Thursday, October 9, 2008

Mexican Citizenship Quiz: Part Dos

Living in Mexico with no plans to return to Canada, I do plan on applying for my Mexican citizenship. Technically, the rules state that you must have your FM2 for two years before being eligible to apply, so I've got some time to study for the citizenship exam. And thank the goddess I do, because the questions are getting tougher and tougher!

Back in May I posted the first set of "official" questions potential citizens would be asked in order to receive the blessing of the Secretary of Exterior Relations to become Mexican. A kind poster on CancunCare, my favourite Cancun forum, posted the latest set of questions which were just released last week. The website indicates that they are going to expire in April so it looks like they will be changing the questions every six months.

The questions are TOUGH. Tougher than the last set and the questions are certainly more obscure. I sat down with Hubby last night to look them over and he kept shaking his head. and saying "No manches". He's an educated and intelligent man and he knew a lot of the answers but he said that it seems the test was designed for failure. I would guess that most Mexicans would fail this test. Yes, I believe that we should know about Mexican history and culture and traditions to become citizens, but these questions really seem to be advanced, university level history questions.

So, you think you know Mexico? Let's see if we can answer just five of the one hundred questions. Remember, the test must be taken in Spanish! Alright, alright, I'll provide the English translations for you....

1. ¿En que año creo que el instituto mexicano del seguro social? (IMSS)
(In what year was the Mexican Institute of Social Security created?)

¿A quien se le conoce como "el hombre de Tepexpan"?
(Who was known as "The man of Tepexpan"?

3. Mencione dos de los rasgos caracteristicos de la culture de Cuicuilco
(Mention two characteristics of the Cuicuilco culture)

4. Mencione el nombre de los dos generales que fueron fusilados junto con Maximiliano de Habsburgo?
(Mention the name of the two generals who faced the firing squad with Maximiliano of Hapsburg?)

¿Quien ocupo la secretaria de instruccion publica y bellas artes durante el periodo de 1901 a 1911 y que fue declarado "maestro de america"?
(Who occupied the position of Secretary of Public Instruction and Fine Arts between 1901 and 1911 and was declared "master of America"?)

Toughies. I suppose it's good in a way, it's forcing me to look for the information which forces me to study and learn, but sheesh, I was having such fun learning the national anthem, from the first test this stuff is a big yawn in comparison to marching around the house calling all the Mexicans to join me in war! Of course, in 2 1/2 years when I can apply for my citizenship, the questions will all be different again, but I suspect I am going to need all that time to learn the itty bitty details they seem to be looking for.

So, anyone know the answers without Googling? Jonna, you kicked some butt on the first one, help me out here!


Jorge said...

IMSS-1943 by Maximino Avila Camacho

Hombre de Tepexpan---old guy---older than most of us?lol

Cuicuilco...fuck that was in DF but hard to answer. I'm not an archeologist

Generales Fusilados asshh Wasn't there. Google answers...

These questions are hard even for the 90% of Mexicans. The other 10% are part of the history.

Anonymous said...

The man of Tepexpan was actually a woman (using DNA analysis)

Anonymous said...

Holy crap. Maybe I will never be Mexican.

Jonna said...

I'm down and out! I don't know the answer to a single one of those. Sheez! Maybe I'll never be a Mexican either. Do they at least have a study book? Or, some way to guess what to study?

Let's see how Fned does.

Anonymous said...

I have all the questions and answers saved on my desktop. One day I will start studying them! I don't think anyone will take the time to change the test too much in the meantime.

CancunCanuck said...

Jorge aka Hubby- Nice try, lol and hey, watch the language on my family friendly blog, huh? :) We will be studying this weekend.

Jacek- Interesting, is that true?

Heather- My Mexican co-workers and friends and students couldn't answer these questions, don't feel bad. Sigh....

Jonna- The last set of questions had answers posted with them, this time they didn't do that. And no, no indication of where to study. Apparently they recommended a book, but from all reports of people who actually tried to use it, it was useless!

Michele- You have the answers to these new questions?? These ones were just released last week, it's a totally new set and they are going to change the questions again in April! There is someone on CancunCare who really needs the answers, taking the test this month and all he has been told is to do the research. If you can point us to the new answers, I know he would be grateful!

