Monday, May 12, 2008

Que chido

My favourite Mexican Spanish slang terms (or How to Make a Canuck Sound Silly).

I love to swear in Spanish, some words just POP and ZING and sound so much more effective than English swear words. My students crack up whenever they hear me swear or use slang, must be my accent, eh?

Pinche (pin-chay)- Pinches hombres, pinche gobierno, pinche gente, pinche Max are among my favourite ways to use this Mexican version of "damn". This is the word I say most of all, I do love it so.

No manches! (No man-chez)- Used to express disbelief, positive or negative. "I didn't get paid again this week." "No manches!" or "I won the lottery!" "No manches!". This is a softer version of the much harsher "No mames" which I rarely use as it seems to cause shock and consternation when I do.

Guey (way)- "Dude". "Did you see that Miguel got a new car?" "No manches, guey!"

Chingao (chin- GOW)- This is a shortened version of "chinga su madre". It's about "yer mother" so you can guess the rest. If I stub my toe or drop a glass I will say "Ay, chingao!"

Chido (chee-doh)- I like this word and use it a lot. It's pretty much the equivalent of "cool". "Those sunglasses are bien chido".

Gacho (gaw-cho)- The opposite of "chido". When something is really not cool. Hubby uses this when I say I won't do the dishes, "Que gacho eres".

Guacala (wah-ka-la)- Gross, nasty, icky. Finding a dead lizard in your shoe is truly "guacala".

Fresa (freh-sah)- Snob or snobby. (And yes, :strawberry" as the literal translation). Used for those folks who just think they are soooo much better than you cause they drive a chido car or have designer duds or they're from Mexico City (haha).

Crudo/cruda (crew-doh, crew-dah)- Hungover. Hasn't happened much to me lately, but I have been "bien cruda" many times in my life.

Mamacita (mah-mah-see-tah)- Sexy lady! I don't mind being called this at all, not at my age, I'll take all I can get!

! (Oh-rah-lay)- "Right on", "cool" or "you don't say"

Pendejo/Cabron (pen-day-hoe, cah-brohn)- Asshole. "Pinche pendejo cut me off in traffic!"

Puta (poo-tah)- Slut, prostitute. Now, I don't use this one often, but when it's warranted I say it loud and proud. Say it, try it, it just feels good to spit that word out when you are really angry.

Chela (cheh-lah)- Beer. Ok, someone, please buy me a "chela"? It's wicked hot today and a nice cold one would go down goooood.

Que onda? (kay ohn-dah)- What's up, what's happening?

Que buena onda (kay bwen-ah ohn-dah)- What good news/thing/person. I like to think that I am muy buena onda.

Chamaco (chah-mah-coe)- Child. "Pinche chamaco spilled my chela, que mala onda!"

So, what's your favourite? What can you add to my pinche list? Can you teach me to swear in other languages?


Scott Bulger Photography said...

Phonetic pronunciation por favor....

I'm printing this list for future reference. Bien chido!

CancunCanuck said...

There you go Scott, I tried my best with the phonetics. Maybe I just need to video tape myself and v-blog it, lol.

Or, Max for that matter, kid's got a potty mouth. ;-)

Anonymous said...

I suspect you left Puto out on purpose. It's derogatory for gay male (it's nasty, like fag). It's WAY OVERUSED in homophobic Mexico. And it really bothers me that Puta (the feminine) is whore, but Puto (the masculine) is fag. What about slang for lesbians, how do we insult them? Is there a connection between being a gay male and being a hooker? In my mind there's something very wrong here. I'm offended by the construction of this slang AND its meaning!

I've started using Porfa which is short for Por Favor, people here say it a lot in casual situations.

My husband always says chingadamadre all one word...when I hear that it's like hearing a dog growl, you knows it's best to get out of its way.

People from DF (Mexico City) get called Chilangos. My husband is a pinche chilango.

I've also heard people refer to Chilangos as being Defequense, this is really nasty. It comes from defecate, so it means you are from the shit or from the shithole. My husband calls me a pendaja if I say this to him.

Another slang term I hear people say is Guera which means blond or white girl.

Todd said...

Another favourite of mine is....


I use it general during price negotiations. LOL


CancunCanuck said...

Rivergirl- Yes, I left "puto" and "maricon" out because I would NEVER use them, they are derogatory terms that will never pass my lips. "Porfa" is used daily in this house, teehee, "Chilango" in class when I tease the kids from Mexico City and one of Hubby's pet names for me is "Guera" and for Max "Guerito". :)

Todd- Oooh, good one, it IS fun to say isn't it? I don't even know if phonetic spelling can get that little "hiccup" or indrawn breath in there. "EEEEEE-hoe-lay!"

Manolo said...

