare. lol

-trina in idaho

Anonymous said...

I'm so very jealous of all of the beautiful beach pictures. Next time I make it to Jalisco, Jose better take me to the playa!!! :) I loved the picture of the floaties!

Anonymous said...

Kelly .. thank you so much for the pics. I've been waiting for them. Crowded // drunk // whatever .. playa is beautiful. Keep them coming.
KW from Michigan

barry said...

Ditto to KW's post,, I love the Blues you capture and can't wait to see them in Oct.They have just 4 shades of brown here in El Paso, with a cartload of sand but no Ocean . Thanks

Islagringo said...

You can tell how long it has been since I have been to the Zone. I didn't even know that Fat Tuesday had closed! Too bad about the beach. Guess it is Playa Norte for you and Max from now on!

trina: was the woman really large with short, bleached hair???

JoAnne in CT said...

Ditto what Wayne said - hop on the ferry and go to playa norte!!

And Wayne - I know exactly who you're thinking of, and it ain't a pretty sight!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kelly,

Me and Tammy thought the same about Tortugas too, way too crowded. We liked Playa Langota much better, it was busy there on the weekends but not a bunch of borracho's. Hope all is well with you.

Tom (Gonzo)

CancunCanuck said...

Trina- Yikes, lol! I think if you're baring your tattooed breasts, you really WANT people to look, so next time take a big gander and ask her if they have any significance! :)

elsueno- Definitely hit the coast when you come down! Though I am eager to visit Guadalajara and Guanajuato, so much to see on the left coast.

KW- Glad you like the pics. Funny how that's a "bad" beach, I realize it is quite pretty without all the "noise". :)

Barry- Hi, and thanks for stopping in. Glad you like the pics. I can only capture what is there, the sea here still takes my breath away even after all this time. There will be more soon, I'm addicted to the beach!

Wayne- FT's closed down shortly after Wilma. Not a direct result of the hurricane, they had been in financial trouble for a long time and the hurricane was just the nail in the coffin when tourism dropped. How's Playa Norte looking these days? I'm eager to check out some new beaches, always on the hunt for a hideaway, any mainland ideas?

Joanne- We love Playa Norte, but with three of us the cost of a day over there adds up pretty quick. So for a quick dip and romp in the sand, we just stick closer to home. Isla Blanca is a new face, no crowds at all, very peaceful.

Tom- Hi to you and Tammy! Yes, Playa Langosta is much better, though right now the water is really low, like REALLY low and there is a "smell". Oh dear me, I am becoming a beach snob! LOL

So, anyone out there have a hidden beach down the mainland coast they want to share with me? Somewhere between here and Playa?

Heather said...

Ewww I agree crowds do no justice to the beach beauty!

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