Thursday, July 3, 2008

Lost and Found

Things I've Lost in Mexico
  • Two digital cameras
  • Two pairs of expensive sunglasses
  • Innumerable pairs of cheap sunglasses
  • The "now, now, now, I need it yesterday!" attitude of the big city
  • Thirty pounds/thirteen kilos of excess flab
  • My sense of cynicism and negativity
  • My perky breasts
  • The need for scarves and gloves and boots
  • My dry, cracking, white Canadian skin
  • An alcohol problem
  • Dependence on anti-depressants
  • My addiction to the telephone
  • The ability to rock and roll all night and party every day

Things I've Found/Gained in Mexico
  • Deep profound respect for family
  • Patience
  • Perma-tan/perma-tan lines
  • A son and husband (not in that order)
  • A love of teaching
  • An appreciation of the planet outside of the first world, "What's in it for me?" way of life
  • Innumerable pairs of cheap sunglasses
  • A tattoo
  • A climate I can jump up and down about
  • A second language
  • Scars, both physical and psychological
  • Beach, beach, beach, ocean, ocean, ocean
  • Oily skin, black heads and pimples (first time ever, I didn't even have them as a teenager!)
  • Fabulous open minded friends, both "real" and "virtual"
  • Confidence in myself as a writer
  • Cooking and cleaning and other "señora" skills
  • Hurricane survival skills
  • The love of being a mother
I think these lists could go on and on and on, but I'll leave it at that for now. So, for all you ex-pats out there, what have you lost and gained in moving to a new country? Are the losses bigger than the gains or vice versa? For me, the gains outweigh the losses for sure, I am far happier and healthier living in Mexico than I ever was in Canada. Don't get me wrong, I love Canada and I know that it has such fabulous and wonderful things to offer, but for me personally, I am a much better person here.


Susan Lechuga said...

Life is great there for you. I always talk about my friend Kelly. Can you email me mama? I have some questions for you about moving to mexico.

JoAnne in CT said...

Kelly - it sounds like you gained a bounty and lost a lot of things that could have destroyed you. You are so fortunate to have "found yourself" and a wonderful life in Mexico. We should all be so lucky!

1st Mate said...

My lists are shorter, but then I've only been here less than 3 years.

Things I've Lost in Mexico
• My interest in TV. We only pay for cable now to keep our internet connection.
• Kitchen cabinet space. Mexican houses seem to come with the absolute minimum of storage, probably because they buy everything in small packages and use it up immediately.
• My former need to explain myself and justify myself all the time. It just takes too much energy.
• Tan lines on my feet. I go barefoot on the boat.
• The jazz choir I used to sing with back in CA. But the director was retiring anyway.
• Most if not all my fear of wild weather, big waves, macho Mexican men, speaking Spanish when I'm unsure of my vocabulary, and singing in public.
• The need to do everything perfectly.

What I've gained in Mexico:
• An understanding of Mexico time. There just isn't much if anything that absolutely has to happen ahorita.
• The ability to sew really large things.
• Close encounters with dolphins and whales that I wouldn't trade for anything.
• Some of the best friends I've ever had.
• The joys of blogging. I started my blog when we came here, to keep track of our travels at sea, and now it's become a daily thing even when I'm a lubber.
• Learning to sing in Spanish.
• A real appreciation of my mate's skills and courage, on and off the boat.

Brice said...

You've done well, CC!

Anonymous said...

That was a great blog. I loved reading that.

Anonymous said...

I think that you captured more than lost and found as an ex-pat in Mexico. You share so much with your readers about how your life has changed by moving to Mexico, marrying a local and most of all becoming a mother . Thanks for sharing your life with us.

Heather said...

If canada had beaches and no snow, you'd be set, lol! I know from all the countries I have lived and visited, I have always gained more than loss. I always return to the usa a better person than i was before i left.


tacogirl said...

Great post. Since moving to Belize have lost some favorite food options from Kensington Market and China Town. I have gained an even bigger appreciation for life without Canadian winter if that is possible.

CancunCanuck said...

My3ros- I'll drop an email later today, or you can just email me the questions if you like, you've got the address. Sorry I haven't been around lately, hope it wasn't time sensitive!

Joanne- Mexico did indeed "save" me, although more likely it was Max that did the saving. But no Mexico, no Max, so they go hand in hand. I feel so much happier and healthier, I wish the same for all!

1st Mate- Great lists, thanks for sharing! Sounds like the experience has been one of growth for you as well. Felicidades!

Brice- I have done well indeed. :)

Heatherinparadise- Glad you liked it. I realized after I posted that it was a touch revealing, but hey, my "blog therapy" can't restrict me now, can it? :)

Jackie- Funny, sometimes I forget that someone is reading this, teehee, so much of what I write really is therapeutic. I am glad to know that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

Heather- Oh man, if Canada had no snow and fab beaches, there would be no reason to leave, lol! I think living outside of your country of birth can ONLY make you a better person. I know you have done well in all your travels, you have a sense of adventure and an open mind that travel can bring. I know you will pass this on to your kids as well, they are very fortunate.

tacogirl- Oh man, you had to mention Kensington while I am hungry, lol! The cheese market...mmmmmmm. And I am with you, I don't miss those winters at all!

Nicole said...

Oily skin and blackheads?? I have those already, so would that mean if I came there I would lose them.

It's just great to see people that move to a new place and actually like it.

CancunCanuck said...

culture queen- So, what's the secret to fighting the oily skin??? It's so new to me, I've tried a million products and can't find one that works the way I want it to! Coming from 30 some years of dry skin, I feel like a total amateur here! And yes indeedy do, I love where I live!

Nicole said...

I use a lot of toner. You could just use witch hazel, but my favorite is the oil of loay toner. And do a facial mask once a week.I have one flat blackhead on my cheek and i don't know when I got it and it's the most stubborn one I have had. And if all else fails go get a facial from a pro. They suck it right off! Well, not the person, but the tools thay use.

Anonymous said...

You silly bunny- to me you are an amazing person no matter where you are! I mean, after all, you ARE the president of the cool cool cool cool club!

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