Saturday, August 16, 2008

No Manches Guey!

"No manches guey"
No manches! (No man-chez)- Used to express disbelief, positive or negative. "I didn't get paid again this week." "No manches!" or "I won the lottery!" "No manches!". This is a softer version of the much harsher "No mames" which I rarely use as it seems to cause shock and consternation when I do.

Guey (way)- "Dude". "Did you see that Miguel got a new car?" "No manches, guey!"

I'm ticked off. Pretty darned ticked off. If this wasn't a "family friendly" blog, you would be reading some fine cuss words from me. Regular readers may recall this post back from July 8th where we discovered that we had no gas, then this post from July 17th where we discovered we had a gas leak and needed to get a new tank. Well, July 18 or 19 we got quotes from two different companies and gave them to the "property manager" (aka next door neighbour) who told us she passed them on the owner. We've been waiting and waiting and asking and getting no reply since then. We were starting to get really annoyed thinking the owner was just dragging her heels about paying for the new tank, so Hubby called her directly yesterday instead of talking to the property manager. She knew nothing about it!!! The manager hadn't called her to tell her there was a problem nor had she passed on the written quotes. Over a month with a faulty leaky gas tank and no gas and the property manager did nothing?!?! She then had the gall to tell Hubby she was mad at him for calling the owner, saying that she was going to be angry with her for not passing on the info. Well GOOD, she should be mad, and so are we!

The owner said "Well yes, go ahead and get the tank, just deduct it from rent, don't wait!" We went this morning and paid for the new tank and installation (about 5000 pesos) and we are just waiting to find out when they are going to come.

Lesson learned? The property manager ain't managing NOTHIN', we'll go right to the owner from now on. Once we get the new tank in, we'll start harassing her about the new toilets, new taps, paint job, new fence, new gate, new door (and the list goes on.....)


Jonna said...

pretty soon you could be the new property manager! Which, btw, isn't a bad gig and is one that is always needed down here where there are so many seasonal owners. Persistence, Spanish, time, diligence in checking work done, you have all the skills I think.

Alex said...

Agh esa vieja!!! kick her butt!!! and it will be very well deserved!!!!!!!

Manolo said...

I wonder why you cause consternation when you say no mames? LOL. Just the use of the expression will make this blog really not family friendly or at least not "apto para menores" :-D

Anonymous said...

Well that is some serious chaping I'd say! Things like your situation just make me crazy. I mean reallllllllllllly would they like the no gas, no cooking, possible leak/fire, danger danger roger wilco situation. I think NOT! You will have a new place before it's over! :)

Anonymous said...

hey canucky chick...

yep... it's your cousin (and now faithful reader) yet again.

I only have one question...

Does this mean that I shouldn't smoke on the roof when I come to visit?!?! lol : )
Just asking... I mean... over here in Puebla/Cholula (where I live) that's where I go for my bad habit breaks.

Luv ya Cuz,
Scottish Rasta

CancunCanuck said...

Jonna- Not a bad idea, maybe if the neighbour keeps ticking us off we can approach the owner. How kind of you to list all my talents, LOL, just kidding of course, I appreciate your confidence in me!

Ale- Seriously eh? What was she thinking, her building is attached to ours, anything goes wrong and she goes boom too, lol!

Manolo- Wellll, since about 99% of my readers are English speakers, I felt pretty confident that I wouldn't really offend anyone with the use of the "no mames". And it was with the intention of educating, ahem. :)

Islalover- Obviously the neighbour just wasn't thinking, what really gets me though is that she was angry that we called the owner directly. Now come on, you do your job and you won't have to have your hand slapped, get over it! Ah, a new place, I'll take this place, just FIX IT UP please! I love our house for a lot of reasons, but there are a lot of problems with it for sure.

Cousin Scottish Rasta Loco- Nope, smoking on the roof is a bad idea. We have a lovely area in front of the house that is just fine for smoking, doesn't bother the dog at all (and she won't explode). Love you too hon.

Fned said...

je-je... "no manches guey" is quite possibly my favorite thing to say.... it sometimes comes out even when I'm NOT speaking spanish!!!

Sad that you had to go over the so -called property manager... but hey, you've been living in Mexico long enough... sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do...


Heather said...

we use "no mames guey" growing up in san diego. it was in every conversation ever had every day, lol! granted i didnt use it as much as my ex's did but i still think it a lot, lol!
your neighbor is lame, the purpose of her not telling was what? stupid, glad you dont have to deal with her anymore.


CancunCanuck said...

Fned- Do the French look at you like a crazy woman when you throw "No manches guey" into a French conversation? Teehee! Is there a French equivalent? I know mostly Quebecois French, dirty French, and the swear words are different I am sure! I think when I was dating my French Canadian guy, the worst thing we could say to his mother was "tabernacle!", is it the same in France?

Heather- It's funny, most people are quite shocked if I use "no mames", I only use it when I am REALLY upset about something! But when I ask my young students (teenagers), they say "Nah, it's not so bad, everyone says it". :)

Fned said...

hehe.. the french just look at me and go "quoi???" ;)

I've never heard of "tabernacle" but I love watching Qubecois shows and it is true that it is almost a whole different language!! A really BAD word in France would be "Salope" (Bi@tch) which is pretty funny because "Salopette" means jeans overall and you can probably guess how many times I've gotten those confused!!! ;)


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