Friday, November 14, 2008

First Day of Swimming Lessons

I am pleased to announce that Max is on his way to being the next Michael Phelps. Or Aquaman if you ask him. We've been meaning to get him into swimming lessons forever and finally got him enrolled in some classes. Mommy and Daddy's bodies are going to be very grateful, all our beach visits end with sore backs and necks from an ever growing three year old hanging off of us. We're also extremely eager to take Max snorkeling and therefore, he must know how to swim. (Can I get a "duh!"?)

Max has never been afraid of the water, quite the opposite really, he loves it. He just won't let go of us if we are in deeper water. I've tried to teach him how to float, but he hates to get the water in his ears, so my own efforts at swimming instruction have not come to much, time for the pros!

After only one class I am thrilled with what I saw. The class is small, four kids to one teacher and a very patient teacher he is indeed. I spoke with some of the other parents whose kids have been there a little longer and they are delighted with the results and have nothing but glowing praise for the teacher Manuel. One little boy in Max's group was doing great, I asked his mom how long he had been in class and she said only a month. And before he started, he was terrified of the water, wouldn't even get in the pool. Looking at him yesterday, you would never know it, he was pretty much swimming on his own and had no fear about going under water. Another little, teeny, tiny girl was screaming and crying but Manuel got in the water with her early and calmed her down. Her father said she's been going for a couple of weeks and yesterday was the first time she actually stopped crying and stayed in the pool for the whole class. Go Manuel!

Max was his typical hyper self, interrupting the teacher, getting out of the pool, etc, etc, but overall he was pretty good. He's so competitive! If you tell him someone else can do something better than he can, he's determined to show that he can do it too. Manuel said "Quien puede mojar la cabeza?!" ("Who can get their head wet?") and my three and a half year old who never, ever puts his head under water screamed "YO!" ("Me!") and dunked himself right under! I actually said "No manches!" much to the amusement of the other parents there. (Mexicans love to hear non-native speakers use colloquialisms correctly, they think it's a gas.) Max was cracking everyone up with his non-stop chatter, though I must admit I wished he would shut up for a second so the teacher could talk! In the end Max was spending a lot of time underwater, was almost floating on his own and did a couple of laps of the pool with a floatie toy. Mommy is very pleased.

A Moment of Quiet Contemplation Before Class
(and I mean a "moment", quiet never lasts long with Max)

Kicking and Splashing is Way Fun

A Look of Determination from Max
(he HAD to be the fastest of course)

No Manches, My Kid is Underwater!!!

"Quien va a ganar?" "YO!"
"Who's going to win?" "ME!"

In the end the real winner is going to be the whole family. Mommy and Daddy will be able to swim unencumbered and Max will be a whole lot safer in the water. Snorkel trip, here we come! (Psst, Jonna and Mimi, can we come to your place when he's ready?)


Jonna said...

Absolutely!! Can't wait to see Max zooming around our bay chasing the fishies. It's so wonderful that you are making this a priority for him, I can't tell you how important I think it is for kids to learn water skills when they are young. Like language, it's a lot harder to learn when you are older. It's something I always thanked my mother for, she couldn't swim but took me for lessons when I couldn't even walk yet.

Max will be a competitive swimmer in no time and it will be a great influence on his life. Go Max!

Frankly Ronda said...

So every parent has their obsessive behaviors. Mine has been swim lessons. We have a pool in USA so I have had our 2 boys in swim lessons every year since possible. We usually did lessons in winter so summer was free to - you know - swim!

The good news is that all the time and money was well worth it. Our guys (6 and 8) love the water and are fantastic swimmers. We have been snorkeling twice since our move and had a wonderful time.

Swimming well is a gift that lasts a lifetime.

Susan Lechuga said...

He is a fish already and I could not imagine him any other way. I am amazed at all he does and I know he will grow up to be a man who has many different interests. You are doing a great job mama.

Anonymous said...

Dani is happier than the first
2 weeks.


Fned said...

Way to go Max!!! He looks so cute!


Alex said...

Gooo Max goooooo!! He is awesome! (and very cute too, mira su pancita!!) aaah I should get me some swimming lessons with that Manuel guy in the kiddy mini pool too... I am sad to admit that I already took some lessons, didn't learn and I'm still terrified of deep water.. waaaaaah!

