Thursday, June 26, 2008

A Little Drop of Rain

I got wet today. Very, very wet today. Wet like wading up to my knees in water while carrying Max, a purse, a knapsack and attempting to actually get the umbrella to do something to protect us from the torrents kind of wet. This is why we have cheap plastic chanklas (sandals) to wear around town and why my summer time pants are always capri length, no harm done. Well, except for the fact that I was soaked to the skin, my uniform was plastered to me with rivulets of water pouring down my face and the back of my neck. Useless umbrella. Perooooo, Max and I have decided that rain is fun and even though we (he) might be a little scared of the thunder and lightning, we (he) knows that it's just birdies playing soccer and scoring GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOLS in the sky.

And rain makes the green grow! Look at these shots of the back yard. The one on the left was taken on May 29 (remember how excited I was about rain?...mmmm, I'm over it) and the one on the right was taken today, June 26. What a difference a month of rain makes!

So, we're inside today, trying to keep ourselves busy and not make each other crazy. I think it's time to see if I have enough aluminum foil to make a space ship out of an old cardboard box. Or pull out the electronic keyboard for a good old fashioned dance party. Or yoga or finger painting or cutting pictures out of magazines.

Or better yet, we'll just take a nap. Yeah, nap, an excellent rainy day activity. Highly recommend it. Night night. Errrr, afternoon, afternoon?


JoAnne in CT said...

WOW what a difference in your yard!
Funny how you told Max it's the birdies playing soccer in the clouds... as a child, I was TERRIFIED of thunder and lightning. My mom used to tell me it was the angels bowling in heaven.

Nap sounds like a great idea - I could have used one around 2pm today myself!

P.S. - I emailed you a "Debbie Downer" episode from Saturday Night Live - hope you enjoy it!

Stay dry!

Heather said...

I remember you posting a similar pic with what the rain can do before and i am happy to see another one. But I got to tell you. Tomorrow is friday and i am ready for a kitty update, lol!

Islaholic Trixie said...

Your yard looks great. I remember being on Isla on May 29th and thinking everything looked sooooo dry!! Bet everything looks better now.
Yesterday must have been nap day....I took one myself.

Susan Lechuga said...

That is an amazing difference. I love the rain but that is probably because we do not live near the ocean. I love naps too. Sounds like a good day. BTW I can totally picture you running out in the rain max in arms soaking wet. Sorry.

Laura said...

It's all so pretty and green now!
rainy day = baking-(cookies & brownies are my favorite)
and watching movies, then a nap :)

CancunCanuck said...

Joanne- My mom told me the same thing about angels and bowling, I thought birdies and soccer was easier to explain to a three year old. Theological discussions haven't hit our household yet, lol!

Heather- I'll see what I can do abou t a kitty update soon, they're growing like weeds!

Trixie- Life is green, green, green around here now!

My3ros- I don't hate the rain, but after a few weeks of it, it can get a bit irritating. Naps, oh man, naps rock. :)

Laura- I wish I had the baking gene, all the good home making skills went to my brother, lol!

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