Monday, November 24, 2008

Joker, Joker, Joker!

As a mom I am realizing that we can always "feel" a change in our kids, at least I can. There's nothing you can put your finger on, just something is different. Max has recently been through such a change. It's not a developmental thing that you can put on a chart, it's like another little light went on in his brain and he's found a new part of his personality. I call it "joker". He is really developing his sense of humour and he thinks he's quite clever. He's becoming a story teller too, sharing his tales of super heroes and kitties that need rescuing, but always managing to get a zinger in that sends him to the floor with laughter. Yes, he thinks farts and bums are funny, but he's getting beyond that as well. I've got a regular Shecky Greene on my hands and I couldn't be happier.

For example:

"One day, there was a Spiderman in my house. He was the black one and I was the red one. The kitties were crying, 'Help me, meow meow'. Spiderman the black one said 'hmm, someone's in trouble, we need to save them'. He used his webs and got the kitties out the tree and then he farted and everybody fell down. Theeeeeee Ennnnnnnd." (I've heard a million versions of this one, never fails to crack him up).


"Papa, me abres el vidrio por favor?"
"Max, esta abierto!"
"Ahhhh, te fallaste, te fallaste, te fallaste" (howls of laughter)


"Daddy, open the window for me please?"
"Max, it's open!"
"Haha, you fell for it, you fell for it, you fell for it!"

(repeat and repeat and repeat)

I am so happy to have a funny kid on my hands (alright, so he's not Carlin yet, but we're working on it!). All my years working in comedy in Toronto made me a lover of the comedic arts, I hope to continue to nurture his funny bone and maybe one day I'll have a little David Sedaris on my hands.

Here are some pics from a little walk we took the other day, he was full of stories for me! (Yes, he's got a mustache, he had to dress up like Pancho Villa for the Day of the Revolution and he refused to let me clean it off. In fact, he made me re-apply it a couple of times, silly kid.)

The kid is full of piss and vinegar as they used to say, and I wouldn't have it any other way.


Anonymous said...

What a cutie!!

PS: Love, love, love Sedaris!!!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

I love the mustache photos. I used to critique my kids' jokes. LOL. It's the director in me, but of course this is when they were teens and pre-teens. They just took it in stride, I guess they were used to it.

¿Que hace la manguera en la calle?

¡Vende mangos!

CancunCanuck said...

Michele- He's lucky he's cute, he gets away with a LOT, lol! I think Sedaris is a genius, I love him too!

Theresa- I'm guessing Max will be used to my critiques by the time he hits his teens. Hopefully his jokes will improve too, haha. Ok, I'll bite, what was the hose doing in the street?......

Heather said...

Those sound like Thais's knock knock jokes. No humor but she falls into hysterical laughter every time, lol! Too cute!

Theresa in Mèrida said...

vendiendo mangos....I blew the answer part because I wrote vende mangos instead. It's a pun, what do call some one who sells zapatos? zapatero, a woman who sells mangos would be a manguera..this really dumb but it just cracks me up every time. sigh.....


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