Saturday, July 12, 2008

Beach Escape to Puerto Morelos

Last night over some ice cold chelas, Lisa Love and mi familia decided we would hit the beach together today. We discussed various beach options and all the pros and cons and didn't come to a conclusion. The conversation made me giggle as Lisa seems to be my beach soul mate, the minutiae we discussed and the intimate knowledge shared of each beach would bore most people to tears. When Lisa arrived this morning we finally chose Puerto Morelos and hit the road around 10 am.

Lisa and a very pretty flower. Stop looking at her boobs
I meant the other flower.

We set up camp a little north of the Ojo de Agua beach club. We'd stopped for 15 peso tortas from Ty Coz and refrescos and water at the Extra, no beach club for the budget conscious! We had our tent, umbrella, a giant beach sheet from Lisa with a million pareos and a woven mat. Three kinds of sunblock, shovels, pails, cars and boats. We were ready.

Max makes new friends with a woman who
waves like the Queen and her faithful servant and they
promptly enslave him as their oarsman.

Doggieberto makes friends with Lisa

Doggieberto makes friends with Hubby and Max.

Doggieberto "helps" build a sand castle.

Better than the techno crap booming out of a beach club.

Max took this photo of Lisa, not bad for a little guy!
He was working with a very patient model of course.

No pictures! NO PICTURES!

Ok, he looks cute and all, but he was about to dump
a bucket of water on my head. Cheeky.

We stayed on the beach until late afternoon when we were pruney-skinned, slightly burnt and definitely water logged. Cloudless blue skies, calm, clean, clear water, quiet beach, good company, guest dog-for-a-day Doggieberto, it was a deliciously delightful, refreshing, recharging the soul kind of day. The ocean goddess was good to us and we thank her. Doggieberto, we envy you your life and wish you much happiness with it, you got a good racket going Mr. Beach Bum. Many happy years of mooching to you.


Nancy said...

The water over there is such a freaking different color than the Pacific. Amazing. Someday we need to head over there to see for ourselves.

Oh, by the way, your kid is way cute!

carl/debbie said...

how come the dog has a collar, and leash, if he is a beach bum?
your a great blog writer !! carl

Mimi said...

Sounds absolutely dreamy! I'm completely jealous!

JoAnne in CT said...

Sounds like my kind of day!! What fun you all had... Max is so friggin precious I could eat him up with a spoon!! And Doggieberto? What a beauty - I'd take him home in a heartbeat!

Alex said...

what a lovely day!! That doggieberto is cute! where did he come from? aah but Max is the cutest!

Islagringo said...

I love impromptu shit like that!

Anonymous said...

And good times were had by all…..
I love that the musicians stroll along the beaches. There is a harp player on Isla who plays beautifully however when he starts to sing you really want to plug your ears.

Heather said...

That dog cracked me up, great pixs. I miss my ocean right now greatly!!


Meg said...

I love the harp pic!!!

I uploaded some pics of cancun (mercado 23) today. Stop on by!!:)

Anonymous said...

My favorite place Puerto Morelos. Looks like a fun day was had by all. I'm so jealous. Dinner at Pelincano's?? (misspelled?)
KW from Michigan

Laura said...

I bet Doggieberto is writing about his day on the beach with those nice city folks from Cancun on his blog somewhere ;)

Islaholic Trixie said...

What a beautiful day spent with family and friends. Kind of like our weekend here in Minnesota...minus the beach. Ok, I'm jealous!!!

Anonymous said...

The day really was perfect!! The weather, the company, the location, the Doggiberto= priceless!

As I was scrolling down through the pics I had a moment of horror that you had posted the other flower pics *winks* I thought, great now I'll never be able to talk to my grandma again hahahahahahahaha!

I love to think of Doggieberto making a blog post about us!! LOL!

Thanks again to the ocean goddess and her many blessings! Although I think I have a bone to pick with the sun gods- I got kinda fried! Thank the heavens for you miss Canuck or I would be tourist fried- you so sweet to SPF me!! Thanks btw for not slappin' it on me like you slap it on Mr. Max man!! LOL!

Max is an awesome photographer and professional beach aficionado! Besitos!

CancunCanuck said...

Nancy- Oh you must come see the Caribbean Sea, it is truly spectacular and very different than the Left Coast!

carl/debbie- Doggieberto seems to live in one of the beach front houses, but we didn't see his owner all day! He's a well loved animal, a total sweetheart. Thanks for the kind words and welcome!

Mimi- We'll let you know next time we are going to last minute road trip and you can join us, we do have fun!

Joanne- Thanks, you can eat Max with a fork if you like, lol! Doggieberto was cute, but at the end of the day, I was happy to let the wet, sandy dog go to his own home. :)

Ale- Doggieberto just appeared out of nowhere when we arrived in the morning. We asked the few people who were out if he belonged to them, but they all thought he was ours. He and Max were good buds all day!

Gringo- The advantage to being on the mainland, it's a lot easier for us to just pick up and go! We'll hook something up with you next time (I'm slowly getting through my email backlog, I haven't forgotten you!)

Jackie- LOL, oh yes, the musicians who thinks he is a singer, they seem to be everywhere. I definitely prefer the strolling harpists or guitarist to the techno boom boom boom that beach clubs so often play.

Heather- The dog was hysterical, he swam with us all day and particularly liked to snuggle up to Lisa in the water! Get thee to St. Clair beach or even Point Pelee across the border for a taste of beach. Not quite the same, but better than nothing!

Meg- Great pics and great post, thanks! (BTW, the white fruit is beside the mango and cucumber is jicama I think.) :)

KW- Love PM! Aw, Pelicano's. The last few months reports have been terrible about them (bad food, worse service) so we didn't even think about it. In fact, I think dinner was Cheetos, lol!

Laura- Too funny, thanks for that image! He was a smart enough dog, he might be able to bark out a decent post. :)

Trixie- Glad you had a nice weekend up der in Minniesota, sorry I can't send you any beach!

Lisa- This is a "family" blog, lol, I wouldn't post those pics!! (I thought about your Grandma, lol). Owies, sorry you got burned despite my mommy hands all over you! I tried, (but yes, with a slightly lighter hand than I did with clown face Max, haha). Thanks for a terrific day, we must do it again soon.

Beth said...

Looks like a day in heaven!

3LittleFlowers said...

Doggieberto is such a cutie!! You are killing me with the beach pictures.... We need to get our butts to the beach and PRONTO!!!

CancunCanuck said...

Beth- It was heavenly indeed!

Momto3- Come on Domi Mami, get out of the house and get to the sun and sand! No use living in the Caribbean if you don't enjoy it sometimes. Or all the time, lol!

3LittleFlowers said...

Kel: It was so nice when the beach was just some minutes away, and so accessible... Now, the beach is a bit far and I still havent found a spot that I can use to get in to the beach without paying a day-pass in a Resort... We will have to do it soon!!!

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