Monday, November 10, 2008

Parque Kabah Cancun

Awww, nice weather at last and a weekend outdoors to celebrate. With more than two months of rain, we've been suffering some serious cabin fever and were grateful for the chance to get outside for some much needed fresh air, sunshine and nature. Saturday afternoon Max and I gave Hubby a break and headed off to Parque Kabah in downtown Cancun.

Parque Kabah is an urban eco-park, a little oasis of nature in the middle of this big concrete city. The park is very well maintained, clean and safe and best of all the entrance is free! The trails are wide and smooth, great for runners (oh to be that energetic, I know Rivergirl likes to run in this park but a nice slow walk is good enough for me). There is a small art gallery/museum that occasionally has local works displayed and they've got a little playground for the kiddies. I miss the days when they had a zoo, but apparently all the animals were moved to other installations. There are resident wild animals, coatis are seen everywhere and there are warnings to not approach this cousin of the raccoon. There are some turtles in a pond and a few ducks roaming around, wild birds squawking and rumours of monkeys though I've yet to see one. Bring your mosquito repellant, it's a regular feeding ground for the little buggers, they're probably the most well represented species in the park! Max and I had a lovely time, though it was hard to keep him from trying to pet the coatis, he said he just wanted to give them a kiss (ewwww).

Here are a few pics of our afternoon.

Park Entrance
(Max has a thing about tipping

his head to the side to say cheese, makes me laugh
everytime, cheeky monkey)

Path in the Garden

Turtle Pond (for turtle lovin' Gary!)

Warning: Do Not Approach the Coatis!

Coatis! (I love'em, don't know why, infested, nasty
little buggers, guess I'm a softy for anything furry)

Coati in the Path

Beautiful Trail and Small Explorer

Re-creation of a Chiclero Camp
(a chiclero is a collector of gum from the chicle trees that
grow abundantly in this area)

Last Dance on the Bridge to Nowhere

Stay tuned, more nature coming, we actually hit a real live beach yesterday after two and a half months of beachlessness (I just made that word up, such a sad, sad word, I hope to never have to use it again).


Islagringo said...

Coatis! We had a bunch of kids approach our car at a tope in Tabasco offering to sell us a coati baby! Uh, no thanks!

Anonymous said...

They just fixed that bridge this week, it had been broken for a couple of weeks.

You are right about the mosquitoes, they can be bad some days, other days I don't see any.

There are also deer in them thar woods, I've never seen more than two at once, but have heard people say there are 4 there.

I think all the monkeys, even the wild one (who's name I forget, but who was in love with husbandito) were moved to Xcaret.

Nice post! Max is a ham!

Islaholic Trixie said...

First...Sorry we did not get the chance to meet up, but we are already booked for Isla December 21 thru January 4. Biggy B and youngest son, Jeremy and his friend. And of course, myself.
Hopefully, we will have the chance for a meet up then.
I have been trying to put a good "site" list together for the boys while we are back and I think I may have to put this one on our list.

Anonymous said...

That really looks like a nice place, I'm surprised I have never found it. Where abouts is this park CC? I will have to explore it when we come down in Feb.

Well I have had 6 months of beahlessness, ughhh that dies sound horrible.

Enjoy the sun!!

Anonymous said...

Geez, I'm embarrassed, better do a preview before I post. Really I can spell. But cant edit a comment.

That really looks like a nice place, I'm surprised I have never found it. Where abouts is this park CC? I will have to explore it when we come down in Feb.

Well I have had 6 months of beachlessness, ughhh that does sound horrible.

Enjoy the sun!!

jillian said...

the first coati photo I read as brontosaurus initially. yeah. I'm on crack.

Heather said...

Yeah for getting out! I feel that way here with no car, i, going crazy. Vegas was fun though, but man i missed my kids. I never heard of Coati before a Dora episode where she had to rescue one, lol! Beachlessness?? a very sad word.

CancunCanuck said...

IslaGringo- Hmm, a pet coati? My arm might just be twisted, lol! I would love him and feed him and call him George. ;-)

Rivergirl- Last week when we went the mozzies were horrible, so bad that they chased us out of there in about five minutes flat. Saturday we were prepared and doused ourselves in repellent, I didn't notice them at all. Too bad about the animals, it was a nice treat to see them there. Maybe one day we'll get lucky with some deer, but Max doesn't move with a whole lot of stealth so they probably hear us coming a mile away.

Islaholic Trixie- I figured you got a little crazy busy over there, we'll catch you next time! Good chance of seeing you on the next trip, I've got some vacation time over Christmas.

Gonzo- It's a lovely park, definitely worth a visit. If you can find Costco, you can find Parque Kabah, it's right across the street. There is an entrance across from Costco or on the other side across from the school (Davinci). (No worries on the typos, I got what you meant!) :)

Jillian- Aww yes, the famous Cancun Centro brontosaurus. Must have been hiding, no pics unfortunately. Fill yer pipe girl, teehee. ;-)

Heather- Getting out is GOOD. Essential in fact. I haven't seen the Dora coati rescue, will have to look for it! Glad you got away to Vegas, every mommy needs a break!

Anonymous said...

We used to have two pet coatis. We loved them but had to send them to an animal preserve after moving into the city. I wish we had them now out in the Campestre. They were a lot of fun to have around.

Gary Denness said...

How did I miss this post?!?! That looks like turtle paradise?! Is it roomy...would anyone notice if I slipped a few extra turts in?! Really I need to find some of my little green friends alternative accommodation, and I'd even go so far as trekking to Cancun.

CancunCanuck said...

Michele- Ooops, missed replying, how on earth did that happen? Pet coatis? Cool!

Gary- Now, I write a post and think of you and you don't see it?? Sheesh. I don't think anyone would notice if you slipped some turts in there to be honest, it's a pretty big pond. And if you make the trek, we could actually meet, how fabulous would that be??

Gary Denness said...

A trip to Cancun does have its appeal I must admit. And if it's for the turtles...I have a good excuse!

Is the pond enclosed? Do they get feed do you know, or have to survive on what they can find?

Anonymous said...

You are right about the mosquitoes, they can be bad some days, other days I don't see any.

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