Thursday, July 17, 2008

I've Got a Little Gas Problem

No, this is not related to any health issues. If you recall last week I mentioned that we had run out of gas. Well, yesterday we finally got Zeta Gas to come out to fill'er up. After looking at our budget (insert sobbing sounds here), we chose to only put 500 pesos into the tank (it holds about 1500 pesos). I was happy to see the truck arrive after a week of creative cooking without a stove!

Zeta Gas (they've got a song they play
on their roving trucks that will NOT
leave your head once it's in there)

The nice men from Zeta Gas are always fast and courteous, the technician was hooked up into our line in a matter of minutes. There is a pipe going up to the tank on the roof, he brings the hose to the spout (nozzle? doohickey?) and after a quick "pffffffft" sound that always makes me jump, he's in business.

Nice Man Going Pfffft
(hey landlord, paint the $#%@#$ house!!!)

The whole process took about five minutes total. Max and I went back inside to chill out until Hubby got home. And then we realized we had a problem. Hubby went up to the roof to check out the gauge and see how much 500 pesos gets us. That became a secondary matter after he realized the tank was leaking, pffffffffffffffft and smelly.

No surprise that this old beast is leaking

Hubby calls the fuga (leak) line at Zeta Gas and they say call the bomberos (firemen!). Umm, why have a leak line? Anywho. The bomberos are called and Max and Hubby sit outside anxiously awaiting their arrival. Well, Max was anxious about seeing the bomberos, Hubby about the ticking time bomb on our roof (alright, a bit of an exaggeration, but I'm taking some creative license here).

Bomberos! Urban Rescue Unit to be precise

The fireman confirmed that yes, there is a leak. He also confirmed that yes, we need a whole new tank. We can fix the thingamabob (sorry for the technical term) until we can get it replaced or we can go without gas. Right now, we're going without gas. We've got two companies coming tonight to measure and give us a quote, the phone quotes were about 3000 pesos for the tank, plus installation. As we are renters, this is something we really expect the landlord to pay for but getting that done quickly may not be so easy. I suspect she might ask us to pay for it and then deduct it from rent, but man, we just don't have access to that kind of dinero! The negotiations will begin tonight, I sure hope there is some good news on the horizon.

For now, the gas is shut off. Salad is chilling and some milanesa de res is waiting for the George Foreman grill. I'm ready for another week of cold/microwaved/grilled food, I'm getting pretty good at it. Max is ECSTATIC about the bomberos visiting, I thought he might explode with excitement. This is something he'll talk about (endlessly) for days and days I am sure. Cross your fingers that the landlord comes through for us and we get back to our regularly scheduled soup and roast veggies soon. On the bright side, the hot water heater is electric so I haven't been forced into cold showers with my cold food!


Jonna said...

Holy mierda! That is some scary stuff. Cold food is a PITA but considering the other options is really frightening.

I was interested in the tube thing at ladder level, I don't think we have that option in Merida. I think he jumps on the roof from the truck elevator thing. It's interesting though.

I'm glad hubby found the leak and called it in, gas is scary and having it pooling on your roof is really scary.

Fingers crossed that the landlord steps up and takes care of it.

Susan Lechuga said...

I hope the landlord takes care of it swiftly. I am glad hubby found it in time too. Very scary to think about what could have happened. Hang on girl You are in my thoughts.

Manolo said...

Try to get a little electric stove. I remember there was always one in my house, just for cases when gas was scarce. Sometimes it was just a brick with some coil and an extension cord.
Good luck with the gas and when everything else fails have some beans (the magical fruit).

Heather said...

OMGosh, that sucks! Sorry to hear, but i do hope the land lord comes through. Tell her you wont bug her to paint the place if she replaces the tank (lol).


Anonymous said...

A little electric hot plate sounds like it may come in handy in the future for these type of issues. Year round even in Portland, OR I use my propane grill outside. It is a three burner with a side burner that I grill meats, veggies and even pizza on. The small propane tank last long enough and doesn’t cost a fortune to fill up. Do you have a crock pot? They also come in handy for stews and soups or any kind of one dish meal.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

Wow, that sounds like the time we got the $2000 mxp water bill. Our normal bill is like $60mxp max for 2 months. Just sux.
The advantage to the tank on the roof is that the gas is cheaper per liter than the small tanks, but if you aren't getting what you paid for, it isn't cheaper at all.
If you get a crock pot check out the crockpot lady's blog. She even bakes with hers!

CancunCanuck said...

Jonna- I think they had to install the pipe as the roof is more than three stories up and set way back, the hose wouldn't reach that far. I'm glad Hubby caught it too and yes please, keep those fingers crossed!

My3ros- Thanks amiga, here's hoping things go fast.

Manolo- Beans, oh we've had beans, easy peasy in the microwave, lol! Maybe I'll have a peek around for a little one burner, but I think we'll actually survive.

Heather- Oh man, she sooo needs to paint this place! When we moved in it had just been painted, but now we've survived a few hurricanes and four years, the paint is a wreck inside and out. She's promised so we shall see.....

Jackie- Do you hear that slapping sound? It's my hand on my forehead going "DOH!", how could I forget that I have a crock pot?? Thanks for the reminder, I'll forgive you for the red spot on my head, lol.

Theresa- Ouch, 2000 peso water bill, I guess that's a good sign there is a leak. And yes sigh, that 500 pesos we put in the tank is just drifting on the air. I'll check out that blog now that I've had the reminder that I do indeed have a (unused) crock pot!

Anonymous said...

Dude- I would be excited about the bomberos coming and I'm 31! ;) I guess some things don't change with age!

We're also gas-less right now, but that's only because I haven't gone over to Zeta to put in my pedido. Luckily it's summer, so the whole cold shower thing isn't a problem. Man, I'm lazy...

3LittleFlowers said...

Oh hun... I hope the Landlord pays for it now, and dont expect you guys pay to deduct it later... That may move painting a bit off, but I will be hoping for that paint ASAP, too!!

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