Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Catching Up

This is what we call a post without a focus, a general wrap up of the current life of the Canucka. Things have been moving along, a lot of my days have been focused on Max and preparing him for his exams. Yes, he is three years old and has exams! His first exam was in English on Monday, yesterday was mathematics and today is Spanish. He passed English with flying colours, now we'll see how he pulls off math and Spanish. We realized in studying that in some areas his English is stronger, in others it's Spanish, I guess that is to be expected. Some folks have responded negatively when I tell them he has exams, that it's too much for a little kid, but I think it's great. It's not a high pressure situation, it's just an evaluation of how well he is learning and it's done in a fun environment. Basically they are preparing him for the future and getting him into good work and study habits, I really appreciate that.

Sunday we went to a baby shower for a friend. I caught up with a lot of friends from the ex-pat circle, had a few beers and cake and some laughs. It was discovered that no one, Mexicans included knew if there was a Spanish word for "baby shower". The invitations I have received here from Mexican friends and neighbours say "Vamos a mi baby shower!". The conclusion was that showers are an American phenomenon that have been embraced down south. And who could blame them? A big party celebrating the birth of your child and lots of good presents? Sounds like a good idea to me. What I like about most of the Mexican baby showers I have been to is that it is often not a women only event, it's a family party with lots of food and drinks, men, women and children included. The silly games still get played, but it's easier to slip away unnoticed and go hang with the kids and men if the hilarity becomes too much.

Monday was Hubby's birthday. We've been really tight with money lately so I wasn't able to pull off a giant celebration, it was just the three of us at home with balloons, arrachera and cake. Max was ecstatic about having a party! He surprised me a few times, number one when HE decided it was a surprise party and hid behind the couch, jumping out and yelling "Sorpresa!" when Hubby walked in. That was totally unprompted, not sure where he got that idea! He grabbed Hubby's hand and wanted to show him everything we did for the party all at once. He then said "Feliz cumpleaƱos papa, te quiero mucho" ("Happy birthday, I love you a lot") and gave him a big hug and kiss. Hubby actually teared up, sentimental moment when your little guy does that without being asked to. When we pulled out the cake, we had to do the candles a few times, once for Hubby, and several times for Max. When the cake was served, Max cracked us up by chanting (again unprompted) "Mordida, mordida, mordida!", which means it's time to shove the birthday boys face into the cake, which I was more than happy to do.

Last night I met another new doctor, I liked him, he told me nothing which was great. The first doctor jumped to some big conclusions, this guy is sending me for more tests before he says anything which is much better as far as I am concerned. Hopefully we'll get to the bottom of this health thing, I lost another kilogram (2.2 pounds) this past month without making any changes in diet or exercise, I am now less than 120 pounds, haven't been this light since high school!

And that's about it really, nothing very exciting to share. Same old, same old as they say. The weather has been lousy, really rainy which always leaves me a bit depressed. We're seeing some sun peeking out right now, so my mood should brighten too. Hope you are having an excellent hump day!


Heather said...

Happy birthday to Hub's! Thais still says "surprise" every day when her papa walks in the door. Got to love them, lol!
GL with the doc and eat some girl, jk!

K.W. Michigan said...

Feliz Cumpleanos to hubby!! Less than 120 .. not good. You need to be healthy for the upcoming wedding! Take care dear lady.

Unknown said...

Hi,Good for you for having the guts to go and then to stay. I'll start reading your blog more often. This was my first one. Bye for now,
Kim (from London, Ontario).
PS hey, it's raining here today and starting to get cold.... hope that helps.

Fned said...

Mucha suerte al Max en sus examenes y desde aqui le cantamos las mananitas al marido en su cumple!! (sorry, I just suddenly felt the urge to write that out in Spanish! :D)

As for the health issues, I'm crossing my fingers that this time around the Dr will be able to tell you what exactly is going on and start curing it (if needed) asap.

In the meantime, enjoy an extra slice of that pastel, at less that 120 you can totally afford it!!


Jonna said...

Happy Birthday to Hubby, bet he looked cute with cake all over his face!

Testing in some form or another is a fact of life in this world, if you can't produce you lose. I think it is good to learn the skills early, because it is a skill, and not have that panic mode that can happen when you aren't used to them. So, you go Max, give it your best and don't sweat the results.

I think us sun babies just have everything go wrong when the sun doesn't shine. I'm ready for some sunny days. Glad about the doc and hope this is the guy who figures it out.

Islaholic Trixie said...

If you can start Max out early with good study habits, it will save you from a lot of frustration when he is older....believe me.
Sounds like the birthday party will be a lasting memory for Hubby. He will always remember Max's reactions....more than a huge party.
I have a few few kilograms I can donate you. Seriously though, I truly hope the doctors can figure out what is happening and fix it!!

3LittleFlowers said...

1 - Way to go on the exams!! Some people dont even like saying that name, but that is the real name!! And of course, just as the learning in preschool, it needs to be fun but still an evaluation... Some parents even complain about the homework, but the truth is that they get ready for 1st grade...

2 - Even the people that doesnt know how to say more than 2 words in English, knows what a Baby Shower is in this Country... I have hear Shower del bebe (Spanglish), but it is normally called Baby Shower. Also, every baby shower that I have attended in this Country has men included.

3 - Happy Birthday to hubby... I owe him a birthday email... I have been so busy that it really slipped my mind! Max is just an smart boy, and it is just amazing how he can pull that up by himself.. He is one of a kind.

4 - Good to hear about the Dr.... Looking forward an update on this... (and let me know if you need me to send you a few pounds over the mail).

Kathy said...

What is it with our little corner of the world? Jonna and you! I really hope you find some answers - we're headed to Merida to get ours. We're so lucky to have that opportunity.

Keep us updated and feliz cumplean(BE the tilde)os to papito.

CancunCanuck said...

Heather- That's too cute that Thais still surprises her daddy everyday, kids are so funny.

K.W.- I'm trying to take care, I feel like I eat tonnes!! This will be the first wedding I've ever tried to gain weight for!

Kim- Hello and welcome, thanks for stopping in! I don't wish rain or cold on anyone, but sure glad it's not me, haha.

Fned- Puedes escribir en espaƱol cuando quieres amiga! Esta bien para mi, necesito mucho practico! And oh, I ate the whole cake myself over a few days, with a little help from Max. :)

Jonna- I really am happy they are offering testing, as you say, it's a skill to learn early. And oh thank heavens it's sunny today, the rain was bringing me down, down, down! Hope you are feeling better milady!

Trixie- I see a lot of frustration with Max as he gets older, lol, he's a joker and stubborn (just like daddy!). Sometimes it's a battle to get him to sit down and focus on anything, so having specific tasks to do gives us something to put his attention on. We're working on it! I'm hoping docs can help out too, so far no luck, just more tests coming up!

Momto3- Yep, kids must prepare. He's not doing calculus, lol, but working at home with parents to solidify the school work is a good bonding experience as well as reinforcing the skills. "Shower del bebe", heehee, gotta love the Spanglish. And sure, I'll take a few pounds from you, lol!

Kathy- I don't think that I have anything nearly as serious as Jonna and hopefully won't have to go to Merida to find that out, though if I must, I will. Keep thinking healthy thoughts! I've got more tests coming up, but can't do them til, ahem, Aunt Flo leaves, KWIM? :)

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