*hijole* lol! Every time I pass by a taco joint a little voice inside my head wants to go "ándale, ándale" like Speedy González (sometimes it just comes out of my mouth). Two weekends ago I was talking to a Mexican friend and a Canadian friend who lived in Mexico and we were laughing at miscommunication in Spanish and some of my second friend's "güerita" moments.
Ah, and I have always have taught that *puto* refers to a male prostitute that sells his services to women. but, what do I know, eh?

Islagringo said...

I have purposely tried NOT to learn swear words in Spanish. I would get myself into so much trouble if I knew any! Like at the bank today. I wish I had at least known fresa. Anyhoo, not sure we should be encouraging each other to learn these things. That said, the slang for lesbian is (drumroll) tortilla, accompanied by the slapping of the hands together like making a tortilla. I mostly see that used in jest though. Maybe I run in the wrong circles, but I have never heard anybody use the word Puto least not in front of me! Mostly they use the word gay, just like we do.

Anonymous said...

I like "Se cree la muy muy." for when someone thinks they're the shiz-nit.

And if you want to get funny looks say someone is fufurufo... stuck up, but it sounds funny and people don't really use it.

Finally, in Jersey I had a Gatote, which is a really ginormous cat.

Anonymous said...

Kelly missed Que pedo, carnal, te manchaste, ahi nos estamos mirando, estas bien wey... etc etc

CancunCanuck said...

Manolo- Andale, andale, arrrriba! Teehee. "Puto" here is definitely derogatory for "homosexual", I quite hate it, it's often used with venom (or at lucha libre events).

Wayne- Sounds like you run in the RIGHT circles if they are not using that nasty word. The one and only time I went to a lucha libre match here, I had to leave after three bouts as the screaming of "puto" at the effeminate wrestler made me too angry to speak. And I think you would sound great swearing in Spanish, lol!

Mexpat- Fufurufo? That's a new one for me, I like it! Gatote, I long for my gatotes, no big fat cats in this neck of the woods, only flaquitas gatitas!

Anon (aka Hubby)- You teach me bad things, LOL!

3LittleFlowers said...

Rivergirl and Kelly: It's good to know that Puto means gay in Mexico.. In Dominican Republic Puto is a pimp.

Puto is also used to as being *horny*, and it is aceptable as a joke with close friends and your couple (it will not be taken as an offense). Also, if a guy is flirting with a girl, she can say: Tu si que estas puto hoy (You are kinda *hot* today)...

I wont list dominican slangs, because that will take me a few days, or at least the whole night!! LOL... I will email you a list that somebody sent me one day just for you to have some fun!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I love the list!!! YAY!! A fav. in our house is "Cual es tu pedo??"! My best friend taught Olivia to say it when she was 18 months, and it just sort of stuck.

Chingadamadre is DHs favorite swear. So favorite when we got pulled over by the federales in Jalisco Olivia looked up at them and goes, "CHINGADA MADRE!!"

:) Nice list!!

Alex said...

I heard people using fufurufo for kind of fancy or posh wannabe(??)
Estas bien wey is a MUST among very good friends :)
I like que pex instead of que pedo (what's up!)
What about chale and chafa?
ehe very cool list!!

CancunCanuck said...

momto3- Yes, it's definitely an "ugly" word here, though I know it's different in other countries. I've never heard it used for "horny", the only way I have heard "horny" is "caliente" to be honest, just your basic "hot", though I know there are some good slang words for it out there.

elsueno- LOL, I do love "cual es tu pedo" as well. Isn't it funny what kids pick up on? Not only the words, but the appropriate use, of course you swear when you get pulled over, good job little one, lol! A couple of weeks ago Max was trying to open a door, he couldn't get it open and turned to me and said "Ah shit, it's locked". :)

Ale- Estas bien weycita? Que pex is so much nicer than que pedo. "Chafa" is good and I like "naco" too. "Chale" I haven't heard much here, but it might be the circles I run in.

This is fun all, add more if you've got'em!

My Way said...

I have wayyyy too many bad ones. But on the good, I also like to say just "porfa" but I also say "porfis". Please pretty little please with a cherry on top?

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I really don't sweat in Spanish. I've only heard my mom, swear twice that I can remember. So those words didn't get said at my house.Both times we all ran for cover(once when she was fighting with my dad and once when she was really mad at my little sister.). My dad doesn't swear either.
I do think it's funny that honking shave and hair cut is an insult, Husband has been known to just honk part.

Anonymous said...

No matter where I go... there is always someone saying "Hola Guera", "Que onda guera"... I guess that comes with being one of the only blonde women in all of Tulum. hahah

Lesson in Serbian

"Nemoj zezat" - same as "no mames"
"Kurva" - same as "puta"

Slang in other languages is so much fun! ahhaha

Unknown said...

My husband is Hispanic and we talk Spanish daily. Last night he said smells chido and I had never heard him say it. So I decided to look it up. A word I've heard alot is Que Onda weta...

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