Friday, August 29, 2008

Fear of Fall

Growing up in Canada I hated knowing that fall was coming. Labour Day weekend was a seriously depressing time, it was the beginning of the end for me. No more tank tops or cottage weekends, just dull, dreary, cold, snowy, dark days. People would say "Oh, don't you just love fall, all the pretty coloured leaves on the trees?" and I would say "Are you nuts? That means they are dying!". Pretty leaves never last very long and then it's just a big bare tree waiting to be weighed down by piles of horrible, awful, nasty snow. No sunshine (or very little and gone by 5 o'clock), just slush and sludge and freezing rain and dirty acid rain icicles. Nothing in the world is so horrible as winter and fall was its pushy cousin inviting it in.

Here in Cancun I no longer dread the snow or the cold, but autumn brings its own fears. It's low season so no one has any money. It rains more. And it's hurricane season. Big, bad hurricane season.

Even still, with all the wind and rain that might come this way, my mood is still lighter than it ever was this time of year in Canada. I'd rather live through three monster hurricanes than one snow flurry. I'd rather suffer through five monster hurricanes than to ever experience a blizzard again. If I never see another icicle, I will die a happy woman. I hope to never purchase another pair of winter boots or a scarf or a pair of earmuffs or long underwear or turtleneck. I hope that Max never has to suffer the indignity of the dreaded snowsuit.

So with Labour Day upon us (well, YOU really, it's not Labour Day here in Mexico), I want to wish you all the best of luck with this horrible season that is upon us. May you never sink your feet into a freezing cold puddle of snowy muck, may your eyelashes not freeze together, may your glasses never fog when walking in from outside, may the leaves not clog your gutters nor pile up in your yard killing your beautiful summer flowers.

And for those of you who like fall, are you stinking nuts? Get your heads examined, lol. Just kidding of course, whatever floats yer boat, fill yer boots, enjoy yourselves. Well partially kidding, I still think you're loca!


Brian said...

Here in Saskatchewan, I can certainly understand your feelings. The leaves are just starting to turn, and the geese are headed your way. i wish I were with them.

Paul said...

Labor Day was always one of the saddest times of the year for me for all the reasons you stated. In a similar vein, what's with all those folks who insist they love the seasons?

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I love Fall, but I grew up in Northern California but not so far north that we had snow, except maybe once every 10 years. October is beautiful in Sonoma County, the weather is perfect.

Manolo said...

I am definitely not loca... but I do love fall... the changing seasons is one of the things that really keep me from insanity. I guess 8 years in Canada have not made me become so bitter about Labour Day ;-) Take care and stay away from hurricanes, ok?

Brenda Maas said...

I can SO relate to everything that you said. Fall was always a depressing time of the year for me and the first snowfall was worse.
Thank goodness that is over.

Anonymous said...

My mother always told everyone she labored on Labor Day. I was born the next day almost in the taxi on the way to the hospital!

Here in Oregon we usually have very nice weather through September. My daughter will be 35 on 9/22 and it has only rained once on her birthday. Indian summer sticks around sometimes into the middle of October. After that I expect gray skies and rain until the late spring.

Anonymous said...

Yo Canuck!
It's 75 degrees here year round!
What are seasons anyway? I hear a lot about them. What a mystery!

John in LA(at the beach)

Daniel said...

Ahh, fall. Hockey season is just around the corner!

Jonna said...

Oh Canuck! I agree 100%+ with you on the horridness of cold and the uselessness of fall. Only thing, I never really experienced them, I just hate being cold and know that I would curl up and die if I had to live somewhere it snowed. ((btw, your eyelashes freeze together??? that is a really gross bit of info I had never heard. Yuck!))

The first time I saw fall trees we were driving to Montana in Sept or so and I asked my friend what the disease was that was killing all the trees. You are right, they look dead and dying. I still do not see the beauty in it.

Snow and dying trees look best on calendars and xmas cards.

Mimi said...

Ok, someone slap me, I mean seriously slap me HARD! This post just made me homesick for a good ole Colorado winter!

Yes I'm completely loca!

Wadda ya say Kim ya game?

minshap said...

