Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's All About the Animals

Today has turned out to be all about our pets. Buzz and Ziggy have gone off to be neutered, thanks to the fine folks at RAP, a local animal rescue center that offers free sterilization clinics. Our lovely friend Rivergirl helps a lot with RAP and she helped us out big time by offering to take the kitties out to the clinic this morning. Our morning schedule just didn't allow us to get them out for the 7:00 am check in, so we owe her big time. So, I was up early and knocking on Rivergirl's door at 6:15 am with two quiet little kitties in a cage. I pick them up at 4 this afternoon to give them a whole lot of love and reassurance that they have not been abandoned to the wilds of Bonfil (area outside of Cancun). Rivergirl was concerned about both of them being in the same kennel, but they are joined at the hip, I think they would be more scared if they were apart. So, they are in close quarters but at least they've got each other!

Lola (our little mutt) on the other hand appears to be ill. Two days ago I noticed that her fur was coming out in big clumps, her skin was red and she was scratching a lot. She chews at herself, therefore ingesting huge clumps of fur and subsequently regurgitating (too much information?). The vet came this morning to pick her up (gotta love delivery service!) and take her in to be checked out, shampooed, shaved and treated for ticks and fleas. Poor girl, she looked so miserable! The vet's assistant said they'll probably have to give her some pills for the skin problem, hopefully she'll be super healthy again soon. I suspect she has some sort of fungus or something, she lives outside but has no contact with other animals so I hope it's not something worse than that. Waiting for the call from the vet to see how she is doing. Hopefully she'll come back smelling a whole lot better too, lol, I want a shower after picking her up, poor baby was STINKY!

Now the plea for help. RAP (Respete, Ayuda, Protege/Respect, Help, Protect) is a fabulous and much needed organization in Cancun. There is a huge problem here with street animals, an overpopulation of starving dogs and kitties with no one to look out for them. It's hard to travel even a block without seeing some poor animal desperately looking for a meal, most of them ill and un-sterilized. RAP does their best to rescue street animals, sterilizing them and making them well, then trying to find good homes for them. They NEED YOUR HELP! This is a totally voluntary, not-for-profit venture and they rely on donations. If you would like to make a monetary donation, you can deposit directly into their bank account, HSBC #4041225939, company name "Respeta, Ayuda y protege A.C.". If you are in Cancun or Quintana Roo, they always need supplies as well, they have a list of what they need here. There is contact info on their homepage (currently in Spanish but I know an English version is coming). They have lots of animals looking for homes, if you can take in one of these gorgeous little babies, karma will reward you.

So please, find a way to help RAP, or your local humane society. Volunteer, adopt or make a donation, it does a heart good! Love the furbabies you've got and give them a big hug just for being healthy and an important part of your life.

Send healthy, healing vibes to my babies today too, I know they are going to be just fine, but they are still my babies and a mama worries, ya know?


K.W. Michigan said...

You have such a good heart! Your furbabies will be just fine. Need to see updated pics of them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for supporting RAP's work Canuck! We all appreciate it! I'll get that web site done ASAP!

Glad your kits are ok. Hope Lola gets better quick!

My Way said...

Apparently it's really common for dogs to have skin issues in the kind of climate that Cancun has. Diesel had a fungus at one point and I had to get a spray to treat it as he was losing hair on his neck and head. It healed pretty quickly so we were both lucky!

I know of lots of other pups that developed skin issues as well.

I know I got illnesses down there that I never got back home so I'm not surprised. Hope she and the little ones are ok!

Heather said...

Not the kitty post i was looking for, but it will do! I know they are in good hands! be sure to update!

Laura said...

I will put a link to RAP on and maybe we can get a few donations.
Glad your kittys are doing good, and hope Lola gets better soon.

Anonymous said...

Good job, Rivergirl, and good job CancunCanuck! The stray/mistreated animal problem is something that depresses me daily. Bless you for helping!

I hope your animal "kids" are feeling better soon!

CancunCanuck said...

K.W.- Furbabies are good, pics coming today!

Rivergirl- I don't feel like I did anything, I know I should be doing so much more. Kudos to you for all that YOU do, it is inspiring. I need to figure out a way to help them out more, I just can't do it with Max. Need a free babysitter, lol! I'd love to be able to even donate a couple of hours a week out there, let me put my mind to it and see what I can do.

My Way- Vet said Lola has an allergy to "something", told us to change her food and gave us some Derma pills. If she's not cleared up in 15 days, we go back. She seems to be more comfortable with a shave for sure! A lot less red and she's not chewing at herself anymore, so that's a good sign.

Heather- Kitty pics coming any minute now, promise!

Laura- That's great, thanks for putting up the link on (everyone else, if you haven't checked out Mapchick, it's a big must do if you are tourist in this area!!!!)

Heatherinparadise- Rivergirl deserves all the kudos, and you too for your work with the Peanut Pet Shelter!! I know I can do more.....

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