Wednesday, July 2, 2008

He Did It!

Max's regular school year has come to an end and I thought I would take a moment to share his accomplishments. I'm a pretty proud mommy, he's turning into a very smart and thoughtful boy. He's still got his moments, one of the things he learned was how to throw a wicked tantrum, but they are coming less and less and he is quick to calm down now. His behaviour is definitely on an upswing and I couldn't be happier.

So, here's what my three year old learned this year:

1. The alphabet, English and Spanish. He is working on identifying the letters when he sees them, but he can sing the whole alphabet song. He understands that letters make words and words make stories, so we're well on our way to reading. Now when I read to him, he'll take the book from me, run his fingers under the words and "read" to me, sharing the story the way he sees it, he's got a great little imagination!

2. Numbers 1-20, English and Spanish. Counting actual objects is coming along nicely, and he has started working on the identification of numbers when he sees them. For some reason, he loves the number three in English and cincuenta in Spanish, if we ask how many there are of something, it's always those numbers.

3. Body parts, English and Spanish. I think he actually has far more English vocabulary in this regard, but only because Crazy Teacher Mommy drills him on it. Mommy doesn't pull any punches when it comes to the "private parts" either, a penis is a penis, but Daddy prefers to call it a "pajarito" ("little bird") or "un chocolate" which makes Mommy crazy and makes Max laugh.

4. Shapes, English and Spanish. This one is pretty straightforward, he's got the basic shapes no problem, though when Crazy Teacher Mommy asks him to say "parallelogram", it doesn't always come out quite right. (Gosh I am mean!)

5. Colours, English and Spanish. We had a run where I thought he was colour blind, he was constantly confusing red with green, but it seems to have passed and he's got it all worked out now. Thank god, cause when he was driving and getting those stop lights confused, we had some close calls. ;-)

6. Emotions, English and Spanish. He understands "happy" versus "sad" quite well, though he seems to think the opposite of "angry" is also "happy". "Max, I am very angry with you!". "No Mommy, you're happy."

7. He can dress himself and put on his own shoes. He understands "that's backwards Max" and "too small" and "too big". He really doesn't like to wear clothes, he prefers to run around bare, but when I tell him to get shorts, he gets shorts, not pants, so his vocab is ok regardless of his lifestyle choices.

8. He knows his full name (and it's a doozy!), his Daddy's name, Mommy's name, where he lives, where Grandma and Grandpa live, where the Uncles live ("Cawifownia"), how old he is, when his birthday is and he remembers the name of every new person he meets. Well, sometimes he just calls women "Lisa" for the first little while, but then he gets it. He knows he has abuelo and abuela and aunties and cousins and two brothers that don't live in Cancun but do live in Mexico. He knows a lot about family, he loves to say "We're a happy family Mommy!" and give me a nice hug. Hmmm, nothing warm and fuzzy about that eh?

9. He knows how to dance and to sing and does both without much prompting. Of course, when we prompt him to do it to show him off like a trick pony, he pretends to be shy and hides behind my legs.

10. Temperature and weather concepts. He understands rain, sun, wind, thunder, lightning, puddles etc.. He really understands that he can't go to the beach if it is raining so he will insist "It's not raining Mommy", even while we are soaking wet.

11. Food and eating vocabulary and manners. I've drilled it into his head now, this kid is well on his way to saying "May I have some please?" whenever he wants something the "I WANT" is almost out of his repertoire. Today anyway. He understands "hungry" and "thirsty" and "that's yucky". "Blech" also seems to be a favourite, particularly when Mommy insists on his eating veggies. He loves to help us shop, "This one no mommy, it's yucky, get the Dora one!"

12. English and Spanish vocabulary for animals, he knows them ALL. Top three favourites are kitties, birdies and iguanas.

13. Transportation vocabulary. Man this kid loves his cars! And his trucks and buses and trains and cable cars and most definitely motorcycles, this kid is going to kill me when he's a teenager.

