Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Sea Star Sinking Follow Up

Normally I don't follow a story quite this closely on the blog, but with all the emails I have been getting, I feel compelled to continue with the tale. Just a couple of stories to share today.

The first thing that must be addressed is the tragedy that has hit one young woman's family. According to close friends of her family, Lisa Chung is a wonderful young lady, just having graduated from high school with honours. Apparently she is a very good swimmer and is not afraid of the water. She was flown back to Texas last night and is in the hospital there. Family and friends are hoping for a miracle and a full recovery, I wish them all the best in this difficult time.

One parent of another passenger who was close to Lisa writes: "She still does not know what actually happened to Lisa after she was trapped under that boat in the water. My daughter does recall there being an African American guy in blue swim trunks who helped her out of the water and it is believed that he is the same guy who got Lisa out. We really would like to know who this individual is. She believes she recognizes him in a video of the rescue from one of the stories on the news".

I am posting a link to this raw video and posting a report from AP, in the hopes that someone may know who this gentleman is who helped out the passenger and her friend. The parent says they can see the young man in blue shorts near the right front side of the stretcher. If anyone knows who he is and can assist in contacting him, please email me and I will pass the information along.

Here are some pictures that were shared with me by another resident of Cancun after the boat was towed back to shore (thanks Ana!)

photos courtesy of Ana in Cancun

photos courtesy of Ana in Cancun

photos courtesy of Ana in Cancun

The reports continue to be sketchy, there is still speculation on overcrowding but nothing concrete. I have heard that the boat does indeed have a capacity of 250 passengers, but that they only had permission to take 80 to the reef. Passengers are now starting to make reports (emails, comments and forums) that the crew were the first off the boat, not offering any assistance to the young passengers. Panic was the order of the day as no one in any official capacity stepped up to take control of the situation.

Here are today's news links (yes, some are in Spanish, please use Google Translate)

Novedades on Lisa Chung's return to Texas
Novedades on the destruction to the reef
Por Esto on the silence from authorities and the captain
Por Esto on corruption in the port authority
Por Esto on the reef damage
El Quintanarroense on the family of Lisa Chung filing a legal claim
Dallas Morning News

I hope all the survivors are doing ok and I send them strength and courage to deal with their fears and anxieties. I also send healing energy to the family of Lisa Chung. Yes, I understand that she has been declared brain dead, but family and friends are hanging on to hope, so I will too.

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Kathy said...

Oh what an awful tragedy. I had no idea! I always worry when we take the transportador to Cozumel, as it is usually at night and you know how loaded it is.

I'm so incredibly sorry and sick for her parents. What an awful, awful situation. I can't even begin to imagine.

take care on this rainy day (BIG Tstorms down this way)

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