Wednesday, July 23, 2008

My American Cousin in Puebla

I was speaking to my parents on the weekend and they told me that my cousin Bruce was possibly going to be moving to Mexico. They didn't know where or when or even if it was going to happen, just a possibility. I haven't seen Bruce in about 13 years, but he was always my closest cousin in age and we had a lot of fun together. Our opening greetings always consist of telling each other we spell our names wrong. We have the same last name, our fathers are brothers, but they spell it differently. Somewhere something got screwed up and my uncle (and therefore my cousins) started spelling the family name wrong. Well, "wrong" isn't exactly accurate, there are more than ten ways to spell our last name, but ribbing each other is fun. I also like to tease him about being "Americuhn" as he lives in the states, but he always makes sure to remind me that he was born in Canada. Border baby, my aunt and uncle lived in Detroit (USA) but were in Windsor (Canada) when Bruce entered the world.

Anywho, I digress.

I decided to look Bruce up online, dropped him a message and to my delight I received a message right back saying he was moving to Puebla, Mexico for a six month contract. Yesterday! So my long lost cousin is now living in my Hubby's hometown. I'm happy to be back in contact with him and pleased that we might actually be able to help him transition to even a short stay in Mexico. I think we may even be able to share Christmas with him at Hubby's family's house! We've been hemming and hawing about going, we really can't afford it, but now we've got yet another reason to make the trip so we will beg, borrow and steal to get us some airline tickets. We've only been to Puebla once in five years, it's definitely time and with my cousin there it would be extra fun.

Entonces, bienvenido primo! Sooo, welcome cousin!

(pssst, can anyone help me find a blogger in Puebla? I haven't had any luck in my searching)


Heather said...

Nice! It is a much smaller world than we can ever imagine!


Fned said...

Ooh! That is so cool about finding a long lost cousin!!! I recently found a lost cousin on my dad's side.

When my grandfather left Spain to come to Mexico during the Civil war, he changed his name and lost all contact with his family back home.

60 years or so later I found a cousin from his family still living in Sevilla and have slowly started putting back the puzzle of my grandfather's life before his exile.

Anyway, all this to say that it's amazing how internet and email allow us to rekindle with people we'd lost all contact with (or have never even met!).


P.S. We might be going to Puebla this year end too (still not for sure though...). That'd be so neat if we got to meet up!

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your time with your cousin. Maybe he will visit you in Cancun at Christmas.
KW from Michigan

CancunCanuck said...

Heather- I'm digging the small world, now if only the airfares were small too, teehee.

fned- WOW, what a great story about your family!! That is definitely a much bigger connection than what we've found, he was never lost, just out of my circle of communication, teehee. Glad to have him back though. Ooooh, meeting Fned is extra incentive to go to Puebla for Christmas. Now, which bank do we rob? ;-)

KW- We're really hoping to get to Puebla for Christmas, the last time we went was Christmas 2005 so we are overdue. Cross your fingers that we can all be together (and win the lottery!)

Kathy said...

ViaAerobus keeps sending me emails (though i did signup for them) about fares for 1 peso, fares for tax only, etc. Have you checked them out?

CancunCanuck said...

Harvestmoon- I just checked their website, they only fly to Austin, Texas and Monterrey from Cancun. Booo. Volaris is the best provider, they have a direct flight to Puebla from Cancun (most other airlines only go to Mexico City, then you have to take a bus). I check often, it's averaging about 4000 pesos each, even on their "deal" days (tax only etc), still comes out to 10 000 pesos for the three of us just to fly. Airfare is expensive everywhere these days!

Anonymous said...

Hello all...
I'm the "yankee" cousin written about. (I do however retain a Canadian passport due to my reluctance in becoming an American citizen... even after all these years).
I must say, it's such an experience being down here. The people are genuine and the scenery is quite breathtaking. From my hotel window in downtown Puebla, I have an extraordinary view of one of the snowcapped volcanoes.
Of course, none of that rivals the prospect of being able to reconnect with the beloved "CancunCanuck". Even though we've been apart for quite some years, I have always held both her and her brother in the highest of esteem... bragging to friends and colleagues alike about their talents and achievements as if they were my own.
Cuz, I truly could not be prouder of both you and Kraig.

Luv U Cuz : )

By the way... to all of those who follow this specific blog entry... Later, I'll have to clarify the reasoning behind our fathers' spelling of the last names and why my spelling is the correct one. lol.

CancunCanuck said...

Anonymous Cousin!
Glad you found the blog! Very happy to reconnect after so many lost years. How much fun did we used to have???? Hope Puebla is treating you well this week, send me some mail and let me know what's up sugah!

And my way is the right way, lol!

tacogirl said...

How cool - love 6 degrees of separation stories.

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