Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tropical Storm Dolly Cancun

Well, Hello Dolly! The government of Mexico (such a vague report, which government?) has issued a tropical storm warning for the Yucatan Peninsula. This means that tropical storm force winds are to be expected within the next 24 hours. Tropical Storm Dolly is expected to cross the Yucatan Peninsula tonight and move into the Gulf of Mexico tomorrow. We should expect heavy rains and winds over the next little while. This is the fourth named storm in the Atlantic this year.

We've had some rain already this morning and the winds are starting to pick up. The clouds come and go, sunny one minute, downpour the next, though I suspect we'll have some sustained rain later on today. This doesn't look to serious to me, I doubt we will see much damage, it's just a tropical storm, not a hurricane. I think our friends in Merida may see a more serious side of Dolly, though of course things may change rapidly. The National Hurricane Center reports that once Tropical Storm Dolly crosses into the Gulf of Mexico, conditions may be right for a a change to a much stronger storm, possibly hurricane strength.

Keep updated at the National Hurricane Center website. As long as we don't lose electricity I will try to post updates if anything changes. Hold onto your hats and get your rubber boots on!

ETA: please see Monday morning's update here....


Kathy said...

We JUST got our first sun of the day - it has been thundering and lightly raining all day. Looks like we're in a little break from the action and then we're back to storm. We're almost out of Electropura so I'm going to get water, other than that we've got the garrafones full (as we have no tinaco) and the genset is ready to go.

We regularly lose power during storms and always lose water in the afternoon. Good luck up there!

3LittleFlowers said...

I will keep on the check for updates..... I will be thinking about you guys!

Beth said...

Hurry up and move out, Dolly!!!

2 weeks until we arrive in Cancun and then Playa for one very short week, so I've got no time for this tropical storm nonsense!!!

Keep safe!

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