Thursday, July 10, 2008

Climbing Iztaccíhuatl For a Cause

Fellow blogger and good guy Gary at the Mexile has asked for help in getting the word out about a big bold adventure he is planning to undertake. Gary is gearing up to climb a mountain, and not just any mountain, the sleeping beauty herself, Iztaccíhuatl. A huge challenge for anyone, he's doing this to help raise money for Wildcoast, a charity dedicated to protecting the coasts and oceans of California and Latin America and all the wildlife that make the ocean their home. Gary is famed for his love of turtles, seems like this is a perfect match for him.

Please visit his site, "La Mujer Dormida" to keep up with his preparations and adventures and don't forget to contribute to his very worthy cause, there is a button on his page for donations. I personally wish him all the best of luck in this gigantic undertaking (heck, learning how to pronounce the name of the mountain left me breathless) and I hope all my lovely readers will support him in his quest to help a very worthwhile charity.

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