Friday, September 5, 2008

Please Pass the (Smelling) Salt

I had a freaky freaky thing happen last night. LisaLove dropped by to say hi and we were having a friendly chat through the fence. I suddenly started to not feel so well and the next thing I know I couldn't see anything but I could faintly hear Lisa calling Hubby's name and asking me if I was ok. I had fainted! Blacked out, flat on the ground! I remember giving Lisa a cheek kiss good bye then BAM, down. I felt the blood rushing through my ears and everything was spinning and I couldn't see. I could feel the dog licking me (and got the hives to prove it later) but I couldn't do anything to get her off of me or to get up off the ground. Poor Lisa was on the other side of our locked gate and couldn't get in to help me, but she managed to yell loud enough that Hubby heard and came running. He got me inside and onto the couch and got me some water. As my head started to clear I realized that my arms were numb and that my hands felt like they were the size of baseball mitts and feeling really hot. I got up to bed and crashed out and slept like a rock.

I woke up this morning feeling dizzy again and my arms and hands are still numb and tingly and achy at the same time. I knew I couldn't drive nor teach a class as I could barely get myself to the W.C.. I had to call in sick, a bummer as we really need the money right now.

I was at the doctor's office yesterday, going over the test results from this week. No surgery (thank god), but she did suggest a course of treatment that I really don't feel is appropriate, it's time for a second opinion. I'm going to get some blood work done then see a doctor that another friend recommended. If I faint again, I promise to get to the hospital. Right now I am just feeling dizzy and weak (and the hands are killing me, it's the thing that's bothering me the most right now to be honest). I'm going to head back to bed and hope the room doesn't spin, but will take a B plus iron capsule first.

And that's it, no more kisses good night for Lisa, it's the kiss of death! :) (Love ya girl, sorry to scare you and THANKS for being good nagging "mami").


Anonymous said...

This doesn't sound good ..You need to make a trip to the doctor. No waiting!! Your one health problem could have something to do with the other. I know there are some good doctors in Cancun, but returning north might not be a bad idea!! Max needs his Mama.
Take care Amiga.. and keep us posted.
KW from Michigan

Nancy said...

Holy crap! Have you had your heart listened to? (Arrythmia?) (Husband Paul has it) Or too little protein? Dehydrated?

Please take care.

Jonna said...

blood loss or anemia? Holy cow Kel, whatever it is, losing consciousness is not a good thing, ever. All those ladies in the old days were either faking it or their corsets were too tight, fainting is not an everyday occurrence.

Let us know if there is any way we can help. BTW... does your mother know this is happening? Sometimes, only a mother can get results and you do need to do something, not sleep it off.

love you kiddo, but I'd dime you off to your mom in a minute.

3LittleFlowers said...

We are all assuming that you already cross off being preggo, right?

Anyway, (((((HUGS)))) to you.... please, go to that new doctor and keep us updated!!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

oh, that sounds bad. Fainting is never good. Well, I've done it but I have very low blood pressure and I know why I fainted but it doesn't sound like this is your case. Remember you can have two unrelated different things at the same time. Time for another doctor.

Heather said...

whew what a time your having! Um yeah 2nd opinion needed. I got a referral to a specialist so Id take that as long as I get away from my doc. I also just had the 24 hr bug, weird stuff going on, I tell ya! sleep and i hope you feel better!

Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I am proud to say I have the super power of the kiss of death!! Who wants me kiss someone for 'em!? LOL hey now, no shoving- nice orderly line please!!
Apparently my super powers work on cats too! Waaa!
I have to admit I like that what I tell you matches what the mommies say... I must be doing something right- who else do you know that has such cool super powers!?? hahahaha!!
I know everything is gonna be all good, but you must get your scrawny arse to at least one more doc- and since we are where we are, maybe even 10!! *tosses you a kiss* LOL!!

Anonymous said...

Get that 2nd opinion and find out what the heck is wrong NOW!
Remember I am mother who almost twice lost her daughter because of a serious unknown heart issue. Don’t make me come down there and drag you to the doctor. Oh, wait maybe that wouldn’t be so bad after all.

Anonymous said...

My body likes to faint. I swoon at anything. Low blood pressure will do it. Low blood sugar is my number one culprit. Being pregnant. Being grossed out (fainted when I witnessed surgery). Being dehydrated. Being stressed out. Being at high altitude. They never find anything wrong with me and always tell me it's one of the above. Get your 2nd opinion and take a couple days off. Make sure you are not dehydrated, hungry, knocked up or stressed out. Hugs!

Fned said...

Holly crap Canucka!

What you described is exactly what happened to hubby a few years ago...

