Monday, July 21, 2008

Bye Bye Dolly

Tropical Storm Dolly was a non-event here in Cancun, a few scattered showers but no wind to speak of. It's still cloudy and raining occasionally, but the storm has now moved over the Gulf of Mexico so things should clear up in the next day I suspect. People on the more northern coasts of Mexico and in Texas may feel Dolly's influence, the NHC reports that parts of the Mexican coast are on hurricane watch and Texas is under a tropical storm watch.

You can see by the satellite that we are still feeling the effects of Dolly but the worst has definitely passed.

image courtesy National Hurricane Center

And since I am a HUGE musical fan and this storm had such a great name, I leave you with the fabulous Barbra Streisand singing "So Long Dearie" from "Hello Dolly". Come on, watch it, you know you can't resist!


Heather said...

LOl i had to laugh at the dolly video and dolly storm. Nice job chica!


Manolo said...

I bet the cats and dogs that rained yesterday down here in Guate were sent by Miss Dolly. Good to know she has left the area.

Susan Lechuga said...

I need to stop thinking about you when I am on vacation. See I went to vegas and look what happened! You almost got hit by a hurrican when I was checking in to the hotel I thought dang I hope kelly is ok and there are no hurricanes there. I am glad you are safe mom and that dolly left and wont be coming back.

Islagringo said...

Dang! I wish I had thought of posting a video. Especially since I danced in that play once. I can still feel the room swaying! LOL!

CancunCanuck said...

Heather- Thanks, I do love my musicals and this storm had a great name!

Manolo- Yep, I think Miss Dolly's skirts reached all the way over to you. But hey, you are not so far away, come on, a little Cancun jaunt shouldn't be too hard, teehee!

My3ros- Aww, no need to worry about us, we're all good! We've survived the worst, nothing can be harder than Wilma was, everything from her on out is buttah. Hope Vegas was good to you!

IslaGringo- Ok, now THAT I would have liked to have seen! Such a fun play, my dad was in a version quite recently (he does at least two musicals a year, gotta love him!)

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