Monday, June 9, 2008

Update on Tourist Boat Accident

Today's morning newspapers brought a tragic update to the story of the tourist boat that was involved in an accident on Saturday in Cancun. Lisa Chung (newspapers are saying "Cheng" or "Wong" but one of her classmates emailed me her correct name), the 18 year old woman who was reported to have had a heart attack has been pronounced brain dead in Galenia hospital. My deepest sympathies go out to her family and friends in this horrible time.

There is still not a lot of clear information about what exactly happened to cause "Sea Star" to sink, the reports vary from paper to paper. There are a lot of suggestions that the boat was indeed overloaded and short staffed, but other sources state that they were within regulations. Some suggest that the injured teenager was snorkeling at the time and was hit when the boat lost power, others seem to say that the boat was under sail at the time.

I've been receiving emails from family members of the students who were on board looking for any information I can get for them. I wish I could give them something definite, I am just not able to at this time. What I can share is this. Most of the students (if not all), booked their tours through Grad City. Grad City then booked a boat cruise with Caribbean Carnaval (website currently not online), who in turn passed the contract on to Club Marina Lagoon to whom the boat belongs. Parents should first and foremost making contact with Grad City for all their communications, their 800 number is 1-877-GRADCITY. I would also recommend contacting the US Consulate in Cancun.

Here are the links to today's online news stories about the incident:

Por Esto
El Quintanarroense

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