Saturday, August 30, 2008

Cancun in No Danger from Hurricane Gustav

Hurricane Gustav has strengthened to a major category 3 storm as it approaches the western end of Cuba and the Cayman Islands. The Gulf Coast of the United States continues to monitor the storm and reports indicate that New Orleans will start evacuations today.

The Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico is out of the danger zone of Gustav, I suspect we will see some rain this weekend but nothing of a storm force. It's currently breezy with some fast moving clouds, but the sun is still peeking out and it's hot outside. We were woken by a loud crack of thunder early this morning, but I didn't see any evidence of rain.

Remember to check out HurricaneCancun for coverage of the storm.


3LittleFlowers said...

Great news for you guys!!!! Two more months until season is over!!!

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for htese good news. A bunch of my friend and I are planning to arrive in Cancun this Wednesday and frankly speaking I was a bit concerned over the weekend.
now I feel much better.
I was waiting for so long to go on this trip and would be such a shame just to cancel it now.
Please keep us updated.

Many thanks once again!


CancunCanuck said...

Momto3- Tick tock, those two months can't go fast enough! Hang tight on your little island!

Anon- Glad you feel better, the weather is fine, just fine! Hot and sunny and ready for your trip. Enjoy!

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