Monday, November 24, 2008

Shocking Photos!

Ok, got your attention and I am sad to say there is no nudity in this post. Just photos of something rarely seen in Cancun, a road crew actually fixing our rotten streets! I was so shocked that I thought I had better call the press, this was breaking news!

For those of you who don't live here, you might not get the joke. The streets of Cancun are a DISASTER. Truly, pot holes the size of cenotes, they're swallowing cars whole, I swear. Driving anywhere is like off-roading blindfolded, swerving, steering this way and that to avoid the gigantic pits in the streets and never quite succeeding, I always manage to have one neck-jarring jolt wherever I go. The media has been attacking the mayor for months now about his inability to fulfill his promise of fixing the problem. Two months of rain didn't help the issue, just made things much much worse.

So imagine my surprise and delight when I witnessed this while walking with Max last week.....

Lots of Men for Lots of Holes
(though there seemed to be a lot of standing around)

Hand Crafted Streets

Soooo tempting to write my name in the fresh asphalt

Complete! Look at that sweet, smooth surface
(it will be a wreck in another month)

With the enormous number of bad streets in the city, I expect to see a lot more of this work going on. Here's hoping they are actually doing it right so we might possibly have a few months of decent roads before they start to cave in again! So, Gregorio Sanchez (the mayor), keep it up, keep the crews moving and give us more, more, more! And hey, how about cleaning up the trash and getting your garbage collectors moving, eh? Promises, promises.....


Heather said...

Wow nice! It will e interesting if you posted a pix of the same road in 6 months to see the difference. Your driving skills must be good to deal with that daily.

My Way said...

Kel I've seen crews filling potholes before and working on new roads. While the newer roads fare better than the older ones with patched up holes, in the end the holes return, not matter what road.

Why? Because they don't pave deep enough. The layer is so thin it's useless. In an attempt to save money by using less pavement, they are creating bigger problems in the long run.

The next time you find a pothole, measure how thick the tar/cement is before it hits earth.

On the streets in Vancouver they were repairing something and I made a point to see how thick the top layer of tar/cement was compared to Cancun. It was about a half a foot. In's about an inch.

Rosas Clan in Tulum said...

I know what you mean about the roads. Down here in Tulum there are like 3 or 4 good streets that stretch for a few blocks and then the opposite on every other road. The kids love the ride though!

Islagringo said...

Riding in a taxi in Cancun, as I must when I go over, is always an adventure of putting your life into somebody else's hands. Add the potholes and you have a Disneyesque thrill ride! (which ain't that thrilling!)

ElleCancun said...

The roads are laughable - that's for surz!!! I should post some pics of the road that leads up to our place in Alamos... You need a hummer to get through!! Hehehe - way to put some humour into it - Looove it:)
Ohh..ohh..ohh..what about the rd on La Luna, infront of the oxxo and pizza hut that is just before the turnoff into santa fe/plus - that road is disastrous!!!
Ohhh..How I looove Cancun!

Fned said...

When I first came to France, everytime I got in the car with Hubby and the meter hit 50kmp/h I'd yell at him "Slow down will you!? You never know where there might be a batche!" ... One day he was so fed up of this he stopped the car, turned around to look at me and firmly said: "There's NO SUCH THING as "batches" in France".

Oh. So it's a Mexico thing. Okay.

P.S. One of the reasons the roads in Mexico are such crap is what Mexico Way mentions in her comment. Another I believe is that roads should be built in CEMENT, not tar, in order to last a lifetime. Cement being much more costly than tar.....

Kathy said...

It is a puzzlement. They've been repaving the carretera down here and it makes NO SENSE as the carretera is cement and Just Fine thank you very much. But now one side is asphalt and one side cement. QRoo must have received a big-ass shipment of asphalt or something. We even had Public Works (WHO KNEW???) dumping asphalt into potholes here until they ran out of pavement (only the road paved in is paved - the rest is not). Weird, this QRoo recent obsession with asphalt...

Fned said...

Oppsss! I meant My Way (instead of Mexico Way) -- Sorry!! Good habits die hard! :D

Anonymous said...

My Way is right about the thin good rain kills even a new street. I have often wondered if it's common because it's less expensive to use little asphalt than it is to hire workers to fix it again and again, with labor being so inexpensive. Dunno.

CancunCanuck said...

Heather- I'll have to take a walk over there in a few months and see how the roads held up. My driving skills have to be tight here, not just for the potholes but for the crazy taxi and bus drivers too!

My Guey- I have seen crews (occasioinally) on the main streets, but never in the super manzanas. But, I haven't even had the car a year, I may not have paid attention before that. They really do do a quick fix, thin layer of stuff. I agree that if they did it right the first time, they wouldn't have so many problems!!

Rosas Clan- Hola and welcome! I'm sure Tulum has lots and lots of poor quality roads. The community has a much lower population therefore much lower tax base, etc, etc., so you are bound to have problems. I bet the kids love it, lol! If I was on a four wheeler with a helmet, I might love it too. :)

Gringo- You are always up for an adventure, right? Teeheeeee

On Mexican Time- Oh gosh yes, Alamos, Cumbres, Av Colosio, terrible awful nasty roads! Sometimes I think about living out there, but my back couldn't take those rotten roads everyday!

Fned- Ah, one more cultural difference, oui? And oh seriously, they do not know how to build roads here, grrrrr!

Kathy- I think I need to research this a bit, find out WHY they are such dumbasses, lol!

Heatherinparadise- Ok, inquiring minds want to know, can you find out? Teehee, just kidding. I don't think we would be able to get any kind of straight answer from anyone.

Delphine said...

Hi there,
I was searching to see if there were other canadians in cancun and somehow fell on your blog! I am also a canuck living in Cancun in a bi-cultural relationship looking to meet friends. I was wondering if there were any organizations or groups of expats/extranjeros living in Cancun? Hope to hear from you, Delphine ( 998-282-2306

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