Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Me Feel Wonky

This week my schedule changed slightly at work and it has thrown me into a tizzy. I didn't realize just what a creature of habit I am, apparently I really like my routine. I'm going in to work an hour later which means that instead of having a nice, peaceful morning to get ready, I am primping with two grumpy boys in the house. Normally I am out the door at the time they are waking up, missing the screaming and whining and complaining. And it's not just Hubby, Max is no joy either! The two of them together are giving me a stress headache before 8 am.

We're having a training week at work, thus the later start. It also means that instead of teaching for three hours, I am in class for four. I miss my breakfast/cigarette break and my hour and half of computer (read: blog) time that I usually get before picking Max up from school. Now I am on the move, in action, all morning long, surviving on one lonely coffee and one measly ciggie.

We seem to have a lot to do this week outside of our regular chores too, yesterday I think I had all of ten minutes online, it's a miracle I survived. I'm quite sure the internet got along just fine without me, but I have to admit it felt very strange not to blog or read blogs or even open my email. Apparently I have quite an addiction.

My body and head feel weird with the new hours, the change of pace, the lack of lazy time. It's really such minor changes to our lives, but I feel like I have something wrong with my inner ear, I'm just off balance. Next week things will be different again as Max goes to "summer camp" instead of school. I'll be picking him up two hours later than usual though, so it's Mommy Time! Maybe I'll be able to take a bath without rubber duckies and toy boats. Or fold the laundry once without Max "helping" which means it's folded three or four times before being thrown in the drawer in a ball. Or mop the floors without Max playing slip and slide in the living room seconds later. And maybe I'll even be able to eat my whole lunch without some grubby little hands sneaking in and stealing all the meat from my sandwich.

I'm going to try to "reset" right now, off for a nap
with Max (I really, really like my naps). I hope nap time is something that is never ever messed with in our schedule, though I see it being eliminated eventually as Max gets older. My mom tells me that one day when I was about his age, I made the announcement that I would no longer be taking naps as naps were definitely only for babies. I plan on keeping him in the dark on that particular story for as long as possible, what was I thinking at that age?


Nancy said...

I can really understand. We had a similar thing happen but it really helped us - our Spanish teacher wanted to change the two mornings a week we go to class. But those were the mornings the maid came...presto, now the maid cleans while we are at class and we feel like we gained two free mornings for free! So hang in there, the balance will tip back in your favor soon.

Anonymous said...

Frijolera you changed our routine...lol

Get you 7 am class please!
We love you.

Francine said...
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Fned said...

Ooopss! Wrong account!


I know exactly what you mean. I am a total routine girl. If things change in my schedule, even just a little, this messes up the rest of the week.

Take this week for example: for over a few weeks now I've been walking to work every morning and enjoying it. In the afternoon, I go to the gym and do some weighlifting because I figure I've done my cardio in the morning. But this Monday I had to go to our HQ in the morning so no walking there (HQ = mandatory highheels) and so in the evening no gym because not in the mood for the treadmill and somehow can't do weightlifting w/o cardio first (did I mention I'm a control freak?) ....

anyway, Tuesday's walking to work is out because I have a dentist appointment in the evening meaning not possible to hit the gym and so cardio w/o weightlifting seems useless to me (ok, by now I KNOW you're thinking I'm just lazy and this is all a pretexto, but I swear it's more a question of "habitudes"... and the fact that I'm possibly nuts)

After all this, obviously the rest of the week is warped because who ever heard of start something on a wednesday!!!

Anyway, here's hoping you get back to your old routine... I'm waiting for next monday... :s

Fned (the psycho)

CancunCanuck said...

Nancy- Change can be good, in fact, I have started to really enjoy my week. I think the first few days are the worst. Glad your change is working out for you!

Anon- Hey you, no me molestas en las mananas porfa! :) mua

PsychoFned- heehee. Yeah, no starting anything on Wednesday, that's just wrong, lol! Crazy week for you girl, hope you get back on track soon!

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