Tuesday, August 26, 2008

This and That

It appears as though we have weathered the virus storm on the computer, sneaky little bugger that it was! Hubby (resident geek) said that we were only without protection for about two hours, the license had expired and the spyware got in in that short window of time. Thank goodness we didn't lose much, mostly I'm upset about losing my bookmarks, will take me some time to restore them.

I feel like a few days without blogging has blurred my focus, I have too many things to write about, so I am just going to share a little of this and a little of that, nothing of any great import really.

We're in full on "Back to School" mode around here, it's amazing how many things need to be done for a tiny little person in kindergarten. We had to get him his diphtheria vaccination, the school requires documentation that all vaccines are up to date. The school also requires what we call "The Poo Test", so three days last week I had to collect Max's poo to be tested for all the creepy crawlies that can invade. I think I came up with a pretty ingenious way to do it (if I can pat myself on the back). I took a piece of plastic wrap and covered the toilet with it to catch the sample, no having Max hover over a little cup or tupperware or anything, he just did his business y voila! Take the little Baskin Robbins spoon, scoop out the tasty tidbit and we're in business. We also had to have a separate medical certificate from his doctor saying that he was ok to attend school. So, one trip to IMSS for vaccine, three bathroom trips, one doctor visit and two trips to the lab. And that just covered the medical requirements. (You'd think he was going into basic training!) Don't even ask me how much it all cost (thanks Grandma and Grandpa!). The lab tests showed that Max has some E. Histo, but I called the pediatrician and he said it was "normal". Ooook, normal to have critters? Well, he's the man with the degree, I guess if Max were exhibiting any kind of sicky symptoms it would be different, but Doc said we've all got a little E. Histo in us. Mmmm, E. Histo....

On top of the med stuff, we had to get books, lots and lots of books. The books then had to be covered with special color coded paper, labels and then plastic wrapped. Holy books Batman, he's got English, Spanish, Math and "Morales" or "morals", a book that aids in the development of "emotional intelligence". Plus all his notebooks and work books and tracing books, oy vay, once again, thanks Grandma and Grandpa! Add in his new uniforms, painting bib, hairbrush/toothbrush, pen jar, story books, he registration fees and the monthly fees and you've got one expensive little three year old. They also require I.D. photos, this is a serious little kinder!

Yes yes, there is more to life than Max. There are also cats! Kitties are doing great, I've fallen madly in love with them. We've also got a "guest kitty". The next door neighbours rescued a little bitty thing who keeps finding her way over to our house. I let her in during the day to play with my boys (and nibble their kibble), she is really cute but a bit vicious! When I finally have to put her out for getting too rough, she starts going at Lola (our pooch), they have a grand time romping all over and play fighting, though it scares Max, he thinks Lola is going to hurt Guest Kitty. More likely the other way around though!

Work is same old, same old, I am loving my job. It would be nice to have a few more hours of it ($$), but that will come in a few weeks when I start working Saturdays again.

The heat, oh the heat, it's hot hot hot in Cancun! End of August, beginning of September are probably the most miserably hot months around here, thank the goddess for air conditioning! I swear you could fry an egg on the sidewalk (and I just might try). We are watching Hurricane Gustav as he makes his way over the Dominican Republic (hope Anelys is faring ok) and Haiti. I really hope we don't have anything to worry about here with Gustav, only one computer model brings him this way, looks like we might get some rain on the weekend though even if it just heads over Cuba. and some models are showing us in a teeny bit of danger. Please watch my blog and Hurricane Cancun for details. I will be contributing to the hurricane blog along with some other ex-pats down here. Right now a little rain would be alright, a relief from the heat, but the full force of the hurricane can just stay at sea please, keep your fingers crossed!

And there you are, mostly caught up in a longer post than I intended. Hopefully I'll get back to my regular (almost) daily posting! Hope life is treating y'all alright, peace out!


3LittleFlowers said...

I dont know if you have been reading my blog, but we have been back to school shopping like crazy... Thank God we had an extra money to cover all that... It is amazing how many things they all need, even Mimi at 1 year old! LOL

Anyway, as for Gustav (thanks for thinking of me) is hitting us since yesterday... We lost power yesterday at around 1pm, and when I left home this morning at 7:20am, we were still with no power... So, imagine my lovely night (NOT)!! I have been calling all day to see if they have been able to restore it, but havent receive an answer yet... There are some areas with at least 15 or 20 inches of water, and that is in the middle of the city, dont ask me about far away places... Schools are closed, and will be closed until Thursday (hopefully things we'll be fine by then)... And the funny part is that is not suppose to be hitting us!!!!

