Monday, August 4, 2008

A Quickie

Once again I've had a schedule change in my life, I've taken on another class at school which really bites into my blogging time but will help out the pocketbook. Working until 12 instead of 10:30 makes a bigger difference than I thought! Normally I would leave work at 10:30, come home, read and comment on blogs and with luck get a blog up of my own before picking Max up at 1 o'clock. Now I work til 12 and pick Max up at 1 so it doesn't make sense for me to come home at all, I just wait at work until he is finished then bring him home. Soooo, I feel like I've lost hours of "work" time (yes, I love blogging but it does take a certain amount of work!)

I have a couple of blogs planned out, but it's going to take me some time to put them together, hopefully I'll get to at least one of them tonight. Please forgive me for the brevity (and pointlessness) of this post. I guess it's just a post to apologize for not having a "real" post.

Ok, one quickie note about Max, he just made me laugh so hard (and feel so proud). We came in from work/school and I had to run straight to the loo (I know, too much information). When I came downstairs, Max had turned on the TV but he was covering his eyes. I said "What's wrong Max?" and he said "It's too violent Mommy, please change the TV." Awwww, my little guy knows what he can and cannot watch, I guess my hard core bitch Mommy attitude about violence in cartoons is paying off!

Ok, off to pick up, clean up and take a nap, hopefully will be back later with a new post with new pics!


Heather said...

Girl blogging is a full time, didnt you know? lol!

3LittleFlowers said...

Max cracked me up!!! LOL

And WTG on working more hours.. We will miss your full time atention, but your pocket will be happier!!!!

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