Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Earthquake in Los Angeles

A moderate earthquake hit Los Angeles about an hour ago, reaching 5.8 on the Richter scale. No damages or injuries reported. The city is anticipating some aftershocks, but hopefully this will turn out to be nothing serious.

And what does that have to do with a Canadian living in Mexico you ask? Well, this particular Canadian has a brother living in Los Angeles and this is not the first time I have freaked out about his well being. Luckily he's a smart guy and called my mom immediately to say that all was well, no need to worry the folks for nothing! Mom passed the word on to me and we are all relieved that this is not the "Big One". I vividly recall the North Ridge earthquake of 1994. My brother lived about 10 minutes from the epicenter and we were terrified for him. Many of the buildings around him were severely damaged, telecommunications were knocked out and it was a couple of days before I was finally able to speak to him and find out he was ok. He was darned lucky, really really lucky that he is a night owl, his bed had been smashed and crushed in the quake but he wasn't sleeping in it at the time.

There is a lot of talk in this area about hurricanes and the risk of living in a danger zone. I have to tell you though, a hurricane at least gives you warning that it's coming, you can be prepared, flee if you want to, batten down the hatches and get your things in order. Earthquakes are a much scarier deal to me, they strike without warning and there is nothing much that can be done to prevent tragedies. The earth can open up and swallow a building whole if it so desires. I'd much rather be wet than crushed! Of course, when the subject of hurricanes comes up, the first words out of Hubby's mouth are always "Let's go to Canada!". Right, so we can suffer from ice storms, blizzards and tornados? Nah, thanks, I think I'll stay right where I am, wet and windy and warm is better than wet and windy and frozen and certainly better than being swallowed up by the earth!

Hold tight Californians, get your sea legs ready for those aftershocks! Love you little bro......


Anonymous said...

No worries Canuck! It was just a slight shaker. I'm here at the beach just chllin! Let's just hope that it wasn't a pre-shock. HAHA

John in Los Angeles

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Canuck, It's all a matter of the devil you know. I remember the big quake of '89 but the '94 one didn't affect us.
We were watching the Mexican news during the big fires and the commentators were questioning why Californians keep building their houses out of wood instead of cement. The answer is earthquakes, wooden houses move and cement ones come down. Generally the damages are worse with a hurricane, I think. Also most Californians know what to do if there is a quake (get under an interior doorway away from windows) and lots of us have quake kits (emergency supplies).

Anonymous said...

Yikes!! I'm your disaster preference twin! I prefer to be wet over swallowed by the earth or frozen!

Kathy said...

holy carp! I was in Northridge for the 94 quake!!! It was eerily reminiscent of the 72 or 67 (can't remember which) quake when a resevoir failed. Northridge was an absolute MESS afterwards; I especially remember the mall and I5. There was a HUGE piece of the upper structure absolutely GONE. We lived close enough to that part of the freeway.

I was in Argentina for Loma Prieta (the SF Bay area Big One (after ought four)) and frantically called home to check on relatives. In those days you had to go to the government run phone bullding to make calls - still under dictatorship.

I remember being pregnant with one of the boys (there was a stretch of time it seemed I was ALWAYS pregnant :)), waking in the middle of the night, figuring it was an earthquake that woke me, judging it less than a "4" and immediately going back to sleep. I also remember being immediatly over the epicenter of a "2" that scared the bejeezus out of me and I dragged the (baby) boys to a doorway while we waited it out.

I've been through Dean and evacuated to Cancun. I watched Dolly and Felix from invest status.


I HATE the endless waiting and wondering and hemming and hawing. Ugh.

Jonna said...

I guess I'm callous, I didn't even call or text the son in LA I just checked the size and saw no real damage and went on. Of course, he didn't call or text me either cuz he knows I don't worry for less than a 7.0.

I've been in every major earthquake in California since the Santa Barbara quake in 1952 or something - except Northridge, I was in SF for that one. The funny thing is that I would have called the #1 son in LA that time and was getting up to go and do just that when Mimi reminded me that he was asleep in the other room, they had come up to SF to visit! So, I went back to sleep.

I prefer earthquakes to hurricanes. Frankly I don't want to know that a dozen times a year a huge storm MIGHT hit me and have to worry about it and do all sorts of stuff and then.. blah it goes the other way. No worrying about earthquakes, they just happen and you deal with it. Much better I think. Plus, I used to make sooo much money in overtime. Oh Lordy, it was Christmas! I think I worked 48 hours straight after Loma Prieta and then I worked 12 hours on and 12 off for weeks. Big bucks!! and all I had to do was drive around 'flying the flag' and what we called felony gawking.

Susan Lechuga said...

I am so glad he is safe. I also went into panic mode when I found out as my lil girl is in Cali right now. They did not even feel it but still scary. I am glad he is ok and I agree give me a hurricane over and earthquake any day.

CancunCanuck said...

John- Glad to hear it didn't interrupt your beach time, now that would be tragic, lol!

Theresa- Interesting how the climate affects how the houses are built, I don't think anyone would conceive of building a wood house here, such a foreign concept! I appreciate hearing from someone who has experienced both quakes and canes, thanks!

LisaLove- We're twins in oh so many ways, lol!

Harvestmoon- Wow, still take quakes over canes huh? I was very surprised to read all the comments like yours, very interesting indeed! And my oh my, does disaster follow you or what? LOL

Jonna- You and harvestmoon, wow. I'm amazed that those of you who have experienced both would take quakes first, the thought terrifies me but I can get through a hurricane no problemo!

My3ros- I think everyone's A OK, but yes, there is always that moment of panic when we first hear the news. Glad all is well.

Heather said...

I dont know how you deal with hurricanes. I grew up with earth quakes and not that they arent dangerous but they are over in a few seconds. I am usually sleeping or driving when they happen and miss then anyways, lol! But when i do its a pure rush! you can have your hurricanes and i will take my earth quakes, lol!


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