Sunday, July 20, 2008

Tropical Storm Dolly Update

Authorities in Quintana Roo have apparently evacuated hundreds of tourists from the Riviera Maya in preparation for the oncoming Tropical Storm Dolly. The entire coast of Quintana Roo is under a tropical storm warning and Civil Protection has announced an orange alert (high danger). The storm is expected to hit the coast later tonight, starting south and working it's way north to Cancun then over to the Yucatan closer to morning. Winds are reaching 75 km/h (46 m/h) with gusts up to 95 km/h (59 m/h) and 4 to 6 inches of rain is expected for the area. The storm is currently about 76 km/265 miles south of Cozumel.

Here in Cancun it's 7:30 pm and we're just getting a little bit of rain off and on and it's a bit breezy, nothing that feels like a tropical storm yet. (Though as I type we're starting to get some good gusts). Too bad yet another storm is coming at night so I can't get any pictures. Hope my fellow bloggers down the coast, especially Jonna and Mimi who are right on the beach are holding on tight! You too Wayne, perched out on your rock in the sea. :)

images courtesy the National Hurricane Center

Edited at 8:45 pm to add: La Ley Seca (the Dry Law) is now in effect, no alcohol may be sold. The government is considering evacuating the island of Isla Holbox. Refugee centers have been opened in Playa del Carmen. (source Noticaribe)

ETA: please see Monday morning's update here....


Captain Denial said...

great job. Didnt see any comments and wanted you to know that many of us are reading. I am scheduled to land tomorrow night at 6pm from houston and go to iberostar paraiso maya. will keep watching yur blog... thanks for the postings

CancunCanuck said...

Captain Denial- Thanks for stopping by and checking in. I'll try to stay awake and post a bit later, but for now all is calm here in Cancun, it's not even raining. I'm hoping Dolly will pass within the next day and we can get back to hot and humid. :)

Kathy said...

We've been listening to Sol Estereo (Cozumel) all day long - the only station we receive - and they have refugios setup there. At 9pm only one family had taken advantage of it.

Governor Felix at 9pm said Alerta Rojo at 10:30 pm.

Take care!

Anonymous said...

Take care and keep us posted on what is happeneing as long as you can.
Be safe!

Laura said...

Hope you're safe and sound this morning. We had a bad storm here in Iowa at about 3 am. Wind 70-80 mph, I've never felt my house shake like that! scarey.
No damage outside, a few shingles from the neighbor's roof are in our yard, and a patio chair in the pool, that's it.
Sunny and nice now :)

CancunCanuck said...

All's good in the hood folks, just a little rainy but nothing serious. Laura, high winds are nerve wracking, just the sound is enough to cause anxiety!

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