Tuesday, December 23, 2008

6th Folder, 6th Photo Meme

I'm jumping on the meme bandwagon here, a lazy post idea from Wayne on Isla. The dealio is to choose the 6th photo folder and the 6th photo within that folder and tell the story.

Strangely my 6th folder is titled "California Wedding" and yet the 6th picture is not in California, nor is it nuptial in any way. This here is "Mimi in Milk Box"......

Mimi (formerly known as "Guest Kitty") is actually the next door neighbour's cat, but she spends more time at our house than her own. She's a lovely little girl who upon entering our house will a) find the food, b) beg for food if none is out and c) destroy something. She's getting quite chunky what with her double feedings! She's an odd one, at 7:30 every night she cries at the door to go home. Not a minute sooner or later, she's got her inner clock all set. The neighbour knows she's here a lot and has apologized, but really there is nothing to apologize for, she's a part of our family too. We were actually really annoyed last night when our landlord told us the neighbour had to leave town for a funeral. They didn't tell us! And apparently they didn't leave any food out for Mimi either as she has been chowing down here like there is no tomorrow. We've decided to keep her inside until the neighbours get home, 7:30 demand to leave or no. All they had to do was tell us they were going away and we would have gladly taken care of business for them, watching their apartment and feeding Miss Mimi!

At this very moment Mimi has once again trashed the Christmas tree and eaten all the food out for my boys. Good thing she's darned cute!

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