Thursday, October 30, 2008

I'm baaaaack

Well, my L.A. trip was a little longer than expected but I am back in Cancun now. As I shared in my last post I was supposed to return on Monday, but on the weekend my family and I decided that two days just wasn't long enough. My boss was kind enough to find people to cover for me and Hubby was kind enough to continue to be Mr. Mom with Max. I was able to stay a couple of days longer and just got home last night. I checked the weather first, I swear if it had still been raining I wouldn't have gotten on the plane, but things seem to have cleared up and I haven't seen a drop of rain.

I had an unbelievable time. Definitely suffered some culture shock, self serve check outs at the grocery stores freaked me out for one thing. When did that start?? It had been so long since I had left Mexico that there were a lot of things that I had forgotten about. Clean streets with no potholes, drinking water out of a tap and thinking in dollars. I saw a sign in the grocery store that said "Three Dove Body Wash for $10" and I thought that was an incredible bargain, until I realized I was thinking it was 10 pesos. I guess it was still a good deal, but not quite as cheap as my brain initially registered.

The wedding was FANTASTIC. It could not have been more perfect. We worked hard to get it up and going on time, but all of our efforts were well worth it, I can't wait to share photos with you. One thing I hadn't counted on was how COLD it would be! My lovely halter style dress looked great, but I was shivering. Thank goodness Target was there, managed to find a lovely wrap to wear after the ceremony to keep the chill out. I received some good natured ribbing about not being Canadian anymore, my body just could not cope with temperatures under 80 F, I was shaking like a leaf and my teeth were chattering.

Unfortunately I was sick the whole trip, managed to get a cold the day before I left and just couldn't shake it. I held up pretty well through the wedding with massive amounts of cold medicine, but the next few days were pretty sniffly, sneezy, coughy. I am really feeling sick now, I think I let my defenses down on coming home and my body finally said "HEY YOU ARE SICK" and knocked me out.

I've got a pile of photos to go through and a few observations on this and that that I will post later today or tomorrow. I'm very happy that I was able to spend some very special time with my family and have come back feeling like a new person. Overall, a grand time was had by all. Will be back to a regular blogging schedule now, sorry for the downtime! Pics soon, promise!


Alex said...

Yay!!! keeps those pics coming!!
it's good you are back home :D

Fned said...

Oh Goody!!! Can't wait to hear all about ur trip!

We missed ya, btw.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back. I kept checking for your post, I'm glad you had a great time. Can't wait to see the photos.

Heather said...

Welcome back! Glad you had a few extra days. I guess it can be cold at night, but man during the day i am melting.

Islagringo said...

Welcome back. Time just dragged with you gone! Can't wait for the pictures.

p.s. the self checkouts freaked me out this summer too!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

They had been starting the self check outs before I moved to Mexico, Home Depot had them but they weren't common.
I am glad you had a nice time, it was smart of you to stay longer especially if you aren't going to make the trip again any time soon.
Welcome back!

Scott Bulger Photography said...

Welcome back Kelly!

(too funny, the captcha i have to type in is "subcali")

Anonymous said...

Welcome home. I can’t wait to see your photos.

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