Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Please Pass the Poi

Well hello all, welcome back. We had a long holiday weekend here so I took a little break but I'm baaaaack.

The weather hasn't been great around here, too cold and windy for my liking, but I did get out to the beach a couple of times over the weekend. Who says it needs to be 90 with a scorching sun? Saturday was my first excursion and a lovely one it was. I had a much needed break and was able to join LisaLoveLoca and some of her friends on their secret beach for some poi ball spinning. Hmm, poi ball spinning? Yes, poi ball spinning. Five chicks with toys on a secret hideaway beach, what could be more fun than that? Many moons ago I was a dancer. I studied for 20 years and part of my training was in polynesian dance so I am not a stranger to the poi though it's been a looooong time since I had the balls in my hot little hands. (Get your mind out of the gutter please!) It was incredible to find that my body remembered a lot of the tricks and I could keep up with these fine women who do it on a regular basis.

I realized that I don't have enough of a social life outside of Max and Hubby. I NEED afternoons with the ladies to refresh and come back home a more relaxed and therefore more patient mommy. It took a while before I could relax and realize that I didn't have to be watching out for a three year old and making sure he didn't crack his head open or break an arm. Unwinding with the poi and with some intelligent and interesting women was a real treat. I think it's also important for Max and Hubby to have some manly time together, they had a wonderful afternoon just the two of them and I hope they get the chance to do more things without me and vice versa.

Here are some pics from the afternoon, look how fine Miss LisaLove is, her abs are to die for!

Muscle Memory
Twenty Years of Ballet Can Not Be Forgotten

Groovy Hot Poi Chick Lisa

Such Pretty Poi!

A Beautiful Girl on a Beautiful Beach

Umm, It Was Really Windy?

Some Practice Required

Aside from getting fresh air and exercise, I was glad to meet some new friends. Lisa's ladies were a great bunch, interesting and intelligent, funny and kind, I enjoyed them all very much. It was fun to be in a group where not everyone shared a language and interesting to see how it played out. One woman spoke no English, another no Spanish, Lisa and another are completely bilingual and I'm "partially" bilingual. Watching the languages switch, mix and translate was fantastic, everyone was very aware of the others' levels of understanding and no one got left out of the jokes. So, a thoroughly stimulating afternoon indeed, thanks for the invite LisaLove, let's do it again soon!


K.W. Michigan said...

Time with girlfriends is priceless!

Beth said...

Sounds like a great time! I've always wondered what those things were called, and now I know!

Anonymous said...

OK people- not only does our pal remember tricks but she taught each one of us a NEW trick that day!!!

I'm so glad you came Canuck! It is so fun for me to mix my peeps together- I am very proud of the cool friends that I've made in my time here and I love the opportunity to show them off to each other!

This poi day at the beach needs to be a regular monthly installment in our lives if not bi- weekly!!

Just wait till I'm on fire! Look out fire girl coming soon to a beach near you! LOL!

Heather said...

That seems like a very private beach, love it! Yeah for girl time with good friends and laughter.

Frankly Ronda said...

On man - what a great outing! Girl Time is very important and what a unique way to hang out

Kathy said...

Very lovely and all, but I am SHIVERING for you two girls! I've got fleece and sweatshirt and socks on here 80km south of you. You two need SWEATERS on!

Good for you getting some time away.

CancunCanuck said...

K.W.- Yes, priceless indeed though I never get enough of it!

Beth- I had a lovely time. Glad I could educate on the ever so important vocabulary, LOL!!

LisaLove- You are too cool chica. Excellent friends and a great mix, thanks so much for having little ole me! Fire?? Yikes! Max can bring his bombero gear. ;-)

Heather- The beach is behind a vacant lot that used to be a hotel, no one goes by there, very private indeed!

American Mommy- I'm always looking for unique (and CHEAP!) ways to fill the day and this fits the bill. Hanging with the girls was great, I wish I had more opportunities.

Kathy- Um, yeah, it was a bit chilly, LOL! It's a lot colder today than it was on Saturday, we are all bundled up. Time away was delightful!

Anonymous said...

Well with comments like "Five chicks with toys on a secret hideaway beach" and "I had the balls in my hot little hands"

I CANT keep my mind out of the gutter. LOL

Just kidding there ladies. Glad you are back to enjoying the beach CC, wish it was 75 degrees here!!


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