Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Kitten Update!

Ok, remember these little guys?

Ziggy left, Buzz right

Well they done growed up, look at my babies now!!

Ziggy left, Buzz right

Buzz is my little darling, calm, cool and quiet, a very serious cat but a big purr-head when he wants to be. He takes a back seat to Ziggy's pushiness, even with two plates of food out, my docile baby Buzz waits until Ziggy is done eating to dig in! Buzz is the more serious hunter of the two, if there's a fly in the house he won't rest until he's got it. Ziggy is far more easily distracted, especially by anything that might possibly resemble food. The crack of the fridge opening will bring both of them running though, they eat like horses!

My Buzz

Ziggy is Max's best buddy. Where you find one, you find the other. Max takes great care of Ziggy and Ziggy tolerates every caring snuggle/crush. The first thing Max does when he comes in is dig Ziggy out of whatever cozy little place he's found to sleep and carry him around the house like a baby. Ziggy just goes with the flow, he has never scratched nor bit nor made any kind of aggressive move, even when HyperMax wants to play. I have to admit that Ziggy has a much cuter face than Buzz, but I've always had a soft spot for the ugly duckling/underdog (undercat?).

Ziggy's Nap Interrupted

The Sweet Little Face of Ziggy

Both my little guys make me so happy. Gentle and kind, they haven't destroyed anything or scratched or bit, at least not intentionally. I loved my Changa girl, but it is nice to have some gentle lovey cats in the house. They certainly love each other as well, if they get separated in the house, the cries begin until they are reunited. Awwwww, brotherly kitten love! My only complaint is that they prefer to sleep with Max so if I want kitten snuggles at night, it means Max comes to our bed too which makes for a very full house. I do love seeing all my boys cuddled up together, though that much sweetness could send a girl into sugar shock.


JoAnne in CT said...

Toooo funny, I was just going to ask you for a kitty post!!! They are soooooooo f'in adorable, I could eat them with the same spoon I wanted to eat Max with!!! Kiss kiss kiss kitties!!!!

JJ said...

Absolutely darling little bunnies! It's nuts how fast they grow. If little boys grew like little kitnesses, Max would be like 45 years old right now.

I simply must take some photos of my little angels. Perhaps while they are ripping up carpet... you are lucky you have tile floors, carpets are a great way to sharpen your claws, apparently.

Islagringo said...

Ahh, I loves me some kitties!

Heather said...

Just what I needed. a kitty update and its not even friday- thanks!
They are HUGE, lol!

Jonna said...

OMG! They have grown a lot, so precious. OH! and sleeping with the Max boy who is the cutest boy in all Mexico! Too sweet for words.

Lucky you that they are so good and don't scratch (you, Max or the furniture). I think we have your baby Changa reincarnated in Tita. Hell on wheels and then crash! she's asleep.

I love those ears! They are bat-kittehs.

Mimi said...

Wow, those two sweet little boys sleeping, what a heart string tugger!

Oh look! Quick over there, Tita is sleeping, hurry run get some purrs with out scratches and bites!

*sigh* I do love her anyway, especially now that my lip has stopped bleeding.

Anonymous said...

Chica, I think their ears are growing exponentially faster than the rest of their bodies. Soon I think they might take flight.

Fned said...

Those two are so cute. And how much they've grown since the last pictures!!!


Anonymous said...

Adorable ----
KW from Michigan

Anonymous said...

AWWWWWWWWW they are gorgeous kitties ......they look like abyssians.....what type of kitty are they ????

CancunCanuck said...

Joanne- Oh it was time for a kitty update alright, I guess I was getting your psychic vibes, lol! Kitties have received your kisses and kiss back.

JJ- GAck, 45 year old Max? Don't want to think about that one, lol! Come on girl, cough up those cute kitty pics! We are very lucky to have tile, they sharpen their claws on a piece of cardboard I've got laid out, saves the furniture (though to be honest they haven't even tried to scratch on anything, we got some nice kitties here!)

IslaGringo- Who doesn't love the kittehs??? And kitty posts don't get me in any trouble at all, lol!

Heather- I love that people want to see my babies, makes me all warm and fuzzy (like my babies, lol!) Nope, not Friday, bonus early update. :)

Jonna- Oh I know how lucky we are, I was expecting some destruction and pain with two tiny kitties but they're awesome! It really does sound like Changa found her way back through Tita (er, sorry about that, lol). And oh cute of cute is seeing both bat-kittehs pressed up against Max and all three of them sound asleep. I haven't captured a pic yet, but I will. :)

Mimi- Aww, sorry about the lip. I absolutely know what you are going through and have no advice, LOL, I obviously couldn't get it out of Changa. But yes, gotta love'em, blood and all. :)

HeatherINP- I think they might fly secretly, I haven't caught them yet but I am thinking about setting up a "bat-kitteh cam". Funny how I don't really notice their ears until I post pics and get comments, but I looked this morning and bam, big-ass ears!

fned- Thanks, I like my little guys! They have grown a LOT, looking back at that old pic kind of freaked me out, lol.

KW- Thanks, I wish they were better photographic subjects! I have more close up fuzzy face pics than I can count, they always charge at the camera when it comes out.

Erica- They do have that look, don't they? But naaah, they're street mutts, they were a rescue. They look just like their mom, but they have a brother who is really dark and striped, doesn't look a thing like them.

Anonymous said...


The Max not in motion and half asleep cat is a rare treat moment for Mom!! That is just waaay to cute that the kitties like to sleep with Max!! AAAAAAWWWWW!!

Anonymous said...

Awww, I miss kitty love!

WonderGuera said...

i wonder if the big ear thing is an orange cat thing? my lil' orange guy had HUGE ears when he was a babeh! too cute - love me some kittens! actually trying to find homes for 2 i feed outside . . .

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