Monday, August 25, 2008

Gack, Virus!

Having some technical difficulties, the computer got infected by a big virus on Saturday and Hubby is working his way to getting us back to normal. Still having some problems here so this is not going to be a big post (as I keep getting pop ups and errors and other evil techy things). More like a "Hi, howaya, how's your Monday and don't open anything that pops up through my messenger or mail" kind of post.

Hopefully we'll have this straightened out and doubly hopeful that none of you have been infected by something from our end. Luckily we back up regularly so we haven't lost much, but rebuilding and clearing this bugger is proving to be an ordeal.

And there is your public service announcement for Monday "Back Up Your Computers Today!"

With some good luck, I'll have a decent post for you later today. "Disculpe las molestias", "Sorry for the Inconvenience". :)


Croft said...

Gracias! Backing up now! I don't know if you have an anti-virus program but AVG Free has worked very well for me and best of all - it's free!!

Anonymous said...

Here's the name of the /%$/(*& thing: PCPrivacy.Tool

It is more a spyware that infects windows registry.

Alex said...

Ack! tell me about it, I do back up regularly, just because my computer decides to die every now and then. Got a trojan the other day (a vundu, vundo? something like that) and my laptop was just frozen!!! ack! The sad part is that I -guess- didn't do anything or opened/clicked/downloaded anything new/strange. It was on a website (and no, I don't visit xxx sites hehe) But the little bug is gone for good after a little bit of sweat and lots of cursing :D
Oh well such is life.
Hope your computer is back!

Fned said...

wha-??? NO POST FROM THE CANUCK IN CANCUN TODAY???????????!!!!!!

snif! snif!!!!!!!!

Here's hoping you guys get your comp fixed soon! We switched to Mac a few years ago and I have NEVER had a single virus ever since (as opposed to Hubby who still uses a PC laptop for work and which, surprise, surprise, crashed this sunday!!!)

Damn you virus makers!!

Anonymous said...

Told you Kelly... switch to MAC.

CancunCanuck said...

Croft- Thanks for stopping in, looking forward to hearing about your upcoming journey! Yes, we've got AV software, the license was lapsed for a whole two hours and this little bugger snuck in, grrrr.

Hubby- Blah blah blah, huh? Stop geek talking, lol!

Ale- We're pretty much back in form, sorry to hear you had your own little bugger sneak in on you!

Fned- Shhhh, hubby heard you! He's a Mac freak, I'm a PC lover, is our future doomed? :) I think all is good in the hood now (fingers crossed and massive AV software re-installed).

Hubby- Shhh, you didn't hear anything about a Mac, "This is not the computer you are looking for" (said in my best Obi Wan Kenobi voice).

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