Wednesday, September 24, 2008

In the News, On My Mind

So you've probably figured out that I am a bit of a news junkie. I wish I could post about all the stories I read everyday, but I figure you'd be bored to tears or I would be quietly asked to leave Mexico. Since I'm currently "stewing" about some of the news pieces I've recently read, I thought I would share with you the ones that are on my mind today. Snippets, nuggets, not full stories, you'll have to click the links for the big picture.

1. Security. Cancun has changed dramatically over the last year or so and NO ONE feels secure. I'm happy to have our little Vecinos Vigilantes thing going on in the neighbourhood, but it doesn't look like the mayor is going to be doing anything anytime soon about the city's problems. A report today says "no tiene prisa", "he's in no hurry" to take care of business. Guess we're going to have to do our best with whistles and neighbourhood watch.

2. The bombing in Morelia. A video was published showing very graphic scenes of the bombing as it happened. Can't get the images out of my head. Watch it here but I warn you, it is graphic, click at your own risk. No arrests have been made, though they say people are being questioned. Drug cartels are suspected (can I get a "duh"?), though both of the big ones (La Familia and the Zetas) are pointing at each other and saying "We didn't do it, the other guys did!". I doubt there will even be a clear resolution. Sadly, there will lasting effects for years to come.

3. Corruption. I don't want to get into this too much, writing about it scares me to be honest, but I will just share some links and you can read for yourself. Narco-nomina and 50% of police corrupt. There are more, but I think that's enough for today, I don't want to overwhelm you with my news-junkieness. Use an online translator if your Spanish is rusty.

4. Dead elephant. "Huh?" you say? Yes, dead elephant. I don't know why this one affected me, but it made me really sad. An elephant escaped from a circus in Mexico City and made its way to the highway where it was hit by a bus and killed. The driver of the bus was killed as well and passengers on the bus did sustain injuries. Of course I feel bad for the bus driver, but mostly I am walking around saying "Pobre elefante!" to myself over and over. At least he experienced momentary freedom.

Ok ok, I could go on all day with this but I will leave it at that. If you are interested in reading more Mexico news, check out El Universal for national news or RadioQuintana Roo and Noticaribe for good coverage of local news in Cancun and the Riviera Maya. RadioQuintana Roo and Noticaribe assemble the news from numerous sources and put it in an easy to read format. Most of the local papers have terrible websites, I'm happy to have discovered RQR and NC. There are lots of other papers and sources out there that I do read, but I guess that's fodder for another post on another day.

R.I.P. Elefante.


Islagringo said...

Thanks for the news links in the last paragraph. I will be checking them out. (and probably making myself upset!) I only read Por Esto. What a tell you nothing rag that is.

Gary Denness said...

Poor elephant indeed! I saw the photos all over El Grafico this morning, and had to look twice. then thrice. But it really happened...only in Mexico!

RIP :(

Jonna said...

Yeah, the elefante got me too. Nothing like waiting at an intersection and seeing a dead elephant on a freeway instead of the usual gory, dead narcotraficante to wake you up.

No comment on the others. Except, you're right.

Anonymous said...

The corruption rate in INM is higher than 50%, more like 85% and I'm being nice. The problem is that public servants are not paid a living wage, if they want a shot at the middle class they have to get in bed with the crooks.

minshap said...

I give you credit for sticking with it and keeping up on the news - not to mention your instigation of the neighborhood vigilantes! That is so wonderful. Here there was a big turnout for the march for more Security, but then it's so defeating to see a headline saying that corruption is up to 50% or higher in the police force. With other news in politics or social problems, it frustrates the hell out of me to see how things develop. It's so predictable... Still, I should keep up more, which is why I say, bravo for you Canuck! As for poor Elephant, Hilda or Indra, what a shocker of a story. Leaves you feeling kind of hollow!

CancunCanuck said...

IslaGringo- Those news sites are great as they do combine all the news from all the papers and they have their own stories as well. Since most of the newspaper sites only update once a day, it's great to have a couple of sites that do get "breaking news" as it happens (at least the same day). Glad you found them useful!

Gary- I'm glad I didn't have to see it splashed all over our front pages, it was hard enough looking at the tiny online pics, pobrecito! (Pobrecita?)

Jonna- Amazing how animal tragedies hit us so hard! Such innocence I guess, the dead narcotraficante doesn't garner much sympathy anymore.

Rivergirl- Sigh, I know, I know, it's horrible. It's very true about the wages, how can a cop turn down 8000 pesos a week when that is more than most of them make in a month?

Minshap- Sometimes I wish I wasn't so up on the news, it can start to take over my thoughts and my life and is certainly depressing. I do feel that is important for me as a resident here to know what is going on and to be able to actively discuss local and national current events, especially as a teacher. I know what my students are talking about and I am able to help them discuss the important matters of the day in English. Classes are far more interesting when everyone is sharing the discussion of things that really matter and affect us on a daily basis. Better than "I watched the funniest episode of Friends last night". :)

Somebody said...

Hi CC! I haven't popped in for awhile but I'm really glad to see your topics :)

Fuego en la Sangre is about to come on the tube but I'm coming back to read those links. And keep your chin up and don't be discouraged by some opinions, they are like A-holes; everybody has got one!



Unknown said...

Love reading your stuff, i'll try to more often. I'm a teacher too, here in London.
bye for now,

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