Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Feeling the Fingers of Ike

While Cancun and the region are in no danger from any serious hurricane action from Ike, we are definitely feeling his effects right now. We're just on the fringes of the storm and it's windy enough that the windows are rattling and it's been raining off and on all day. Currently it's coming down strong, Hubby just walked in soaking wet from work. You can feel the low pressure in the air and the animals are staying pretty close to me today.

Ike is only a category 1 at this point, but it has wreaked a path of destruction in the Caribbean. Cuba has been hit very hard, devastating the country after just being hit by Gustav two weeks ago. Pinar del Rio province is the closest point to Cancun, only about 100 miles away. and Ike did some serious damage in that area. Hurricane Ike is moving over the Gulf of Mexico towards the Texas coast where it is expected to strike around Saturday.

Keep watching the skies, the National Hurricane Center and Wunderground have very good coverage of storms in this area. We've got another couple of months left of this season, let's hope it turns into a quiet one after the stormy few weeks we've had in the Atlantic. Cancun and the east coast of Mexico have lucked out so far, keep your fingers crossed!

And please, keep the people of Dominican, Haiti, Turks and Caicos and Cuba in your thoughts today, they are suffering a very bad time right now. The American press focuses on the damage these storms do to oil prices and seems to forget that many people have lost their lives and their homes.


Anonymous said...

My prayers are with all of you. Especially those poor countries that have been hit hardest.
Stay safe ..
KW from Michigan

Anonymous said...

Hola Canuck! I've been lurking in your blog but haven't posted a comment for awhile. I've got to disagree with you on the American press re: Ike. I'm in the U.S. right now (returning to Cancun tomorrow) and I've been watching news on various stations all morning and they have all covered the damages and loss of life outside of the U.S. Right at this moment CNN is running a program called "Misery in Haiti" and urging people to donate to relief efforts. I'm sure it's been mentioned at some point, but I haven't noticed any reports about oil prices and Ike yet today.

Anonymous said...

i will arrive with my husband the september 15th to playa del carmen!in honeymoon!!!we dont know what to do,mostly beacuse of the weather! what do you recomend us? change our destination? (they will be 8 days).Can we do some stuffs like walking in the town,go to chichen itza? tulum ,xel xa etc,with this weather????

i hope youll guide us

CancunCanuck said...

KW- We're safe here, just a little off and on rain. Definitely keep the islands in your thoughts, thanks!

Lynda- I don't watch TV news, but when Googling "Hurricane Ike", many of the top news stories that come up on Google News seem to be about the oil prices and the potential impact on American land. Glad to hear the tv news is actually paying attention to the impact outside the US! (And hi girl, nice to see you here!)

Anon- September 15th is a few days away, Ike will be long gone and we should be back to sunny weather. There are no other storms in the Atlantic right now, I would say you are going to be fine. Watch the National Hurricane Center site to keep up to date, but I really don't foresee anything coming for the 15th, enjoy your trip!

Anonymous said...

I too am here living in Cancun. I love that it's cooled down so much! :) I'm originally from the US living here with my Mexican husband and 3 kids. Hubby is getting ready to go out and they just mentioned it's now a cat 2. The rain is really coming down now! I will be checking in on here a lot! I love this! :)

Heather Tapia
Cancun, MX

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