I came back one morning from buying bread and found him sitting on the floor. I asked him what was wrong and suddenly he got real pale, started to slump to the side and his eyes glazed over. I literally felt like he was dying right before my eyes. I kept screaming his name and slapped him a few times and this lasted for a few seconds (to me it felt like hours). Suddenly he came back again and later told me he could hear my screaming and feel my slaps but he had absolutely no control over his body. He also said that he heard a great whistling sound that died out all other sounds and so it felt like he was hearing me from very far away.

After I got him back into bed he slept the entire day off. We found out later that he had food poisoning from eating at a shabby Chinese restaurant the night before.

Take care chica and get yourself double checked and triple checked and checked again.


Islaholic Trixie said...

OMG Girl!! You need to find out what is happening and why it is happening....NOW!!!
I hope you aren't allergic to Lisa.

1st Mate said...

It's not just the fainting that's troubling, it's the edema you describe in your hands. Also, you fainted in a good spot this time (close to home) but next time might not be so convenient. At least you might do some online research, but I agree with the rest of your amigas--see another doctor.

Islagringo said...

What they said.

Anonymous said...

I have never fainted but I did have a stroke at 23! Really, don't take these symptoms lightly. We want to keep you around!!!

CancunCanuck said...

Hi all,
General comment since most of you had the same sentiments. Number one, THANK YOU all for your concern and your experiences and suggestions. I went for blood and urine work yesterday and will be taking the results of all my tests to a new doctor tomorrow if I can get in, Tuesday if I can't. I've now got my ultrasound, pap, blood and urine for the doc to work with, hopefully we can nail down something.

For those of you who had similar incidents in your own life or in the life of someone you love, it does help for me to hear your experiences, thank you.

I must say THANK GOODNESS for the internet, otherwise I might just blindly trust what the doctors say. What I've realized is that I absolutely cannot do that, I must take what they say then do my own research. The doc this week prescribed progesterone tablets so I went ahead and looked that up. There are several indications that I am not the ideal candidate, AND, the prescription she gave me was for a drug that has been discontinued (but not in Mexico, hrmph). Needless to say, I won't be taking that particular medication!

I'm going in to the next doctor's appointment with a lot more knowledge in my hands, I have typed up my own medical history in Spanish so they cannot miss a question, and have a list of my own questions ready. Poor doctor, lol! "Si señor, tengo mi titulo universitario de medico de la escuela de medicina de Google!" (Yes sir, I have my medical degree from the Google School of Medicine).

Once again, thanks to all.

Jonna said...

Good for you! Can you hear all your virtual moms out here cheering? The days of the kindly old GP who patted you on the head and told you to 'trust him' are over, mainly I think that is a good thing. UGM - Univerity of Google Medicine - is an improvement and taking resonsibility for your own body is also good.

Now, can you get me to go out and walk a mile or so every day?

minshap said...

I hope by the time you see this, you will have had your very thorough check-up, and a very satisfying visit with the new doctor you mentioned. You did everything I would have recommended and I know this time you will get some answers cause you are really prepared! (I keep hearing the song "Be Prepared!" from the Lion King running through my head).

Susan Lechuga said...

Hey mama sorry to be so late. I am battling my own demons right now. I am so glad you are not taking no as an answer. Know you are in my thoughts and prayers.

CancunCanuck said...

Jonna- Ok girly, get out there and walk, walk, walk! Thanks for the encouragement mom. And yes, my mother now knows what is going on which is why I ended up at the doctor last week, she and my dad freaked out when they heard how long I have been "unwell" without seeing someone. They gave me a deadline to see a doctor and I stuck to it (thanks mom and dad!)

Minshap- My doctor's visit has been delayed because of the early arrival of Aunt Flo, haha, but once she leaves (man, such an unwanted guest!), I'll be getting myself to the doc right away. "Be prepared" was indeed a motto in our house, we were all Scouts, lol!

My3ros- Thanks mama, hope things are improving on your end!

Anonymous said...

Hey hope you are ok. I had a fainting episode once. I was golfing in the rain was hungry as h%@l and cold. So I went home grabbed a plate of spaghetti and the next thing I knew was the wife yelling my name and the dog eating spaghetti off my

I can laugh now but at the time it was scarry (more for Tammy) the Dr thought it was just a combination of being hungry cold and tired. Never happened again.

Get that second opinion!!
We are thinking and praying for you and your family.


CancunCanuck said...

Tom- What? The dog didn't call 911 and start CPR? I always hear that's how it happens, lol! Glad you were ok, it's a scary feeling! Thanks for the prayers and thoughts, and in the words of Bob Marley "Every Little Thing is Going to Be Alright!"

Anonymous said...

Just read about your fainting episode, and I'm sorry you went through that. I'm surfing the net to find answers to what happened to me. I had the same thing happen to me last night. I was on a second date with a nice guy. He kissed me goodnight, and BAM, I was out like a light. He said I was out for about 3 minutes. I noticed my arms and hands were numb, and felt kind of dizzy and hangoverish the next day. Did you ever get that second opinion? Are you ok?

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