Wednesday, September 3, 2008

My So Called Old Life

This week my boss asked me to fill out an application form "for the files" for the job I have had for four years. It was very strange, I hadn't though about old jobs or references or high school or university transcripts in a very long time, it took me a while to figure out how to fill the thing out. Once I did, it got me thinking about my "old" life, the life B.M. (before Mexico). I realized I had some interesting jobs at some interesting places and I thought I might share a little of my life before becoming "Cancun Canuck". Here are some of my favourite jobs ever.....

1. Co-producer of "Pirate Video Cabaret". PVC or "Pirates" as it was often called was a weekly comedy show in Toronto that I worked on with my now ex-husband and another very funny friend. We were a real variety show, with stand up comics, sketch comedy groups, singers, bands, puppeteers, improv artists, poets, performance artists and short films and videos. This was probably the most rewarding and incredible time of my life, we encouraged new artists, gave a space to established artists to break out of their standard play-to-the-tourists routines and a refuge for "famous folk" to come to a relaxed environment and do their thing. We had many celebs come out and watch or play, our biggest coup was having Mike Myers grace our stage several times. Nice guy that Mike, just a normal, small town Canadian guy who is uber famous and rich! Though Pirates ended when my marriage did, comedians in Toronto still write to me to tell me how much they miss it and I do too.

2. Amusement park ride operator at Boblo Island. Ahhh, the good old days of summer, being fifteen years old at the controls of a roller coaster. This was my first job, a wonderful, amazing first job that lasted for five summers. I thought my $3.15 an hour was gold, I met more boys than I could count and I got a wicked farmer's tan. Boblo Island has sadly closed down and become an island of condos for the rich and famous, but the memories live on and some days I just can't help but sing the theme song to the commercial and flashback to fast coasters and vomit filled spinning rides.

3. Microbrewery tour guide/beer truck driver/marketing assistant/customer service rep. Who wouldn't love to work for a small family owned microbrewery? This is certainly one of the best periods of my life. Being a small company we all kind of did everything, from giving tours of the brewery to working in the tasting lab (mmmm, tasting lab). I miss Upper Canada, lots of good folk, good times and free beer. The good times ended when the company was bought out by a bigger fish, but the fuzzy beer soaked memories live on.

The list goes on, I was a professional dancer, an actress, an extra in T.V. shows and movies, a sketch comedy performer, a performance artist (proudly playing the role of "Gum" in the not so famous piece "The Digestion of Gum"), party planner, talent agent, documentary film research assistant, casting agent assistant, dance teacher, wine store manager, customer service rep for the vintage wine department of the L.C.B.O., a magician's assistant, short film producer, production coordinator, a temp in government offices, a telemarketer (shudder) and a corn detassler. Work stories? Oh, I got work stories. Most of them involve booze or the entertainment industry, go figure!

Now, how the heck did I get a job teaching English in Mexico?


Susan Lechuga said...

Wow mama you sure have walked on the wild side. I felt honored to be your friend before and now I am estatic. Mike Myers and NKOTB! Can I just come touch you??? You are my goddess. No just kidding. You are truly amazing though and I am proud to know you.

Anonymous said...

So .. how did you get a teaching job? Exciting life with more years to go .. what's after teaching?
KW from Michigan

Islaholic Trixie said...

Professional dancer????? Did this job involve brass poles?LOL
Isn't it amazing when we think back to our first jobs, how many and how different many of them were!?

Anonymous said...

Wow Kelly, you sure have had some fun and interesting jobs. Your resume must look amazing, and people must wonder if you are serious. :)

Thanks for your blog, I love seeing what you put out here next.

Amy in Minnesota

Anonymous said...

hi kelly,

i had quite a few jobs by the time i graduated from college, but not
one was as interesting as any of yours.

i grew up in rochester, n.y. and in the summers we used to spend a lot of time at one of the finger lakes, Canandaigua. they used to have a great amusement park called roseland, but just like the one you mentioned, it ended up being closed in order for condos to go up-sad!

i too wonder how you got your english teaching job. it is something i hope to do in the future. i may end up traveling down the coast in the winter of 2010 to see what my options are.

keep up the great posting!


Brice said...

Simple : commedienne/host + amusement ride + beer worker = teacher.
It's so simple it should be in math texts.

Great life, huh?

Anonymous said...


I homebrew and would have KILLED to have that job. What was the name of that microbrewery?

You have quite the resume. I too have had a lot of different jobs. One of the more interesting jobs was I worked for a company that hung the stage curtains and all the hardware for theaters and school auditoriums. The most famous was the theater at Dollywood, never got to see her though. Also ski repair and rental in Big Sky Montana was a fun one. Would still be there if the money wasnt so bad.
Sorry for rambling.


CancunCanuck said...

My3ros- LOL, goddess? I'll take it, teehee.

KW- I guess I'll have to write the "How I Became a Teacher" post soon, can't give away all my secrets! After teaching? Good question! I often think of going back to school to become a psychologist, I've been on the couch enough myself!

Trixie- My pole dancing days were strictly amateur, I never went pro. Kidding of course! I studied dance for over 20 years, even went to university in the Fine Arts Dance program. My brother is still a pro dancer living in L.A., he's had a very successful career.

Amy- Certainly a fun resume, I think my life's goal of never being "normal" is being fulfilled. Glad you enjoy the blog and thanks for commenting! Any Minnesotan is welcome around here, honorary Canucks and all. :)

Teresa- I'll have to look up Roseland, I have a small obsession with defunct amusement parks. I always dreamed that I would be able to buy a cool ride when a park closed down, lol, imagine your very own roller coaster?? I promise, I'll get a post up about how I became a teacher by accident. Much like, how I moved to Mexico by accident. :)

Brice- Awww, the perfect equation! You got it all figured out. ;-)

Tom- The brewery was called "Upper Canada", there is a link in the post. The brand still exists though it's now made in a big ole commercial factory, not really a microbrew anymore since they got bought out. Theater tech is a great job (I dabbled in university as stage manager). Not sure I would enjoy the ski job though, sounds like it might be cold there, lol!

Heather said...

Love it! Our pasts make up who we are and i wouldnt change a single second of it! What about professional international blogger, oh wait you dont get paid, lol!

minshap said...

Best résumé I ever saw - hands down! Lucky Max, what great stories you'll be able to tell him about your life.

CancunCanuck said...

Heather- Ooh I would love to add "professional" blogger, when is pay day? :)

Minshap- Max is going to have to wait to hear a lot of my stories, haha, maybe when he's 18. Working in the booze industry, a lot of the stories start with "So I was really drunk......". :)

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