Coming from Texas, I can assure you that fall is a WELCOME RELIEF from summer!!! Here are some of the attributes of the season in question: THE SMELL IN THE AIR - it's absolutely exhilarating! You can feel the change coming and it's wondrous... the colored leaves - okay, maybe it means they're dying, but actually, they need to do this so we can see the spanking new green ones in Spring!! And didn't you ever have the thrill of amassing them in huge piles and jumping into them??? Or crunching them under your foot as you walked - really delightful!!! Finally, for anyone who says they don't like seasonal change, I can't agree with you there... each season has its glory and its raison d'être. But since I've never lived through a Canadian winter, I will give you the benefit of the doubt about that!

Cdn Cat said...

If I were to never see another snow flake it would be too soon!

Islagringo said...

Right on! Fall is the time of death to me. You forgot to mention nose hairs freezing your nostrils shut and icicles hanging from your moustache. Oh, you probably never experienced the last one! (I hope!)

Anonymous said...

YIKES! Let's hope she hasn't experienced "nose hairs freezing your nostrils shut" either.....unless she is an East German shot-putter. LOL!

Heather said...

we think so alike. except fall in san diego doesnt mean hurricanes, just tail gate outdoors at american football games, while every other team freezes, lol!

Islaholic Trixie said...

Here in Minnesota we are experiencing some great 85 degree weather this Labor Day Weekend, but the days are becoming shorter, so the depression begins. In younger days I so enjoyed the snow, skiing, sledding and cold. Now, my body cannot handle the cold, snow means clearing the driveway and heating bills!!!

CancunCanuck said...

Phew, finally catching up on some comments, sorry to leave you all hanging!

Brian- Hi there, thanks for jumping in! (Cute baby on your site, I could eat him up with a spoon, lol!) Ooooh, Saskatchewan, you've got it worse there than I ever did in Ontario, I send you my deepest sympathies. :) Of course, with those new skis, you won't be suffering long, will you?

Paul- Glad you are with me, I don't understand those "season lovers" either, lol!

Theresa- Well, California fall I might be able to deal with, I'm guessing there are some stunning vistas (and no snow!)

Manolo- Hola amigo! Only 8 years my friend, after 30 you may feel differently. :) (And yes, of course you are a little loco, otherwise we couldn't be friends, heehee)

Brenda- Hallelujah and amen! Thank goodness it's over and we found our way to a better climate (and better mental health). :)

Jackie- Happy birthday!!! Indian summer is nice, but always knowing that it is going to end makes it hard to enjoy. Boooo to gray skies and rain! Here's hoping your Indian summer last a long, long time.

John- Los Angeles would not be so bad at all, I could deal with 75 year round (though I prefer 85). :)

Daniel- Now you've got the theme to Hockey Night in Canada in my head, drat, LOL! Keep yer stick on the ice and enjoy the season, may the best team win.

Jonna- Oh lucky you never experiencing frozen eyelashes! And I agree, calendars and Christmas cards are the only good place for snow covered pictures.

Mimi- Estas loca, jijiji! I guess opposites do attract (see Jonna's comment!) I may just have to slap you. :)

Minshap- You make it all sound so lovely, I almost forgot the reality, teehee. Piles of leaves are ok for about two seconds, then they start to rot and stink and get all mulchy and.....I really should just let it stand on your beautiful interpretation, ha! Spend one winter in Canada and you may change your mind. :) (BTW, after a couple of years here, I found Puebla to be utterly FREEZING at Christmas time. When I checked the temps and saw they were in the 50's, I was ashamed, 50's in Canada is weather for shorts and tank tops!)

Cdn Cat- Hola! I'm with you, no more snow, no more snow, no more snow! :)

Islagringo- Ummm, can't say the moustache problems ever affected me, though yes, that first breath of freezing air can crumble nose hairs (even if you don't have a lot of them!)

Anon- LOL, well, I can't say I have a nose hair problem, but in the frigid temps, you do feel them almost burn when you step outside, no matter how few there are!

Heather- Tailgate parties sound a whole heckuva lot better than hurricanes! :)

Trixie- You Minnesotans surely know how Canadian winters feel, you are "honorary" Canadians anyway, EH? Yep, clearing snow, scraping ice and heating bills are not pleasant in the least! I hope you have a loooooong fall and a short warm winter!

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