Saturday, November 22, 2008

Yet Another Cancun Weather Post

I know, I know, everyone up in Canada and the US and a whole whack of other countries have it much worse than we do weather-wise. I shouldn't complain and the cool weather shouldn't affect me. I grew up with blizzards, snow days and ice storms! I'm not "complaining" per se, just um, reporting the weather. The day time is alright now that it's sunny, it's actually delightful to be able to go for long walks without sweating like a hog. The mornings and evenings on the other hand are down right chilly. Shivery cold. Teeth chattering at times. Yes, I've suffered far worse winters, but I don't have to pretend that I like the cold.

We're feeling the chill right now from cold front Number 10, affecting almost the entire country of Mexico. The Civil Protection Agency of Quintana Roo is warning people to take care of children and the elderly as temperatures may reach as low as 8 C in parts of the state. States in Central and Northern Mexico are being affected by cold temperatures, with the possibility of rain. Currently it's sunny but feeling chilly (oh dear goddess I just checked the temps according to the weather sites, they say it's 80 F/25 C but I swear to you my hands are like ice cubes!)

So, it's not just me. And I am pretty lucky compared to others in the country. I think I'll survive wearing socks and jeans and sweat pants. I refuse to cave in to my hands' apparent desire for gloves, that would just be too weird and I'm not going to do it no matter how frigid my digits become. So there. And I won't let it stop me from going to the beach tomorrow, I'll just bring extra fleece.

Hope you are all cozy and warm somewhere.


Anonymous said...

Your'e hilarious!!! I also have to agree...(ppl need to remember, there is no heat in the homes!!)

Alex said...

socks and jeans and sweat pants sound good to me!!! Yup, there is no heat in most houses in Mexico so it could get chilly. Here,well... 18F (-8C?)sounds like deep freezer to me. :s I need to wear the 'osito bimbo suit', you know ;)

CancunCanuck said...

Onmexicantime- It's true, there is no heat in our houses so when it's cold, it's cold! No fireplaces either, we're stuck with sweats and blankets. Nice to "meet" you, I look forward to watching your blog and your plans progress.

Ale- LOL, "osito bimbo suit", too funny! I'll bet Daniel looks pretty darned cute in his! My feet are freezing this morning but it's sunny so I think we are beach bound! (I'm a sucker for punishment, lol!)

Cdn Cat said...

Did you not take your fur lined bikini with you when you moved to Mexico? Silly girl.... ;-)

Heather said...

Bath robe with pockets will keep the hands warm or a sweat shirt with the front one pocket thing. Sounds like you need a good blanket to cozy up with. As they say, this too shall pass.

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