14. Manners. He's all about the pleases and thank yous. He says "excuse me" when he burps, "I'm sorry" when he bumps into me and "cheers" when he raises his juice glass.

15. Geography. He knows what streets are around our neighbourhood, which streets Mommy and Daddy work on and the location of his school. He tells me to turn left or turn right, and almost always at the right spot. If we go somewhere once, he remembers it, he boggles my mind sometimes. He knows about Merida, Isla Mujeres, Isla Blanca, Isla Holbox, Puerto Morelos, Playa del Carmen, Tulum and Akumal and pronounces them all correctly. And he remembers what he did there! We were in Merida months ago and visited the zoo. This week he asked to go back to Merida to see the animals. (Note to self: kid has a memory like an elephant, don't make future promises you can't keep)

16. Bathroom skills. He's totally day time potty trained and has been for almost his whole year. We're working on night time, but I'm not pushing it as it is a physiological issue, not something he can control. He can wash his hands, brush his teeth and can wash himself in the shower. Being clean is important to him, he doesn't hold back in telling Mommy she is "stinky"!

I'm sure there are more things I am missing, but those are the ones that spring to mind. He learns fast and loves repetition. He's starting to be very imaginative, playing pretend store, pretend waiter and the old favourite, "Doctor". His school gave me all the text and note books he completed this year, it's unbelievable to me that he did sooooo much and he is only three years old! Here are the books, with every page full of drawings and paintings and glued on pictures, kind of crazy that he did this from age 2-3, gotta love this school!

Rock on smart little boy, here's hoping you continue to succeed in school and maintain your love of learning!

(Otherwise I'll have to kick your cute little ass all the way to military school. Or Grandma's house, then you'll be in BIG trouble).


Islagringo said...

It's so much fun watching Max grow via the blog. Every time you post a pic or video of him, he has changed somewhat. Keep on keeping us informed, I'm sure everybody else loves him too!

Anonymous said...

It takes great parents to raise a really great kid. Sure the etchers are a big help but great parent are the rein forcers or enforcers as the case may be at times. Keep up the good work.

3LittleFlowers said...

Wow!!! Max is really smart!!! He does things that not even Gaby who is almost 5 can do!!! WAY TO GO!!!

C.A. said...

Yeaaaa for Max! Three year olds are so amazing. That's my favorite age. Good Job, Max!

Islaholic Trixie said...

Way to go!! If Max keeps up with this pace he will be the next "Doogie Hauser MD!"

barry said...

thats a pretty impressive resume' for a 3 year old,,,,,You guys are in trouble .. I wouldn't buy him a plastic Tool box just yet,, he may rewire the house.

Anonymous said...

Wow, that is great about Max! You must be proud, and happy. But I am sure being an involved parent is a big part of it too. Good job! I love reading about him and seeing things on the blog too, thanks for sharing.

Amy in MN

Brice said...

That's awesome! And his success with learning shows your success as a mother.

Mimi said...

Way to go MAX! Can I hire you to teach me spanish?
Sure glad to know that the knock on the noggin was harmless!

Congratulations all around, good kid great parents!

CancunCanuck said...

IslaGringo- Glad you are enjoying it, I often wonder if I am boring people to tears with talk of my little guy. Seems he is still entertaining, phew, thanks for the feedback!

Jackie- Thanks amiga! I don't know if I am good or great or even meeting basic standards, I do know that I make a great effort, and right or wrong, I'm trying! How come I didn't get the instruction manual with this kid?

Momto3- Aww, thanks mami! All kids move at a different pace, I'm sure there are lots of things that Gaby could do at his age that are out of his grasp. Like maybe sit still for five minutes, teehee, I hear girls are much better at that than boys!

C.A.- Three years old has been our biggest challenge yet, but also the most rewarding. We're at least having a lot of fun on this parenting ride!

