Thursday, July 24, 2008

Local Cancun Photographer

I've recently discovered that one of my co-workers is a photographer and I wanted to share some of his work with you. His name is Bertrhan Hernandez and his photos show a side of Cancun you don't see in the travel brochures, slices of real life. He currently has an exhibit running at "El Tigre y El Toro" on Nader St., though I believe it closes this weekend. He has other shows coming up and I will keep you posted as to when and where. If you are able to get out in the next couple of days and you live in Cancun, go support some local art!

If anyone is interested in purchasing photos, please contact me and I will put you in touch with Bertrhan. Please note that the Spanish titles are the artist's, I have provided an English translation.


"Adios a mis amigos"
"Good bye to my friends"


"El Viajero y su sombra"
"The traveler and his shadow"

"Me Voy"
"I'm Going"


Scott Bulger Photography said...

Very nice work. Thank you for bringing him to my attention.

Islagringo said...

Ok, I'm no expert, but I don't see anything in these photos that is better than most of the pics I see on blogs. Take Billie's for example. (oops, she is a professional) Well, maybe Big Sweet Tooth. Now there's a gal who should be selling photos, or at least giving classes!

Anonymous said...

These are wonderful photos. I like the last one, with the stop sign in the background. Bored is intriguing, too. They show another side of Cancun, for sure. I like the gritty depiction of the local children, so small against the machines of progress.

I love Misty's photos, too, but these stark b&w's are good, and they show the photographer's unique perspective. I'll bet he doesn't use a point and shoot and try to copy anyone else. His eye. So there!

Heather said...

Fantastic pixs!

CancunCanuck said...

Scott- Glad you liked them, I was curious as to your thoughts. He's just a young guy and I am happy that he is finding places to exhibit his work. Art galleries are few and far between here!

IslaGringo- I think there are a lot of terrific photographers who blog. I said to this guy, "I didn't know you were a photographer". He replied "I'm not, I just like to take pictures". Humble artist!

Anon- I like the kids on the machines too, very nice contrast. Glad you enjoyed, thanks for stopping by!

Heather- Glad I could share them with you!

kitesurfing said...

great post and beautiful pics.
I also like for articles on how to hire somone in cancun to take photos.

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