Tuesday, August 12, 2008

More Crime in Our Hood

Noticaribe is reporting that an 18 year old man was abducted at the corner of Chichen Itza and Palenque (a big city block away from where we live, half a block from where Hubby works). There is only an eye witness report, someone saw three young men force a man into a blue Chevy. The witness tried to follow the car but there are no more details than that.

That scares the crap out of me. Hubby walks there everyday. "Levantons" are happening more and more in Cancun, it used to be something you really only heard about from Mexico City. I'm an idiot and searched "levantons" on youtube and saw some extremely disturbing videos, why do I do that to myself?? Don't do it, trust me.

Sunday evening I was "being vigilant" looking out the window and saw a strange sight. A man in white having a knock down, drag out fight with a concrete lamp post. He was punching it, kicking it and giving it a good tongue lashing. He would then dash into traffic and cause havoc. I was just about to tell Hubby to call the police when I saw two men walking down the street carrying "stuff". Hard to tell what it was, but it looked like a whole lot of metal and I just knew it wasn't right. I had Hubby call the cops and he went outside and found our other neighbours trying to chase these guys down, they had just robbed an apartment a couple of doors down. Drunk guy fighting with the lamp post was some sort of look-out or decoy I guess, they all took off running dropping all the "stuff" that they had (it was a pile of pipes and metal rods and what looked like a gate or a metal base for a bed). The police arrived about ten minutes later but these guys were long gone.

Word on the street is that there is another neighbourhood meeting tomorrow night, hopefully there will be more people out and we can all get together. It was nice to see several neighbours out after seeing these suspicious guys, at least four of us had called the police, so we are watching. The police were a bit slow, but I guess if you haven't been assassinated, it's not a priority. I say that with all sincerity, a report of guys stealing metal is a minor incident in this town right now, I know the police have much bigger fish to fry. Our eyes are wide open and the neighbours seem to be aware and alert too. I'm a lot calmer about everything now, we're just going to have to continue to be vigilant, stick together and cross our fingers, it's about all we can do.

To find information on tourists' safety, click here.


Brice said...

Oy vey.
Be safe.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like the neighbors are watching, that's a good sign. And NO guns were fired thank goodness. Hope all goes well in the next meeting.
KW from Michigan

Anonymous said...

That is all very scary. Take care and stay vigilant!

3LittleFlowers said...

Still praying for you guys!!! Hope the neighbors come along!

Islaholic Trixie said...

If the neighbors don't show, someone, or a few of you, should go door to door to ask them why they don't want to be involved. Ask them it was their place being robbed wouldn't they want the neighbors to be involved?
Thank goodness no one was hurt running after the theives!!

Kathy said...

The drug crime down here is really shocking because you get lulled into the Mexico see on the surface, with petty crimes but no drive-by's and murder and home invasion are still pretty rare (unless you're narco related) but mess with the narcos and you're in a world of hurt.

And the narcos are absolutely everywhere here on our coast. I absolutely NEVER ask people what they "do" and simply Do Not Want To Know intimate details. Almost each and every ex-pat down here is dirty (well, except you and Wayne and Jonna and me and...) - if they're not involved at some level with narcos then they are waiting out a statue of limitations.

Times, they are a changing. It used to be that Mexico was merely the courier and the narco crime didn't filter very far down from politcos or journalists, but it is either a result of a disasterous low season or something's a changing that the crime is having much further effects.

I found this interesting (when googling the PdC assination (do we use that word in English like we do in Spanish?)


Islagringo said...

Very clever. A look out creating a distraction. This gang has been around. Great that your neighbors gave chase. Encouraging.

I can understand kidnappings of wealthy (or seemingly so) people for ransom. But just an average 18 year old off the street? Or was he?? I bet he is/was involved in drugs somehow.

The big thing on the island right now, where we have no crime by the way, is snatching tourists backpacks/purses as they walk down the street. Often done by two people on a scooter. This world just keeps getting crazier and crazier.

And Harvestmoon, do you really think most expats are involved in drug trafficing somehow? What do you mean by "dirty"? Explain yourself girl!

Anonymous said...

Harvestmoon, I want to know why you thought it was interesting to pull up the playa.info thread about the police assassination that happened here. I am the one who posted that news, there and on my blog, and I simply translated what was in the paper.

Should I be afraid?

Alex said...

Ack be safe, keep your eyes open and avoid tricky situations... like walking down the street alone or carrying stuff (like lots of grocery bags) just don't look busy, overwhelmed or too distracted. Look in the eyes to people. I wish you the best :S
*Good vibes from here!*

CancunCanuck said...

Hey, what happened to my comment? I replied to these, I swear it, I wouldn't leave you all hanging!! Alright, let's do it again....

Brice- I'm working on being safe, doing all we can do! Oy vey indeed.

KW- The meeting on Wednesday went well, there is another one tonight in about 20 minutes (type faster Canucka...)

Jackie- I'm on it! It is scary, but we're doing all we can do.

Momto3- We had about 20 neighbours out on Wednesday night, hopefully more tonight. The first order of business was an argument about why more people weren't out, but we got past it and just asked everyone to please spread the word.

Trixie- That's the plan, everyone talk to the people around them and bug them to get out and support the hood! I have to admit I was really scared that Hubby was going to get hurt, I hate when he gets all macho, lol!

harvestmoon- I really don't know any ex-pats involved with the mafia or drugs, though I have met plenty who are either waiting out the statute or are here forever avoiding much worse criminal charges (yes, I have met at least one person wanted for murder in the US). I do know lots of very nice ex-pats, family folk like us, at least those are the ones I choose to associate with. (P.S., I ALWAYS ask what people do, but I don't always believe their answer).

Gringo- Sad to hear about purse snatchings on Isla (where there is no crime). Yes, we think this gang has been around for a while, just working their way through the neighbourhood! We're all doing what we can do though so hopefully we can kick some crook ass!

Heather- Thanks for posting the news. I get nervous sometimes writing about anything related to the mafia, but on the forums it's a group effort so I wouldn't be too worried. Though, yeah, let's here from harvestmoon, lol! I found the thread an interesting read, thanks!

Ale- I am Miss Alert and On the Ready when outside. I think I might even look a little paranoid, looking over my shoulder constantly! Hopefully I can stick with alert and vigilant and not get into the paranoia too badly!

Thanks all, sorry my comment didn't come through earlier!

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