Monday, May 26, 2008

Si Tu Te Atreves

Translation: If you dare!

Dear Sony Television,
If you dare show the Luis Miguel video "Si Tu Te Atreves" one more time I might have to shoot my television. Yes, I know he's on the Sony label and you need to promote the hell out him but you are making me hate Luis Miguel, and I am pretty sure that you cannot get Mexican citizenship if you hate him. (I think you have a choice of singing the Mexican national anthem or "Mexico Lindo y Querido" for the citizenship exam) Is it necessary to show this video before and after every TV show I want to watch on both Sony and AXN? Do we really need to see this cheesy, horrible, 80's wannabe vid every 50 minutes? And really, what is this video about? Is he a hotel employee who moonlights as a gigolo? Is that why they can't be together? And why is she dressed like she's on "Dynasty", down to the hair and makeup? Why can't he jump off the roof at the end of this video? If he did that, I may actually be ok with watching it a gazillion times.

Please stop. Please, please, please stop. This might possibly be the worst Luis Miguel song and video EVER, the madness must end.

Now, here's a decent Luis Miguel video, I prefer him with a mariachi flair rather than his Don Juan pop pap. And there are pretty pictures of Mexico.

But seriously, enough already with the repetitive playing of his new song, give me "Te Necesito" or "Mexico Lindo y Querido" or by golly, show me some contemporary artists before I go ballistic! I actually really liked when you were playing Cuarteto de Nos (band from Uruguay) over and over, THAT I could dig, this is a pretty cool video and song and hey, contemporary!


Anonymous said...

Lol! I saw that Luis Miguel video when I was running on the treadmill at the gym, but I was listening to my iPod so I just watched it. I thought it was a fast song. I hate whiny songs in English or in Spanish... I've tried to like Luis Miguel before, too, and I just don't think it's going to happen... too lounge singer/whiny for me.

And that's funny about the Uruguayan band... I watched that video online about a year ago because their website is really cool (I think I found it by looking at the website for the people who designed Los Amigos Invisibles's website or something)... cool song.

3LittleFlowers said...

My older brother is Luis Miguel's #1 fan, and I have been *forced* to like him since I was a child. He will actually listen to the same CD over and over and over again for days.... So, there is no repetition of Luis Miguel that bothers me... LOL.... Everytime I see him, I can help but to feel a conexion with him, just because I think of my brother (and Im crazy about my bro).

Of course, everytime I will hear any Luis Miguel song, Im also going to think about *Kelly* hating him... LOL

Islagringo said...

And let's not forget the latest Mercado Libre ad of the Vespa getting married! We saw the beso one until we wanted to gag, now this.

My Way said...

Ahhhhh....this is why I love my Dish satellite. I don't get any of that bullshit. AND I get to watch things in REAL time.

Manolo said...

I'm not even going to click on the youtube thingies on your post. However, you can bypass the Luis Miguel requirement for Mexican Citizenship by kicking it ol'school and becoming a fan of either Juan Gabriel or Vicente Fernández (at least that is my humble impression).

Alex said...

Que onda con Luis Miguel y su vida???!! que horror de video. Think about this, watching it over and over must be like vaccines, eventually you get the immunization.. err probably not!

Beth said...

When we were in Mexico, we watched a few shows on tv. I swear that after every show, "Beat" would come on. Some of the music videos were ok, but there was one that was just AWFUL!!!!! LOL Can't remember what the name of the group was, but if I never hear it again it'll be too soon!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry, but Luis Miguel looks like a serial killer in that "Mexico Querido y Lindo" video. It's something about the glint in his eye and his unwavering, unblinking eye contact with the camera.

Anonymous said...

Too funny! I completely agree with you. I can't stand that LM video, blech!

But I like el Cuarteto de Nos a lot, they are very commercial but are actually GOOD!

CancunCanuck said...

mexpat- Ugh, whiny song indeed! There are a couple of Luis Miguel songs that always make me smile, but more for their sentimental value than anything, you know, those songs that make you go "Oooh, I remember THAT night/place/person". "Te necesito" is one of those songs for me, it will forever and ever remind me of my first few weeks in Mexico, before deciding to move here.

Momto3- I don't "hate" him, that's too strong, I am just annoyed by him right now, lol. He is an icon here in Mexico, I really think they would deport me if I used the word "hate", haha.

Wayne- Ugh, Mercado Libre just needs to offer us some variety on their advertising instead of showing the same spot over and over and over til we want to scream.

Manolo- Awww, some fine examples of Mexican artistry, great voices! Though if I were going to sit down and listen to Mexican bands, I would probably choose Mana or Molotov over mariachis and ballads. ;-)

Ale- LOL, I am numb from watching that video for sure, my brain can't function anymore, jijijiji.

Beth- Isn't it awful to get a terrible song stuck in your head but not even be able to remember the name or the band? Sometimes I get songs in my head where I don't even know the words but I just can't stop repeating the melody over and over, grrrr.

Jen- LOL, too true, there was a little serial killer look in his eye there huh? Like, all the places in Mexico he mentioned are places he's buried a body or two.

Rivergirl- Commercial or not, they are a far cry better than the current Luis Miguel crap we are being subjected to!

3LittleFlowers said...

My bad! :( I know you dont *hate* him.... I just never seem to choose the right word in English! LOL :) ...

Heather said...

LOL! You crack me up!

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