Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just the facts?

I like/love/hate to read the news. Sometimes it is an obsession with me, other times I don't read any news for weeks at a time. Mostly I read the local news, there are lots of Cancun newspapers to choose from. Unfortunately, like other media outlets, they are not always accurate nor do they agree with each other. Por Esto will say one thing, Novedades another, wading through the mess to come up with some sense of what really happened can be very challenging. It is also frustrating that I cannot seem to find a 24/7, "News to the Minute" website for Cancun. The news websites are just copies of the actual newspapers printed that day so no "Late Breaking" information is available, you've always got to wait for the next day to read about what is happening today. I've found some sites that seem to be making an effort at bringing up to the minute news, but they are small and it seems they are just starting out so some days they are just not on their game. I sure hope these little sites grow into something bigger and better, a news junkie needs her fix!

I have to admit to having experienced a sense of shock when I first started reading the newspapers here. It is quite common for some of the papers to print extremely graphic and shocking photos of accident or crime victims. Blood, guts, brains, gore, all there for the world to see. I've been here long enough that it seems "normal", but I still don't think it's very respectful for the families of the victims to have their horrific last moments splased across the front page of "De Peso" (they don't have a website, you should be grateful, it's a horrid, ugly little rag). If these pictures actually shocked people and scared them away from a life of crime, then good, but I think all it has done is desensitize the population so seeing someone's brains blown all over the front page means nothing anymore.

I still check out the news "NOB" (north of the border), but I find myself doing that less and less. Reading the Toronto newspapers I realize just how far away I am from my old life and how insignificant things can be when they don't affect your life. I'm talking local politics, even national Canadian politics, I just can't get excited about it anymore. I used to be able to sit in my local pub and talk about the NDP versus the Conservatives versus the marijuana party for hours on end (or at least as long as my pints lasted). In terms of international news, old habits die hard, I do use Canadian sites far more than anything else, I'm not a fan of most of the American news outlets.

Here are some of the news sites that I check on a very regular basis:

Local/Mexican news (noticias en espanol)

Novedades de Quintana Roo
Por Esto
Diario de Yucatan
La Verdad de Quintana Roo
En Foque Radio
TV Radio Riviera
El Universal


Toronto Star
Globe and Mail
CNN International


Manolo said...

On my GReader I check El Correo Canadiense, which is a newspaper in Spanish published here in T. I like the intersection of Canadian/Hispanic news it covers. For example Margaret Atwood winning a literary prize in Spain!

I don't know if you were a fan, but I thought of you when I heard about the passing of George Carlin.

Big hug from the old and humid T.

I'll be even southern than you in a couple of weeks.

Anonymous said...

That's why I'm all about checking the BBC online every morning. I can't handle seeing the blood and guts and I figure if anything noteworthy happens in Gringolandia, the BBC will report on it. They actually cover American news in a manner that I prefer- only the big stuff. I don't care if people are taking stay-cations rather than vacations because of the (still less than the rest of the world pays) high price of oil or if fast food restaurants have high levels of bacteria in their sodas- I just don't.

Anonymous said...

AFAIK Diario de Yucatan updates more than once a day, but it's the only local paper to do so.

I have been reading the NYTimes online since it's been online (it was one of the first US Newspapers to put up a web site). It's a great paper.

I sometimes read BBC but it feels very commercial to me. I use Google News also, but it can be pretty commercial as well.

CancunCanuck said...

Manolo- Great to see you old friend, thanks for the link! Heading down Guatemala way for rainy season are you? Cancun is only a hop, skip and a chicken bus away!

Mexpat- I'm with you on avoiding the US media, for the most part I just don't care. The CBC covers international news in a much more balanced way.

Rivergirl- The En Foque Radio site seems to update more frequently as well. I didn't realize DDY did the same, thanks. I'm starting to discover more local blogs in Spanish that are quite interesting, I'll start collecting links and share them soon, I think you might like some of them.

CancunCanuck said...

Oh, and Manolo- I heart Margaret Atwood and George Carlin, may he R.I.P..

Heather said...

I cant do it. I always have my mom or friends tell me about crimes that happened in the city that i live in because I just cant watch the news or read online. I know it is there but i like to look away plus half of it is stretched anyways. especially living in detroit and kenya, lol!

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