Alex said...

1.- only God (and your hubby) knows!
2.- ammm the skeleton thing found in south Mexico? yes the oldest in Mesoamerica :)
3.- uy don't know
4.- one of the guys was Mejia something :s (shame)
5.- Well another one God knows

I guess I wouldn't qualify for Mexican citizenship

Heather said...

The who said what, where? You kidding me? Thats crazy even with google help I probably fail, lol! GL at least you got some time to study.


Anonymous said...

I have to take the test in a few weeks and this test is really hard.The answer to your questions are:
2.Uno de los esqueletos humanos
mas antiguas de Mesoamerica
3. Cabezas redondadas y
mutilacion dental
4. Miguel Miramon y Tomas Mejia
5.Sierra Mendez(not sure on
the first name Justo or Gusto)

Kathy said...

Wow! I agree with Jorge. And his language. :)

CancunCanuck said...

Ale- So, not even the good Mexican girl knows, huh? LOL

Heather- Even with Google, it will take FO-EVAH to get all the answers. You'd be better off taking advanced history in college!

Anon- Thank you, I wish you the best of luck on this one, it's a doozy!

Kathy- LOL, while yes, I have a potty mouth too, I am trying to keep it under control. Sometimes the edits of the blog are just to take out the curse words I throw in in fits of passion, teehee, but are not necessary for the piece. It sure is fun to let it all out sometimes though!

Anonymous said...

hi there!
We are in pretty much the same situation as you. My husband is American, I'm Cuban, and we've lived in Mexico for close to 5 years. We have a 3.5 year old boy who was born in Mexico (also struggling between English and Spanish ha!)

A year and a half ago I applied for my citizenship having JUST my FM3, based on the fact that my son is Mexican. You may want to go to the local SRE in Cancun (it's on Nader street) and ask them about it. They're very nice over there.


pbwsaxo said...

check out:

CancunCanuck said...

pbwsaxo- Gracias amigo! Son dificiles, no? :)

Rino Vincenti said...

How does Canada react to the requirement of Mexico that we "denounce" our former citizenship ? Do we really lose our Canadian citizenship or only here in Mexico ?

CancunCanuck said...

Rino- Canada does not force you to renounce your citizenship, when you receive your Mexican citizenship you become a dual citizen, one with rights in both countries. I believe the USA used to force its citizens to renounce their American citizenship, but that has changed. All countries in North America allow dual citizens. Thanks for stopping by!

Anonymous said...

Ok, Here is the deal as I know it.As a American citizen I can have dual-citizenship so when I renounce my American citizenship it has no effect on my U.S. citizenship.Now that having been said don't get cought with both passports by the Mexican Government or thay will take away your mexican citizenship. I just passed my Mexican history test. Thank God or something.

CancunCanuck said...

Kevin- I have never heard of Mexico having a problem with dual citizenship, you would think if they did they would ask you to surrender your American passport. Now, when you say you passed your Mexican history test, do you mean you passed the citizenship test or are you studying Mexican history? I'm not being facetious, just curious because of the phrasing. Either way, congrats, it's tough! I know the list of questions currently in use is for the citizenship is extremely difficult and it's going to change again. Word on the street is every six months. (And I see you found this post after the first one, mentioning the changes). Thanks for stopping by!

BTW, for anyone still paying attention, the list of questions with answers can be found here.....

but it is going to be changing in April. Or say they say, but you know how things go in Mexico......

CancunCanuck said...

Kevin- Here's what the US Dept of State has to say about dual citizenship with Mexico....

"DUAL NATIONALITY: Mexican law recognizes dual nationality for Mexicans by birth, meaning those born in Mexico or born abroad to Mexican parents. U.S. citizens who are also Mexican nationals are considered to be Mexican by local authorities. Dual-nationality status could hamper U.S. Government efforts to provide consular protection. Dual nationals are not subject to compulsory military service in Mexico. Travelers possessing both U.S. and Mexican nationalities must carry with them proof of their citizenship of both countries. Under Mexican law, dual nationals entering or departing Mexico must identify themselves as Mexican. For additional information, read our information on dual nationality and prevention of international child abduction. "

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