Tuesday, November 11, 2008

At Last, At Last, a Beach Day At Last!

Two months. TWO MONTHS without going to the beach, I was about to have a serious breakdown/tantrum/crying jag when Sunday rolled around all beautiful blue skies and fluffy white clouds. Yahoo, beach day, beach day, let's go to Puerto Morelos! The half hour drive was painful, Max has not yet discovered the phrase "Are we there yet?" but he was chanting "Beach, beach, beach!" the whole trip, then screaming "I can't see the beach, I want the beach!" for the last ten minutes. I think the kid was as desperate as I was, can't blame him. We hit our usual spot behind the Ojo de Agua hotel and got to work building sandcastles, jumping in the water and taking a long walk. I am refreshed, reborn and satisfied, amazing how one little beach day can change a girl's whole outlook on life. I can once again say "It's all good" when people ask how my life is going. For me the sea has a way of washing away all of life's little (and big) worries, I feel cleansed and pure (er, no white at the wedding, but you know what I mean) and my inner peace has been mostly restored. Bless you Oh Goddess of the Sea!

The Famous Old Lighthouse
(hit by hurricane Beulah in 1967, it is now
a proud symbol of survival for the community)

Sunday is the day for just hanging out and watching
pretty girls

The Pier and a Typical Fishing Boat

Lots of Typical Fishing Boats

Fishing Net on the Pier

Fresh (and I mean FRESH) Ceviche

More Ceviche! Can't go to a fishing village and not eat it

Nothing like a little accordion music on the beach

How to keep a hyper child still for five minutes
Bury him up to his neck!

Cheesy Mommy and Son Footprint Photo
(I swear I don't have Jurassic toe!)

I'm ready to go back again, the weather has been PERFECT, low 80's, no humidity, light breeze and fluffy white clouds, who can stay home on a day like that? Hmmm, blog done, dishes done.....looks like it might be a beachy afternoon! Hasta pronto lovely readers, I think I might be off to get some sand in my pants.


Heather said...

Seriously I think we need to start a beach anonymous group. I have never met another person who loves the beach like i do, but now there is you, lol! The beach solves all my problems too.

Islagringo said...

We spent the whole afternoon beach bar hopping. Fun! Hey, don't forget we're all doing Isla Blanca one of these Sundays!

Anonymous said...

Little Max buried in the sand ... just adorable!


Frankly Ronda said...

I am with ya! It is just so nice to spend the day relaxing by the ocean. My kids have such a great time too.

CancunCanuck said...

Heather- Beach lovers anonymous? Nah, implies there is a problem with it, teehee, I don't want to stop! The ocean is a magnificent cleanser of the soul.

IslaGringo- Beach bar hopping, aw, the good old days of going to the beach without a three year old! I haven't drank on the beach in years, oh how lovely it would be to sip cold beers in the sun, I just worry about a little one so close to the water. Perhaps I'll have to slip over by myself for a beach bar hopping day! And yes, family day at Isla Blanca is a must!

Janie- Hola! Thanks for the lovely comment, always a pleasure to see you here.

American Mommy- A day on the beach or in the ocean is such a joy for a family. No TV, no video games, nothing to distract, just time spent together having fun and learning. I can't think of a better way to spend a day. "Relaxing" is a strong word when you're chasing a three year old though, LOL!

Heather said...

Very true, aint nothing wrong with sun, sand and salt water, lol!

Tottenham homesteader said...

I'd give my eye teeth for your beach day right now! I swear I haven't got any melanin left.

Thanks for your words about Z. She's doing great and now we can all rest easy for now.

Love the mummy and son footprint!

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