Monday, July 7, 2008

Coming and Going

I had a pretty social weekend (for me), one going away party and one welcome home barbecue. It seems that living here you are always going to one event or the other, it's a transient kind of city which makes it difficult to really invest yourself in friendships. The going away party was nice, good to see a lot of old friends together in one place, but I still haven't accepted the reality that I am losing one of my oldest friends here. I think once I do, there will be some tears and sadness, but for right now, I am doing that old childhood thing of hands over ears, eyes closed, screaming "LA LA LA LA I CAN'T HEAR YOU LA LA LA" to make it less real.

I'm extremely happy to have my other good friend back from travels abroad and was thrilled to spend the afternoon romping in the pool, chatting and eating. I have my fingers crossed that they are going to be around for a while, but again, with the nature of this city, you just never know. I don't know of many people at all who have said "I am here forever, this is my home". Well, except for me and a couple of others and even I am in doubt sometimes. I don't want to leave (ever), but it's hard to know what situations might arise that would call for me to return to Canada so I guess nothing is forever. There are some friends who travel and when they arrive back in Cancun I warmly say "Welcome HOME". Others I know better and simply say "Welcome back."

I wish I had more "Welcome home" greetings to share.


JoAnne in CT said...

Kelly, our wish is someday to be the "welcome home" type, instead of "welcome back"... we'll see. Hopefully we can meet up over Labor Day week when we're back on Isla - we'd love to meet you and Max and the hub!

My Way said...

I am sure your friend will miss you just as much. But what's cool is that the internet makes it so much easier to not only keep in touch, but to keep friendships alive. Plus, helloooo Cancun is vacation central! I'm sure they will visit. Or maybe vice versa?

Just like happiness, friendship isn't regional, it comes from within.

So as long as you keep the friendship alive, it doesn't matter where you are. And as long as you are truly happy inside, if you must move one day, you can certainly take your happiness with you.


Anonymous said...

Don't be sad. True friends are forever. Keeping in touch via internet is a great way to visit.
KW from Michigan

Susan Lechuga said...

YOu have a great heart. No matter who comes or goes you will befriend them Internet is amazing with out it I would have never found a friend in you.

CancunCanuck said...

Joanne- Oh, I hope we can make it to Isla to meet you, that would be lovely! And I wish you all the best in your dreams to make this area "home". :)

Mexico Way- Don't get me bawling, lol!

KW- Too true, too true, I cannot imagine living here without the internet to maintain contact with Canadian friends and family. And to meet new friends of course, such as yourself!

Susan- Gracias amiga, the internet can be a wealth of joy in our lives, I know that's how you found the love of your life!

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