Friday, June 20, 2008

Song and Dance Man

Our Gang
Max's School Buddies/Fellow Dancers

One of the things I really love about Max's school is how much they dance and sing. And I don't mean just movin' to the groovin', I mean choreography, rehearsals, costumes and performances. I grew up dancing, I started when I was four years old, competed internationally, dance was my university major and I didn't stop until an injury put me out of the game at age 24. My brother is still dancing professionally , he's been living and working as a dancer in Los Angeles since 1990. My dad does two musicals a year with the local theater company, singing mostly but he's not a bad dancer at all! Hubby used to be a folk dancer, in fact he toured Mexico with a performance company. So, song and dance are in our blood and I am thrilled that Max is being introduced to the world of theater at a young age.

Tomorrow is the big end of year event for his school and they will be having a performance in the large theater at the Blue Bay Club in Puerto Juarez. Yesterday they rehearsed in the theater space so I managed to catch some video of Max's class practicing. I highly doubt I will have front row seats tomorrow so I took the opportunity to get as close as I could to capture every hyper moment. They didn't put on their costumes for rehearsal, but I cannot wait to see Max in his white satin disco gear, teehee.

So, here's a sneak peek of the three year old song and dance spectacular. If you don't recognize Max, he's the little guy in the red shirt jumping around like he's got springs on his feet. And yes, he is like that ALL THE TIME. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

You have a star in the making.

Anonymous said...

I was laughing so hard I about wet myself. Too funny.


Anonymous said...

Wow! I love the screeching after the music cuts! :) Very cute!

Anonymous said...

I cannot even BELIEVE they can get 3 year olds to listen to them and do that. They're miracle workers. I was a former nanny, I know.

Somebody said...

I'm feelin heatherinparadise LoL. When I read "three year old song and dance spectacular" I thought, uh-oh.

They did do a good job!

Pairing the kids into couples was sooo cute, especially with the kiss. I think the last lil girl was wiping hers off though?

You have a beautiful son ... I love his Spanglish. Our youngest did that for a long time and my soon to be sister-in-law's daughter says, "I no did it" too.

I remember asking my oldest once, "How many people went on the field trip?"

"There was too much people there", he replied. This was after a year back in the U.S. too. A mucho/many kind of thing.

Enjoy him while he's little, time goes by so fast. My oldest just turned 15 this week and is already talking about buying a truck. :)


Fned said...

That is so cute... and Max looks like he's completely in his element! But then again... he's got the genes!!! ;)

I remember all those bailables and dances that we had every year at school until the last year of primaria. My mom still has pics of me in all my different costumes through out the years.


3LittleFlowers said...

So nice... Cant wait to see the real thing...

And I gotta laugh at your comment that "yes, he is like that all the time"... Gaby was/is just like that.

JoAnne in CT said...

That was too cute!! Boy oh boy is Max ever active!!

Anonymous said...

so cute love it, Max is getting so big...reminds me of my grandkids...

CancunCanuck said...

KW- Well, he's a star in my mind anyway, though yes I would love to see him embrace the creative arts in his future.

Gonzo- Change your drawers, lol, glad he could give you a giggle.

Mexpat- Oh, the screeching, the constant screeching, lol!! (I haven't forgot your request for a post on having a baby here, I'm formulating it in my mind, it could be a whole dang series!)

Heather- I know, eh? I'm glad I am not the teacher, teehee. It's amazing to see them come together like that, the older kids did some serious choreography with lifts and everything, incredible!

LaGringaMasBella- Hola! Yes, I think a few of the little girls wiped off the kisses, teehee. I am really enjoying this phase of his development, and man oh man, I don't want to think about the teenage years, yikes! Thanks for stopping in. :)

fned- I've got pages and pages of photo albums of myself in dance costumes, it was my entire life for so many years! I'm thrilled that it does seem to be a part of the Mexican education system, seems they place a high value on it and for that I am appreciative.

Momto3- Oh man, Max and Gaby in the same room? It better be padded and locked, lol! They could tear the place apart I bet.

Joanne- "Active" is an understatement, the kid never stops! :)

Anon- Hi there! Max is growing and becoming quite the young man. Hope the grandkids are good! (Do I know you? You didn't sign, but I assume I do since you recognized his growth. Doesn't matter, whoever you are, welcome and thanks for stopping in!)

Laura said...

That was too cute!
Max has got the music in him! :) When my daughter was 3, she sang Little Mermaid songs like a pro,
"bright young women, sick of swimmin" I remember it like it was yesterday.
Thanks for sharing your adorable baby with us :)

Anonymous said...

Love this video- I can't wait to see the outfit though! *Runs off to next post*

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