Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Sky is Falling!

Oh, wait, scratch that, it's just RAIN! Lovely, beautiful, refreshing, delightful rain. I cannot honestly remember the last time we had delicious wet stuff from the sky, it's been months. Everything has been dry and dusty and awful, the area has had some forest fires (jungle fires I guess) and we desperately needed some raindrops from heaven. I'm sure the tourists were none too happy about it, but tough noogies, teehee, I'm feeling blissful!

That brown stuff on the ground is apparently
what is often known as "grass"
and is usually green (so I've been told)

The neighbour's dog is saying "WTF???"

And now....ten minutes's gone. Back to our regularly scheduled heat, now with extra humidity! At least we got a little bit and it smells a bit fresher around here. Maybe we'll get some more next year.


Anonymous said...

i'll send you some of the wet stuff from western wa. just how many inches would you like?

how are the kitties doing? hope everyone is well and happy.

que tengan un buen fin de semana.


3LittleFlowers said...

We have been getting a few "rainy moments" this past few days... It has been the hotter summer that I can remember in a looong time!!!

Mimi said...

Hang in there sweetie, looks like there is more on the way. Keeping and eye on the first named storm Alma, and looks like she's bringing more our way, just rain thankfully :)

Didn't it just smell wonderful though? Ahhhhhh

Anonymous said...

Send some HEAT my way. The end of May and it's still DAMN CHILLY up here.
KW from Michigan

Brice said...

When I got to Cancun, i nearly cried when I saw the weather report: Monday - rain, Tuesday- rain, Wednesday-rain, rain every day. What they didn't tell us that it was only ten minutes of rain, with puddles that would evaporate in 2 seconds!
And those qualify as "Rain days" in your 'hood...

Islagringo said...

I was in Cancun, running from Mega to CostCo when it started to sprinkle. Then the skies just opened and whammed us. Thankfully we had made it to the hotdog stand in time! Called home and la Isla got not a drop! Weird how that happens! This morning we were slapped awake by rain coming in the windows. Rushed to shut them as the deluge came down sideways...for all of 5 minutes! By my recollection, it was February that the island last saw rain. I hate rainy days but we sure need it!

Beth said...

We're looking at a weekend of nothing but rain rain here in southern Ontario. I'll try to urge the rain gods to share!

CancunCanuck said...

Teresa- Welll, the way it looks right now, I won't need any of your rain, but thanks, lol! Kitties are good, thanks for asking and have yourself a terrific weekend.

Momto3- It's been a hot season here too, not so good for hurricanes!

Mimi- We're on the same wavelength, I checked NHC last night and saw Miss Alma floating around down there. But boy oh boy did it smell fantastic after a bit of rain!

KW- Heat is on its way! Hey, have you caught any of the Red Bull Races yet? Dad said they could see it from their office, are you on the right side of the building? It's going to be a zoo this weekend I bet! Take care!

Brice- Yes, generally that's true. It's when rain days turn into tropical storm weeks that we don't like it so much.

Wayne- Weather here can be VERY strange, pouring down rain downtown and bright sunny skies in the hotel zone, ODD. Yes, we got the downpour this morning too, at least it's short!

Beth- Sorry to hear you guys are under a deluge! Looks like we are in for more of the wet stuff, the rain gods were listening to you.

Heather said...

Love the smell of rain, lol!

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