Anonymous said...

Good that you are getting him lessons, especially with the beach being such a big fun family time for you. We had our kids in swimming lessons too when we could, living in the "Land of 10,000 lakes", meant that they needed to know. They both love swimming and were never afraid. Love the pictures!

Amy in MN

Anonymous said...

Yea Max! With you loving the beach like you do I was surprised that Max didn't already know how to swim. I have seen babies swimmming before they can walk. Which is amazing to me.

Anonymous said...

Yay Max! I was a swim instructor and a lifeguard in my past lives, and the toddler/preschool group was my favorite age to teach...they hadn't learned yet to be TOO terrified of water and they were absolutely fearless!

Way to go, Max!

Heather said...

That is precious and what I love most is that it even looks like a real class. The classes I have put my kids in were all, play in the water classes, not happy with them, but they were babies then anyways. Im so happy for you all. GO MAX!!!

3LittleFlowers said...

Im going to show this to hubby tomorrow to see if he gets jelaous... Neither of my daughters can actually swim and he is the one in charge of that department... When I was pregnant with Gaby he promised me she was going to be swimming by age 3, should I sue him??? LMAO!!!

Max is just PRECIOUS!!!!! and I cant imagining him scare AT ALL!!! Go Max!!!!!!!!!!!!

Islaholic Trixie said...

I'm with Ale...I think I need some swimming lessons with Manuel!!
Seriously, I'm glad to hear Max is learning how to swim. We made sure that both our boys could swim at an early age.

CancunCanuck said...

Jonna- Yay, thanks for letting me invite myself, lol! I think it's such a great spot for a beginner snorkeler. And I absolutely agree that kids need to learn early, it's a safety issue for sure. My parents had me in lessons early and for many years after, a huge gift.

American Mommy- So great that they boys are strong swimmers, I think it's a necessary skill and something that all parents need to take responsibility for. I was in lessons for years and loved it and am ever so grateful to my folks for providing me with the education.

My3ros- He is a little fish, that's why it's frustrating that I couldn't actually teach him the finer points of swimming! Thanks for the kind words as always amiga.

Jannet- Well, well, look who's here! Thanks SO MUCH for the recommendation, I think we're going to love it. Glad to see you commenting too, no more lurking, haha!

Fned- I'll tell him you said he's cute. He'll probably reply "cute like mocos" since that is a favourite expression right now, but I'll pass it on anyway. :)

Ale- Wow, I can't imagine not knowing how to swim! Did you have a bad water experience? Maybe you could look at a "Mommy and Me" swimming class for you and baby and work out some of your own fears AND give sweet cachetes a head start in the water. Just an idea! Good luck, learn fast then come visit in Cancun. :)

Amy- I grew up on the Great Lakes with a family who enjoyed boating so we definitely took lessons. Nice to hear from so many parents who took the initiative with their kids, good stuff!

Jackie- I know, I know, I feel like I failed him not being able to teach him myself. It wasn't for lack of trying! I guess it's like a husband trying to teach a wife to drive, just ain't going to happen, lol! Babies are such natural swimmers, it really is amazing. I've seen some video of newborns in pools that blows my mind!

Heather- Max is certainly fearless! It was a real pleasure to watch the instructors with the kids (and nope, not because they were handsome swimmers, ahem). I bet you were a fabulous teacher. :)

Heather- Yep, it was a real class, warm up exercises and everything. Yet afterwards the teacher said it was kind of loose that day since it was his first, he said we would be getting down to business this week! I think they are serious about training competitive swimmers which is great, go for the gold, ya know?

Momto3- Get your hubby moving, lol! Your girls are like Max, living in a tropical, watery paradise, it's so important that they learn well, give hubby a little push. Thanks for the great words about Max, I'll pass them along.

Trixie- Not a swimmer and yet you love the beach? Wow! Are you afraid of the water too? Bad experience? Glad to hear it was a priority to teach the boys, kudos!

Heather said...

Swim for gold, but for which country? lol!

Unknown said...

Yay for swimming lessons! I remember when my son had his first swimming lessons... seems like it was just yesterday. They grow up so fast!

- Mai @ Aqua Gear

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