Friday, August 8, 2008


It's been a while since I've done a kitty update so I thought I would share. I have to admit, these boys are two of the best cats I have ever had in my life (and I have always had kittehs). They are quiet and non-destructive and patient and tolerant, they don't shed, they don't scratch, they don't bite, they never ever "go" outside the litter box, they are dream kitties! They are both purr-heads, I love to hear that sound and feel their vibrations! Ziggy and Max are inseparable, it is toooo cute. I am afraid that Max might hurt him with his "love", Ziggy doesn't even meow when Max gives him a very squishy hug, pulls a tail or picks him up by his ears. Uhhh yes, I caught Max carrying Ziggy by the ears and he was SEVERELY punished, but Ziggy didn't make a peep and he spent the long time out sitting next to his abuser! (Ok, confession time, I am seriously anti-spanking but Max did get spanked for that one, my hand just flew out to his butt before I knew what was happening, I shocked him and myself, I still feel awful about doing it, it was a bad Mommy reaction that I hope to never have again). Buzz isn't quite so amenable to Max's aggressive form of love, but he just hides away while Ziggy goes back for more. I'm still amazed that Cat Hatin' Hubby even likes our boys, he'll talk baby talk to them and give them affection too (though he really doesn't like that they sleep on his head).

I'm still making their food and they get dry kitten food too. No more kitten milk, but lots of bottled water. Thank the goddess for the crock pot, we still don't have gas (yep, one month and counting!) so it's the only way to cook their food. Works out pretty well actually! Ground chicken, chicken livers, some shredded carrots, rice, cod liver oil, canola oil, a little Metamucil and finish it off with some all natural yogurt. Yum! Sometimes I mix it up and use ground beef with beef kidneys or heart, but they don't seem to like it as much as their pollo suprema.

Here's my giant eared big boys! I can't believe how big they've gotten, Buzz looks like a full grown cat!

Buzz aka Buzzard, aka Buzz Lightyear

Ziggy aka The Zigster aka Ziggyberto

My boys (Buzz in front Ziggy in the back)


Jorge said...

How is that they get cooked food and I get tacos????

Anonymous said...

WOW, Ziggy must be really laid back if he didn't fight when Max was carrying him by his ears. Very, very good kitty!
I can't believe how much bigger Buzz is than Ziggy. They are brothers, aren't they?
They are beautiful kittys!

Jonna said...

Oh! Cuteness in gold and ears!

I'm trying to make my own cat food too and in my research Taurine and Salmon Oil are the 2 important additives for cats. I found some Taurine pills at the GNC at Mega but I have to grind them up. Where are you getting chicken livers? All I can find are a mass of chicken parts that includes livers but also lots of other gross parts.

I love kitteh updates!

(((hi Sandye!)))

Islagringo said...

They are so white! They are so healthy looking too. If you get a chance in the next month, shoot me the cat food receipe via email, will ya? My old gal (16) is getting really fussy and starting to lose weight.

I hear tourists exclaim all the time about Mexican children. Mostly they say "They are so cute", but it sounds like they are talking about zoo animals. The other one is "Mexicans never spank their children!" I want to slap people when I hear either one of those. Mexicans do indeed spank their children. Just not the way we from NOB think of it. They spank them on the forearm, and sometimes hard enough to leave finger prints. Been there, seen it multiple times.

Theresa in Mèrida said...

What little darlings all of them including Max. That's the big problem with little people and pets, they have a hard time telling the difference between live and stuffed animals.

Cdn Cat said...

I love the profile pic of Buzz with Ziggy giving him the evil eye in the background. Beautiful shots...all those ears, no wonder Max was using them as kitty handles!

CancunCanuck said...

Hubby- Well, you tried their food and you didn't like it, hehe. I thought you liked the tacos! Not enough salt? ;-)

Sandye- Ziggy is sooo laid back, just adores Max and he didn't even bat at him or cry, nothing. My good boy! And yes, Buzz is a lot bigger than Ziggy even though they are brothers. Buzz is my buddy, hangs out on the back of my desk chair while I'm at the computer.

Jonna- I swear, their ears look bigger in pictures, lol! Soriana usually has packages of Bachoco livers (hidago de pollo) and it's super cheap. One package gives me three batches and it's usually 11 pesos. (Third of a package to one package of ground chicken). I've read that taurine is naturally found in the organ meat, thus, the livers. The cod liver oil I believe has similar properties to salmon oil, man does it make your fingers stinky though! Nothing like walking around with fishy fingers. :)

Gringo- Can't miss them in the dark, they are very white and yes, very healthy. I'll email my recipe and some links for your old girl. And oh, I have witnessed some spankings here for sure! I've just never done it and don't believe in it, but something came over me when I saw poor Ziggy hanging there and Max laughing. (I'm still mad at him, lol).

Theresa- Max knows, he just gets rambunctious so I can't leave him alone with the babies. I turn my back for a second and he's on them! If they get tired of it they just go find a cozy hiding place to sleep.

Cdn Cat- I liked that pic too, Ziggy must be the center of attention!! And like I said to Jonna, I think the camera adds ears!

Islaholic Trixie said...

You boys are so beautiful and healthy looking. Keep up the good work!!

Anonymous said...

I am in awe of you making cat food from scratch. I am apparently a very bad pet owner.

JoAnne in CT said...

I can't get enough of those sweet babies!! They're just too cute for words!

Don't beat yourself up about the spank - although I vowed to never spank mine, I had a similar reaction when he decided to carry around our new puppy by the hind legs - I was so afraid that pup's hips got dislocated! Never had a problem after that.

Three weeks from today, back on Isla!! Woohoo!!! Hope the whale sharks are still around!

CancunCanuck said...

Trixie- Thanks, I am pretty enamoured of them!

Heather- Noooo, you could never be a bad pet owner!!! These are the first guys I ever tried homemade food on and I am enjoying it. It's not that much work (though yes, it takes more time than cracking a can) and it ends up costing less in the long run. I got lazy yesterday and just bought them a can of food and they looked at me like "What the hell is that shit?", so I guess I am going to be doing some crock pot cat food this afternoon!

Joanne- Sigh, I am still beating myself up about the spank, having nightmares about it actually! But yes, I thought that he was really hurting Ziggy and my reaction was as if I was out with friends and saw someone take a punch, come out swinging! Since I did it Max has been a bit calmer with the babies and he keeps saying "I'm sorry Ziggy, I no pull your ears no more", so I guess he got the point. :)

Heather said...

Their HUGE!!!!!!!

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