Trixie- Amen! Hubby keeps saying that with Max's good looks and charm we'll be grandparents in 15 years, but I prefer your prediction that he will be a doctor at that time, lol!

Barry- So funny you mention the tools, he LOVES to fix things. Recently he found our tape measure and Daddy's screwdriver and he has been "fixing" everything in the house. The house could use some rewiring and with his little fingers he might be just the "man" for the job, lol.

Amy- Thanks! I am grateful that I have the opportunity to be so involved with him, I know not everyone has the luxury of being able to only work part time. Nice to hear you enjoy reading about him, I sure like writing about him and don't want to bore anyone!

Brice- Bless you my friend. Some days feel successful, other days I feel like a total failure, but mostly I am just amazed at how cool the whole parenting thing is. If you ever choose to procreate, I think you would be one helluva dad.

Mimi- LOL, I think he could indeed teach you some Spanish. And oh heck, forget about the head injury, probably just knocked some sense into him, lol! (He's been asking about you BTW, he wants to play Slinky with you.)

JoAnne in CT said...

Max rules!! How proud you must be Kelly - I'm sure he's got great things in his future if he keeps up the pace! And it doesn't hurt that he's so adorable to boot!

Susan Lechuga said...

I love max he seems so bright, of course his mama is so that makes sense. Love you guys

Heather said...

Geez... that kid can write and talk, lol! Thats why our days are always entertaining, lol!

I thought about you all week for Canada day, still waiting for a canada day post of some sort. This was my first time in 5 yrs of not being in canada on canada day and i really missed it. tell me it gets easier as the yrs go on, right?


3LittleFlowers said...

Sit still???????? Are you kidding me??? The only one that looks that may be capable is Amelia, though....

There are, of course, some girls that are quieter than boys, but I think kids are just different.... I mean, I dont think there is a kid a moves more than Camila!! That kid cant stay still for 2 seconds!! And if she does is because she just hit, bite, or did something for that matter and it's trying to hide it!!! LOL

Nicole said...

I really like how organized all his school work is. Whenever I pick Laila up her teacher has a folder full of her arts and crafts.
I may have to use all of my notebooks and put all of her work in them.
Okay, so he's bilingual, knows an awful lot for his age, does he do handy work? and is he looking for a future wife?????? Laila is available.

CancunCanuck said...

Ack, how did I miss these comments?? Sorry for the delay my friends!

Joanne- I am super proud of him and excited about his future. His cuteness allows him to get away with a LOT, lol, I'm sure it's going to help him plenty, let's hope he doesn't abuse the gift. :)

My3ros- He's a bright little boy, frighteningly so, I'm afraid I won't be able to keep up with him! :)

Heather- Oh man, Canada Day! I totally forgot to blog about it, I guess because we didn't do anything for it (bad Canuck mommy!) I miss Canada too, but it does get easier and hey, you're so close you can visit any time you like!

Momto3- Yep, all kids are different, sorry yours is like mine, poor you, lol!

culturequeen- Max is very handy in fact, he "helped" the technicians fix the air conditioner last night, he wouldn't leave them or their tools alone! He is always "fixing" his car, the table, the wall, the tricycle, he loves to fix. Sadly, he is not rich, so I don't know if he will be good prince material for your princess, but they could have a lot of fun til she meets Prince Charming with a fat wallet, LOL!!!

3LittleFlowers said...

Kelly: You will need to have two more to get a little angel like Amelia... and as for what you said to Nicole about him not being rich, what are you talking about?? do you think he has that temper for nothing?? Let me tell you something... That kid is everything that a successful person can be at age 3. Sorry to burst your bubble, but he is going to be rich (and of course, he will pamper his mommy very much!!)

Anonymous said...

I have to giggle about the name thing ! jejejejeje! Max is quite the talented heart stealer!! Besitos Max! I know you know what day Friday is! jajajajaja!!!

Nicole said...

We could always dress him up and put a crown on him and a little bling, voila! A Prince for the Princess. hahahahahhahaha!

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