JoAnne in CT said...

Thanks for the updates, Kelly!

I've heard just how expensive it is to go to school there. My husband and I recently signed up with another couple to sponsor a girl on Isla to go to high school. I've got a ton of school supplies & other stuff that I'm bringing down to her, and we're scheduled to meet her and her family for breakfast on Sunday, with a couple of teachers from the English School coming along to translate. We can't wait to meet her!

I'm sure hoping Gustav stays away -we are arriving on Saturday, and I've got my fingers & toes crossed and saying Hail Marys!!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

my comment was eaten! now I can't remember what I said! argh.....
Anyway, I think Max will love school and do very well. He will just look too cute on whatever day they put the kindergarteners in white! I think that is a crazy idea myself, but all the little ones here get dressed in white once a week for some reason that I don't understand.

CancunCanuck said...

Momto3- Glad you guys are alright, hopefully you'll be back to normal (and back to school!) soon. It's crazy how much kids need for school at such a young age!

Joanne- I think it's so great that you are helping that lucky girl out, it's difficult to keep up here, I don't know how many families do it. Well, I guess many families don't do it, the kids are forced to leave school at a young age and never get the education they desperately need and certainly deserve.

Theresa- Oh, Max wears white EVERY DAY. The theory I guess is that if it gets stained, you just bleach, bleach, bleach. The teachers insist that it's easier to keep white clean. I beg to differ, lol. Max does love his school, here's hoping he doesn't become the bully!

3LittleFlowers said...

I couldnt help but to comment on the white shirt... Gaby used white shirt in her two previous school, and I also had the theory that it was easier to clean because of bleach, bleach, bleach!! But, when Camila started school, they have three color options... White, red or navy, so I got one of each to see how it goes... Well.. 2 months later, the white was out of service, and the navy and red where still rocking... Now, Gaby attends the same school as Camila, and needless to say, I didnt got her ANY white shirt... She got navy and red... I did notice from the kids that spent the whole school year, that the red shirts where cute until the end, even though the navy was a bit washed out....

Anonymous said...

You can export your favorites/bookmarks and save them as a document so you don’t lose them. On your browser men go to File> Import and Export.
Your right about the kinder requirements sounding like basic training. LOL! It really should offer you peace of mind though knowing that all of the kids have to go through that which means keeping Max safe from other kid’s bugs.

Anonymous said...

Oh Man! Max is off to Kinder!!! This is a very big deal! :)

I remember a couple years ago I was running in the morning on the first day of school. I saw a mom put her kids on the bus and as they pulled away she did that sort of football arm signal and said "YESSSSSS!" I totally laughed out loud while I was running!

Heather said...

Max in school? ouch! already?well after all you had to do for him, id hope they'd let him in, lol he might as well have been sent to mars with all that testing. JK!
glad to know the computer bug was taken care of and hope you get back in the swing. I am the same way I took this weekend off from blogging and 3 days later, i still feel lost. hence me comment catch up once a again, lol!

CancunCanuck said...

Momto3- I would love if Max had an option for a dark uniform, a three year old boy all in white is a disaster waiting to happen! And with the quality of the water here (blech), nothing stays white for long, no matter how much bleach is used. I bet the girls look cute in their blue and red!

Jackie- I never think about backing up bookmarks, thanks for the tip! Thank goodness all my blogs and regular news sites are in my reader or I would be lost! I do not mind the health requirements at all, as you say, it means the other kids are healthy too which puts my mind a bit at ease. He's bound to get sick, just hopefully not TOO sick.

Mexpat- Ha! I can picture me being that mom, teehee. It's odd though, even though he is only three, he's been at this school for two years already! This is his third year there. And they actually LEARN. I tell people that no it's not a day care, around here a day care (guarderia) is often just a place where they make sure the kids don't die. A "school" stimulates them and teaches them, it's nice!

Heather- Yep, Max is starting kinder! He's been at the school a couple of years already, but in the courses called "Maternal 1 and 2". The kids know that "maternal" is for babies, "kinder" is for the big kids, he thinks he's da bomb now, lol!

3LittleFlowers said...

Yeah... They look really cute!!! I LOVE IT... Stop by my blog when you get a chance!!! I haven't *seen* you there lately!

Heather said...

Yes I knew he was in a type of school, but the word Kinder makes them sound so big.


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